Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


21. Seriousness

Chapter 21 
Bella's P.O.V. 
When I woke up my head was pounding and my stomach kept flipping. I turned to Harry and he was still sound asleep. I felt his feathery comforters on my bare legs. I picked up the blanket and looked down at my body and saw that Harry had given me a shirt of his to wear. What a sweetheart. As I looked back up to his perfect face, I saw that he was already staring at mine. How the hell did he wake up so quickly?
"Morning, love." He told me with his deep, sexy morning voice. He closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss me, but I put a finger to his plump lips. 
His eyebrows rose up in confusion. 
"I have the WORST hangover. And I have vomit breath."
"Ew. Good point." He told me. He got up and leaned back on his headboard. He looked like he had something on his mind. 
"What?" I asked him determined to find out what he was bothering him. 
"What?" He replied. 
"Is there something on your mind?"
"No, what would make you think that?" He asked with a whimsical smile and his eyes were roaming his huge room. 
I turned to him and smiled.
"Well, maybe because you're making making it really obvious that there is something on your mind."
"Well, alright then Ms. Know It All." He replied with a childish pout.
I scoffed. "Well?"
"Why were you girls fighting last night?" He spat straightforward. 
I groaned loud and dramatically. 
"My stomach is KILLING me!!!" I nearly screamed
His lips were pursed in a straight line. 
"Ugh, listen that bitch Jesibelle was fighting Jackie, and I had to defend my friend."
"Ah." He said with his eyebrows furrowing. He wasn't done. 
"Babe, why would you thinking of hurting a pregnant woman?" He continued. 
I rolled my eyes. 
"Bu-" I tried to explain but he interrupted me.
"No, no. You hit her. Correct?" he was talking to me as if I was a five year old.
I narrowed my eyes and crossed my arms. 
"Technically no, because I grabbed her. Didn't hit."
He gave me that "don't be a smartass" look.
"She's not even pregnant, though!" I told him.
"And how would you know that, Bell? Did you personally take a look at her ovaries?" He said. 
I gave him the same look. 
"She told Jack that the only reason she said that she was pregnant was to steal Zayn from her. She believed that it would work, too!" I told him. 
He scoffed. "Zayn fucking hates that girl, though!"
"Really? Well how can you not?" I laughed. 
"Honestly. He wants to get a restraining order against her." 
"Seriously?!" I replied in disbelief. 
"Yeah!" He exclaimed. 
"That is too damn funny."
There was an awkward silence for about a minute, and he broke it by asking me,
"Am I losing it, or did you hear noises last night?" He asked me.
"Hear what noises?" I asked snuggling closer to him. I started to close my eyes. 
"Moans and groans." He growled with a seductive look on his face. 
My eyes widened and I gasped. 
"Who was moaning and groaning?!" I exclaimed getting dramatic.
"I don't know!" He replied just as dramatic. 
"Well. It couldn't have been Candy and Niall, because Candy was throwing up like crazy, so-" I was interrupted Harry gasping dramatically. 
"Jackie and Zayn?!" 
"Okay Scooby Doo." I teased. 
"What's that?"
This was worse than not knowing who was making the noises last night. 
"You. Don't. Know. Scooby. Doo?!" I cried. 
"Should I?"
"UM YEAH!" I almost yelled. 
"Oh God Bell you are something else."
"Well back to the noises last night.."
I gave him a mysterious looking shooting my eyebrow up. 
"Come on." He got out of the bed and grabbed for my hand, which was surprisingly hot. We walked out of his room silently, and he led me to a room which I was guessing was Zayn's. He gently cracked the door open to see the inside. I don't know what he saw, but I saw Jackie's dress on the floor, and I saw the shirt I could've sworn Zayn was wearing last night thrown on his dresser. 
"Those dirty little bastards!" I said playfully. 
I turned to Harry and found him quickly covering his mouth to try to not laugh. 
His face was making me laugh. 
"Shhh!" He said with a slight laugh. 
I grabbed his hand and ran out of the room. 
We just stood in the hallway laughing. We slid down the wall and sat on the floor. After our rant of laughter, we just stared at each other for quite a while. 
"I'm still tired, you know." I admitted.
"Then let's go back to bed."
"Yay!" I yelled. 
"Sh!" He exclaimed pointing to Zayn's room reminding me of them. 
"Ooooh! I almost forgot about them."
As we stood up, he grabbed my hand and led me back to his room. We walked back into the room and jumped back onto the bed. It was within a minute I found myself dozing off. I started to have a horrible nightmare. 

Harry was somewhere far away crying reaching his hand out for me. But I was a crazy distance away. I was running like I had never run before. 
"Harry!" I cried. 
"I need you." He mouthed.
I just cried out to him several more times, but he would stay there and just repeat,
"I need you."

I woke up shooting upward in a sitting position. I was breathing erratically, my heart racing. I wiped the drops of sweat on my forehead. I looked to the right of me to have Harry comfort me and tell me it was alright and it was just a nightmare. But as I turned, I found myself to be alone. I looked to see if he was in his bathroom. But the door was wide open and no one was in sight. 
I walked in to make sure the room was empty and I saw a brand new pink toothbrush untouched with a note. 

"Brush your teeth so I can give you that kiss."

I smiled and brushed my teeth and I walked out of the room and walked out to the stair case I then saw all the boys half dressed talking. I backed up a bit to make sure I could see them but that they couldn't see me. 
"So when are we going to tell them?" Louis asked.
"Well, should we take them out to eat?" Niall said. 
"Niall. Stop thinking about food and focus on a smart way to tell the girls." Liam said sternly.
Tell us what?
"How would they react?"I heard Harry interrupt. 
"I have to say I don't want to even do this." Zayn sounded disheartened. 
"Zayn. We have to. No matter how hard it'll be. When we became One Direction we knew that we would face difficult situations like this." Liam said patting him on his shoulder. 
"You wouldn't understand, Liam! You're not leaving someone you've gotten attached to." Harry said. 
"Yeah Liam." Niall agreed. As did Zayn. 
My mouth dropped open. 
I felt tears work up and blur my vision.
Where are they going?
"You know what? We're going to order Chinese later, hang out all day and I guess we'll tell them when the day winds down." Louis said sternly. 
Zayn muttered something while running a hand through his messy hair. 
Harry replied something in agreement. I couldn't make out what either of them said.  
"I'm quite hungry." Liam said. 
"Same." Louis agreed.  
The other three stood quiet. 
What the hell is going on? 
"I'm going to make some grilled cheese." Liam told them. 
At the sound of food, Niall's face lightened up.
"What's with you and grilled cheese now Liam?" 
"I don't know, I think America is really getting to me. I really love their chips from McDonalds."
"It's fries here not chips." Louis said with a laugh. 
Harry and Zayn still had a monotonous look on their face. 
I was going to go down and pretend like I did not hear anything. 
I walked down the stairs and the guys all looked at me. 
"Morning." They said with their scattered voices. 
"Hi." I replied. 
Harry got up from his chair and offered it to me. 
I kissed him. 
As our lips separated I heard him whisper,
"Minty fresh."
I giggled. 
There was an awkward silence and I looked at Zayn. 
"So Zayn?"
He rose his eyebrows in response. 
"I heard noises last night." I told him with a smug smirk. 
"Noises?!" Niall said starting to laugh. 
"What noises?" He said starting to blush.
Harry started to moan.
I started to burst out in laughter. 
"THOSE noises!" I exclaimed. 
His rosy cheeks turned scarlet. 
"Woah Z!" Louis shouted. 
"Ah, shut up!" He exclaimed.
We all laughed. 
Candy came down. She was wearing Niall's shirt. She was also wearing a pair of his pajama pants tied by a hair tie. I felt like a slut because I just had Harry's shirt on. No pants. Her makeup was a bit smudged but not even bad. I wonder how I looked. I definitely looked like a raccoon. 
"Morning guys." She said in her scratchy morning voice still sounding adorable. 
"Morning." We all replied. 
She raised her hand to rub her eye, but quickly restrained. She knew she would smudge her makeup even more. She walked over to Niall and stood in front of him and he tucked his arms under hers and held her by her tummy. I wanted that relationship. 
"What's up?" She said lightly.  
"We were just talking about Zayn and Jackie's promiscuous actions last night." Louis growled. 
Candy's eyes widened and she giggled. 
"Oh really?" She said.  
Jackie walked down the stairs she was wearing Zayn's shirt. She had no pants on like me. I didn't feel like a slut anymore. Her makeup, like Candy's looked untouched. Her dark red hair was wavy, losing its intense curls from last night. 
"Good morning guys." She said lightly. 
"Good morning." We all replied. 
She walked to Zayn and gave him a light kiss. 
"You dirty bastards!" Harry purred in the same exact voice I did except with his British accent. 
Everyone laughed but not as hard as the both of us. 
I looked at Harry. I knew we had a bond like no one else. It made me feel lucky. 

Candy's P.O.V. 

While Liam made us some of his delicious grilled cheese, Jack was nuzzling closer to Zayn's face. Her thick red hair covering their face. It was absolutely adorable. Bell looked as if she was zoning out. She was just staring into space. But her daydreaming was cut short when Harry walked over to her side and slid his arm around her, she laid her head on his shoulder. 
"So now what?" I asked. 
"Whats today?" Bell asked. 
"Um, Thursday." Liam replied. 
"Just asking." I have to send in my college application forms by 27th."
"That's like three weeks away." Jackie replied.
"Ughhhh!" Bell groaned. 
"What colleges are you guys looking at?" Niall asked. 
"I want to study abroad, and if that works out I want to study at the University of Arts in London. If it doesn't I'll go to the University of Miami." Jackie said. 
"Are you serious?! I want to go to London, too! But I want to go to the University of Cambridge " Bell said excitedly. 
"Wow! Thats the best college in the UK!" Liam exclaimed. 
"I know!" She said with eyes full of excitement. 
"What about you Candy?" Niall asked. 
"I don't even know. My parents stored a ton of money ready for college and I don't even know where I want to go."
"What?!" Bell exclaimed. 
"You're going right?" She asked. 
"Of course." I told her. 
I had totally forgotten about college. How could I?! It was one my final steps in education. I wanted to study abroad with the girls, but I don't know if my parents would approve. Wait, I'm eighteen. All they can do is throw words at me. I'm going to London with my girls.
"You guys don't really think I'm gonna let you go to London without me do you?" I told them. 
"You guys are like the Three Musketeers." Harry muttered. 
We all laughed. 

~ Five Hours Later ~ 

Jackie's P.O.V 

I was at home listening to Mariah Carey filling out my college application forms when Bell called.
"Hello?" I said sounding sleepy. 
"Hey girl!" She replied sounding like Candy. 
"What's up?" 
"I think there's something that the boys aren't telling us. Scratch that, there IS something the boys aren't telling us." She said. 
"Bell, you're getting all Criminal Minds on me. What do you mean?" 
She laughed. "I mean I overheard them talking about how they need to tell us something no matter how hard it'll be to tell us."
This woke me up a bit. 
"All of the boys?"
*beep beep*
"Hold on, Bell. Zayn's on the other line."
"Alright. I'll see you later. They want us to come over and I think they'll tell us then. Something is very fishy!"
I laughed. That girl is a nut. I thought to myself. 
I picked up the other line. 
"Hello?" I said with a little more life than before. 
"Ello love." He said.
The sound of him made me smile.
"What's up?" I said perkily. 
"Can you come over tonight. Harry and Niall are calling Bella and Candy."
Bell was right. 
"Why is it that I spend every single day with you?" I asked him playfully. 
"Because I feel like a whole and not a half when you're around me."
That made me have the ultra corniest smile in the world. 
"Fine." I said with a giggle, "I'll see you in a little." 
Just as I was about to reply he said quickly as if he wanted to catch me before I hung up,
"I love you."
At that, I smiled like a stupid idiot for awhile. I took a shower and put my hair in a ponytail. I changed into my comfy PINK sweats and put on a black tank top. I put on my flip flops and walked down my stairs slowly just replaying that scene in my head. I opened the door to the garage and walked over to my car. I opened the door and was still thinking about him. I drove to the house and when I arrived I got out and walked to the door. I rang the doorbell and as I waited, I just thought about how perfect he was. I tried to stop smiling but the muscles in my face would not comply. 
"Why, you're glowing." Zayn said cooly as if he didn't know why.
"Oh really?" I said with a smile. 
He gave me a light kiss and grabbed for my hand. 
We walked down to the stairs And I saw everyone there. 
"You can sit here." Zayn told me, pointing to the sofa Bell and Candy were on.
"Hey guys." I told them. 
"Hi." Candy said with a smile. 
"Hey." Bell said she looked serious. 
"Is everything oka-" I said shifting my face from her to the guys. 
"We need to tell you guys something." Liam said.  
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