Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


6. Sleepover

Jackie's P.O.V.

As I drove, our hair blew in the wind. And girls updated their lives for me, we started to reminisce about old times. Like the times Bell would talk in a funny accent. We died laughing when she did it. Candy shared the time when she would walk past us and whisper sexily, "I am so tempted to slap your ass right now."
"Bell." I said, making sure I focused on the road.
"Wazzza" She replied.
"I saw the behavior exhibited with Mr. Styles," I said adding a wink.
"Wha- Tha-" She stammered.
"You got it bad for Harry, Bells!" Candy yelled.
"Hey, missy! I saw you eyeballing Niall!" Bella said defensively.
"I have a boyfriend Bella." Candy said. Things got awkward.
"Yeah... Candy" I said.
"Yeah?" She replied.
"Hold on." I said while pulling into the garage.
"This is your house!?!?!" Screamed Bella.
"Yep! My dad is the CEO for some company now!"
"How is your dad?" Candy said cautiously, remembering his violent past.
"Amazing. No drinking. Nada." I said proudly.
"Come on." I said while running up the twisted staircase.
"Jack, this is awesome." I know we're eighteen, but we're definitely having sleepovers."
"Just like the old days!" Candy squealed.
Hugging my girls, I said, "Definitely."
As we reached my room, they loved it.
"Who's taking a shower first?" I asked.
"I'll go!" Candy exclaimed.
I threw her a towel and pajamas.
"Thanks, girl!"
"No problem, ma!" I replied.
When I was sure she was bathing, I quickly told Bella what had happened at the beach with Drew.
"WHAT?!" She practically yelled.
"This is crazy!" She was absolutely infuriated.
"I know we're gonna talk to her tonight." I said. That's what I loved about Bella. She would kick anyone's ass for her best friend.
We showered before consulting Candy with her dangerous relationship.
I was the last to take a shower. When I came out they were sprawled out on my bed.
"Hey Jack, now?" Bella asked, talking about Candy.
Candy's face scrunched up in confusion.
"Candy... We wanted to talk about something important."
She got nervous, she laughed.
"I'm not on drugs or bulimic." She tried to joke. For some reason her face fell when she said "bulimic".
"Candy. Drew." Bella said sternly.
Tears welled up in all of us. We were all crybabies. Oh god, you should've seen us at our eighth grader graduation.
"What about him..?"
"Candice. He hits you. What else does he do. You need to tell us."
She couldn't hold it in any more. She wailed.
"He's so bad!" She fell into Bella's arms. I stroked her hair.
"Mami, you can tell us." I offered her tissues.
"Today he punched me in the stomach. " She whimpered.
"Oh my God." Bella started to shake. Bella wasn't a angry person, but once you fired her up.... Keep your distance.
"He did more... Today..."
"Like what!?"
"I tried to tell him that he didn't deserve me because I was beautiful and worthy. And he dragged me to the bathroom and shoved a toothbrush down my throat repeatedly, my throat is kind of swollen."
"Girl, I'm so sorry to have to endure this." I said crying.
"You can stay at my place for the time being." Bella offered.
"Same here." I agreed.
She cried even louder grabbing us in a loving hug. "I love you guys."
"We love you too!!" Me and Bella squealed.
"Okay. Now, enough with the bawling girls. Who's up for a long, girl talk!?" I said.
"Ugh, MEEEEEE!" Candy screamed.
"Same here!!!" Bells squealed.
"Let's go get some munchies!!" I said.
We all ran down. Candy was still the dummy we loved. When me and Bells reached the bottom, we saw her on the top. Bells looked at me with confusion, I returned the look.
"Watch the all time badass conquer the TWISTED STAIRCASE OF DOOM!"
"Oh. God. Candy."
Me and Bells burst out dying.
She slid down the rail like a pro... Surprisingly. But she added her signature... Failing at the end. As she jumped of the rail, she fell.
I picked her up and Bells said, "Thats the Candy we know and love."
We all laughed.
I grabbed Doritos, soda, Sunny D, and a jumbo-sized gummy worm bag. When we returned to my room we all jumped on my bed and lay the goodies on my night stand.
"So Mrs. Styles..." Candy said in her cute normal high-pitched voice.
"Ahh shuddup Mrs. Horan." Bells said winking.
"You guys looked like you had a really good time. Come on Bells, I know it's been five years, but I know you too well." I said.
Candy raised her eyebrow flirtaciously.
"Weeeeell..... He was really sweet." Bells spilled.
"Moooooore details, girl, we're not satisfied." Candy said.
"Girl speaks the truth!" I exclaimed.
"We bought an ice-cream and play fought. He was so cute. He liked it when I played hard-to-get. It was hard to risk. But when I was with him he wasn't Harry Styles from One Direction... He was just Harry. When he tackled me we had a moment... He stared into my eyes. As if he were looking for something."
Candy and I stared intently loving that our best friend was so love struck.
"He even asked me out." She said all cute and cheeky. I was so happy for her.
"What did you say?!" I said.
"I said 'Sure, hopefully it doesn't interfere with my schedule' he laughed and called me adorable!!!!!!!"
"That's awesome Bells!" Candy told her while squeezing her.
"Thanks!" She replied.
"Hey, enough about me! I saw the way you looked at Niall" Bells told her dreamily.
"With total admiration" I finished for her.
"I guess I find him totally adorable and I could totally see him as my soulmate and father of my future children, but I don't know..." She said.
We all laughed.
"I got you." I said winking. "I guarantee you, you'll be asked out by next week."
"What about Drew?" She said her blue eyes bulging.
"Trust me." Bells replied. "You'll never have to worry about him."
"Ever." I finished.
"I love you guys so much."
"We love you more."
As I reached for our munchies Bells said,
"What about you, Jack?" With a sincere pout.
"What about me?"
"Don't you like anyone?" Candy asked.
"Em... Guys! They're giving The Notebook on ABC Family!" I said excitedly.
"REALLY?! PUT IT ON!!" Candy squeaked.
"Candy!! Focus!" Bella said pointedly. Refusing to look at the screen. Which was shocking, she loved The Notebook.
"Bells, I don't like anyone. Not even the guys." I said.
"Liar!!" Candy screamed.
"Then you wouldn't care if I said that I saw Zayn staring at you all day. Your face. Not your ass. Okay, I'm lying. There were occasional stares toward the ass but mostly to the face."
"Right back at cha." I shot back, making her blush.
"I swear, though."
"Okay, but he tortured me constantly, when we younger." I replied.
"He's nineteen, Jack." Candy said.
"So? You never know he probably still thinks I'm chubby and ugly like I was years ago."
"Highly doubt it." Bells said.
These girls were crazy. I loved them to death. But Zayn Malik hated me and still does. I saw those looks he shot me earlier but those were looks of hatred. He didn't like me. And I didn't either!


Or do I.....
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