Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


2. This Changes Everything

My dad left me in my room, and as soon as I left childish Jackie took over and I kicked off my heels and jumped onto my new comfy bed and snuggled in the comforter. The room was nice and chilly. That’s when I suddenly thought, What’s popular in America? So I reluctantly and looked for my laptop. I searched What’s hot? Damn Google gives me the definition of hot. Stupid computer. What’s hot what’s not? A site called wikianswers led me to a long-ass list. I scrolled to the “Music” category. There was several names: Beyonce, Big Sean, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Pitbull, and more names I was too lazy to look at. I decided to listen to some music. I listened to Beyonce and loved it. As I went to type in One Direction, I remembered how much I’ve been dying to go to the beach. Not even a second later I was putting my bikini on and threw some shorts on. Five minutes later I was coming down the stairs. Oh dear God, please let there be hot boys there. I came to find my dad getting all suited up. I gave him a puzzling look. “I told you there was a lot to get used to.” He said as a response to my confused face.
“What? Are you on your way to your prom?” I said. He laughed.
“Yep, I’m on my way to pick up my hot date, and get super drunk!” I gave him a skeptical look.
“Dad, you kinda killed the joke.” I told him.
“Ah shut up!” I laughed.
“I’m on my way to work. I’m the CEO of my company.”
“Is that how you could afford all this?” I asked.
“Yep.” “Can you drive me to the beach?”
“Why not?!”
“Because its out of my way, Jack.”
“Pretty please?”
“No, but I need to show you something from when I was a boy.”
As we stomped down to the garage he let me in first.
“Why do you have two cars?”
One way too cool for him. More for me. I thought. When I turned around he held up keys with a smile.
“DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I gave him a huge hug.
“It’s kind of over due. I owe you five birthdays.” He said shamefully.
“Dad its fine. This is amazing!”
“So, I guess you have your ride to the beach?”
I was amazed at how much my father had given me. This car looked freaking expensive. It was one of the newest models of the Mustang convertible. Leather interior, sexy red. It was as sexy as one of those Abercrombie bags with the half naked man. It was time to hit the beach and get my tan on. As I came to the beach, God sent beautiful guys with His own hands! Flirtatious Jackie took over and as I walked, I swayed my hips and kept my chin up. I got a perfect spot. I set up my area and rubbed the tanning oil all over my body. I lay letting the sun bake me. I then fell asleep. I was awakened by a foot tripping my ankle. More like kicking my ankle. I shot up.
“The fuck?!” I screeched.
“I’m so sorry, love!” A British voice. Me likey British accents.
“Um, it’s alright.”He smiled.
“Em… May I help you?” I asked breaking the awkward silence.He gave me a confused look.
“Do you not realize who I am?” He asked.
“Am I supposed to? And buddy, you mind moving to the left? Kinda blocking my sun.” His friends came following behind him.
“Hey lad! Found a spot yet?” His friend asked him.
“I actually have.”
“Fantastic. Where?”
“Right here.” He gestured next to me.
“Excuse me?” I said. Placing my hand on my hip.
“Right here.” He repeated. Raising his eyebrow up cockily.
“This is a gift for you!”
“Listen, British dude. Unless you’re freaking famous, stop acting like you’re the shit. Kay?” I said with a smile.
“Now you see sweetheart.” He came behind me and wrapped his hands around my bare tummy. I found this super sexy. He then pulled my hair to one side and nuzzled my cheek and said, “Why, I’m in One Direction.”
This is an advantage to just moving back to America. I’m fucking clueless about who’s hot. I don’t have to be nervous about being around celebrities. What this kid doesn’t know is that I can be just as sexy as him. I turned around, keeping his hands around my waist, and got close so that our noses were touching and I could smell his cinnamon-spicy breath. As he closed his eyes expecting a kiss I whispered,
“I don’t know who the hell you are.” As I pulled away I saw his cheeks redden. GO ME! I saw his friend laughing.
“Hi! I’m Jackie, and you are?” I said nicely
“I’m Louis; the rest of the guys should be any minute” More British cuties?! THANK YOU LORD!
Louis was cute but not as much as the clumsy doofus that fell on my now bruised ankle. Louis was also really sweet. He set up their area. The five towels and big ass cooler showed that there were three more guys. Thankyouthankyouthankyou GOD! This day would not get any perfect.
“Love, you want a cola?” Louis asked me.
“Sure, thanks!” I gave him a warm smile. The doofus started applying suntan lotion. “Hey chick magnet! What’s your name?”
“Zayn.” He said normally.
I choked on my soda. The boys looked at me in confusion.
“Zayn Malik??”
“Um, yeah? I thought you didn’t know who me or my group was?”
“I don’t!” I said.
“No need to be ashamed sweet cheeks! Admit it you’ve got the One Direction Infection!” Louis said. I laughed. “A) I just moved back to America, B) I do not have an infection and C) My mom and Zayn’s mom were best friends!” I told them.
“Mrs. Castiato?” Zayn asked.
“Yeah!” I punched him in the stomach. He bent over gasping for air.
“What in the bloody hell was that for?” He said barely speaking.
“You were such a jackass to me when we were younger!” He laughed.
“Remember the time I put gum in your hair?” He laughed even harder. As did Louis. I kicked him in the balls. He screamed the highest pitch voice I would ever hear. Louis’s face turned purple from laughing so hard.
“Yeah, I do! That was fucking hilarious!” Louis high-fived me, and wrapped his arm around my waist and squeezed me.
“Ahh Z! Why’d you keep this treasure trove from us?!” Louis exclaimed.
I and Louis laughed at Zayn trying to get back up.
“ELLO!!!!!” A voice bellowed. I jumped. I turned around and saw three other guys. They came and just stared at me. I looked down and looked for an exposed nipple or something like that.
“Hey boys! Say hi to Zayn’s childhood sweetheart Jackie!” Louis said.
“This Harry, Liam, and Niall.”
“She’s not a fan?” Harry asked.
“She doesn’t even know us.” Louis responded.
“You live in America and never heard of One Direction?” Niall said.
“I just came today.” I said.
“A fellow foreigner!” Liam said. I giggled.
“Yep” Giving him a high five.
“Where did you come from?” Asked Liam.
They all looked in confusion.
“Italy?” I hinted.
“OHHHHH!” They all said in scary unison.
“Zayn? Why so shy?” Harry asked in a cooing voice.
“Shut up Harry.” He replied.
“Someone needs a hug” Harry said. He went over to Zayn and hugged him.
“Well I’m going into the water, anyone gonna join?” I asked.
“We’ll be there in a second!” Liam replied.
“Okaaaay!” They all stared at her bum for a little. Then turned to Zayn.
“Zayn.” Louis said. Zayn ignored him. Louis started to poke him.
“What?” Zayn said sharply
“What’s wrong with you?! You hit on any beautiful woman and you don’t even make eye contact with her. And as far as I’m concerned, she’s beyond gorgeous.” Niall said.
“Guys… She’s not…. My type.”
“BULLSHIT!” The guys exclaimed.
“Fellas don’t bother with him! If he doesn’t want her that means that we’re allowed to fraternize” Harry said with a wink.
“Won’t bother me, why don’t you guys go for a splash I’ll join you in a little, and Harry?” Harry looked over at his best friend.
“Knock yourself out”
“No problem!”
No matter how well he hid it, everyone knew Zayn had it bad for Jackie, he even knew it.
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