Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


8. So Close Yet So Far

Niall's P.O.V.
 After an hour it turned out that Jackie's blood antigens had reacted negatively to the blood she had received. She was given double the amount blood last time. We all started relaxing knowing the girls would be okay. Louis was on the phone with his girlfriend Stacey. She was a gorgeous bitch. We all hated her. She was one of the materialistic whores that only loved publicity and money. But Louis was sooooooo sure that she was different and that we just misjudged her. Also note that she cheated on him two times. After he got off the phone with her, he rubbed his temples trying to relieve the daily stress she had given him. 
"Why are you so sure she's a perfect girlfriend?" Liam asked.
"Come on, Liam. Not now."
"What was the daily hissy fit today?" Harry asked.
"She said that she was sure that I was cheating on her because I was at the hospital for some three bitches I hardly knew."
"Hey, maybe Jack has another beautiful friend to supply you with, like she did with Bella and Candy." I said triumphantly.
"Ha, maybe!" He said with a little smile.
"I'll be right back" Zayn promised. Probably gonna get a soda. 

Zayn's P.O.V 

I looked for a receptionist desk. 
"Jacqueline Castiato?" 
She looked at the computer intensely and said with a raspy voice
"Thank you ma'am." I said politely.
"No problem sugah."
I looked and found the room. She was using some sort of card to dig dirt out of her nails. I smiled. She would do that all the time when we were kids. Sometimes she even bled she'd dig too deeply. It was a pet peeve to have dirt in her nails. 
"Hey Jack-Attack." I said reminding her of the nickname I'd given her when we were seven. 
"Hey Idiot Boy." She said smiling. She gave me the name Idiot Boy because she couldn't think of anything else.
"I've been desperately wanting to catch up."
"Is that right?" She smirked.
"It is!" I said with a lazy smile.
"When you were about nine and I was ten, you and your mother would stay with us sometimes. Why?"
Her face fell.
"You... You don't know?"
"My dad... My dad was a drunk, and would beat me. And her, if my mom wasn't there I would get the beating."
"Oh my god, Jackie. I'm so sorry." 
"It's fine." she said smiling. When I stared into her grey eyes, I realized at that moment, she was more than a gorgeous face. She was my best friend, but I wanted her to be my girlfriend, too. I wish I could've been there to protect her. I wished I could've comforted her in such times...
"Jack, can I ask you something?" I was about to ask her out. 
"Do you think Candy likes Niall?" 
She laughed. "Oh yes. For sure. Oh, she called him the father of her children/soulmate. I think she likes him a lil' bit." 
We laughed together like we did when we weren't fighting. 
"Jackie, I'm sorry for being such a jackass to you when we were kids." I teared a bit. She reached up to my face and wiped them away with her smooth thumb. She put her other hand on my hand to comfort me. 
"It's okay, I kinda missed your torture. I had a crush on you!" She admitted.
My eyes widened, "You did?" 
"Yeah!" she gave me a hug and leaned into my ear and whispered, "But of course secretly." She giggled. 
Everything was perfect about her. To her physical features to her emotional features. I gave her a huge hug. 
"Harry's got it bad for Bella." I told her.
"Derr!" She exclaimed
"Move." I shook my hand in a "move over" manner. 
"Excuse me?" She said, raising an eyebrow.
"Puh-leaze!" I said with a pout.
She just raised an eyebrow. "I am a patient of the hospita--- 
I interrupted her by sliding her over and making space for me. 
"If you don't get up I will fart." She lied. She hated when people farted. She hated it with a burning passion. I looked over to her and said, 
"Jacqueline. Castiato. Do you not forget that we grew up together? I know everything about you!" I reminded her.
"As do I, Mr. Zayn 'Cool' Malik." Reminding me of the time I tried to convince the whole school my mum had given me the middle name "Cool". I blushed. 
She gasped.
"Blushing?! If I do remember quite well, you used to HATE when you blushed!"
"Aaaack, shut up Jack!" 
She giggled. I was convinced this was the perfect night until she asked, 
"Does Louis have a girlfriend?"  
I jerked up out of the bed.
"I don't know, ask him." I replied quite rudely. "Why would YOU want to know?" 
"Damn Zayn, I can't ask a fucking question?"
"No, but why don't you go now and slobber all over him, he's not here with you now is he?" 
"Fuck this." I said while storming out the room. All that for nothing. 
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