Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


17. Perfection

Chapter 17 

Bella's P.O.V. 

When it was about eleven I was awakened by my phone ringing. I woke up grumpy because I was having an amazing dream. But my annoyance soon grew to concern when I saw that I had nineteen calls and twenty-two texts. 
What the fuck?!
I looked.
There was one call from Jackie, fourteen from Candy, three from Zayn and one from Niall.
What the hell was going on? 
All of the texts were saying,
"Call me!!!!"
The last one that made me run out of my house into my car was,
"Drew has Jackie."
I called Candy and she told me everything, then I drove right behind them to Drew's house. 
When Drew came to the door, he looked extremely happy and too laid back. I was about to punch him in the face. 
I could barely handle him talking about how was raping my best friend. But when I heard her scream, that's when my anger got the best of me. Her scream sounded so desperate. It was even muffled. Which meant he was trying to resist her to not scream. Once I heard her cry for help, I punched him in the balls. I knew it hurt like a bitch because when it made contact, he screamed so high, I almost pissed myself laughing. My enjoyment was shortly interrupted when Drew lifted up his arm as if he was going to hit me. Zayn instantly started to beat the crap out of him. Zayn punched Drew in the face so hard, I heard a pop. He kept punching him. Then Niall started in on the beatdown. I was so entertained, but then Candy ran for Jackie. I followed. Candy looked for a room, once we found the one where Jackie was, I tried to open it, but he locked it. Just as I was reaching to take a bobby pin out of my hair to pick the lock, Candy kicked the door. Hard. I heard it crack. She did it two more times and knocked it down. 
I was so shocked. 
Candice Marie Jones, the sweetheart of the bunch just rammed down a door with her own foot. 
Once I pushed the door out the way. We saw Jackie. She looked so helpless. Her eyes were watery and red. Her face was bruised as was her body. All she had was her bra and underwear she managed to pull back on. She was tied to the headboard. And had duct tape wrapped around her mouth. The sight had me frozen. I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed. Candy jumped on the bed. She hugged Jackie. 
"Why would you do this? Are you fucking crazy?!!!"
Jackie laid her head on Candy's head in an attempt to hug her back. Jackie was crying so hard. As was I. Candy got off the bed. 
"Get a knife to cut this rope." Candy told me. 
"Can't you just undo it?" 
"I already tried, never mind I'll get it." She told me. Jackie looked tired and sore. I looked over to her. 
I came to her. 
I bawled crying. Her eyebrows furrowed upwards in confusion. 
"Girl, I'm so sorry!!!" 
She looked down at the tape covering her mouth. 
"Oh, sorry."
I ripped it off.
"Ow!" She cried.
"I'm sorry!" 
"Why are you sorry?" Her voice cracked.
"If I answered this probably wouldn't have happened!!!" I exclaimed. 
"Mami, look at me." Her voice still weak. 
"I subjected myself to this. Don't think for a second this was your fault."
"I love you Jack." I told her, being thankful she was my best friend. 
"I love you too. Now go get that knife my arms hurt." She said wiggling her arms. I couldn't get over how weak and sore she looked. 
"Alright." I told her. 

Zayn's P.O.V

Niall and I beat the shit out of him. Blood came out from his mouth and nose. I felt so happy. I hope he felt as helpless as Candy and Jackie felt when he attacked them.
Then I remembered Jackie. I ran from room to room, then I found her. Her arms hung above her head. She only had her bra and panties on. She was bruised mostly everywhere. 
She turned. 
I ran to her.
She started to cry uncontrollably. 
I began to do what Niall did and stroked her hair. 
"I'm hurting Zayn." I tried to rip the ropes off but when I did she scrunched her face in pain.
"Sorry!" I quickly apologized. 
Candy came in with scissors, she saw I was with her and respectfully give me the scissors, and left us. 
I cut the ropes off the headboard and before I could cut the knots off her wrist, she hugged me tightly. 
"Babe." I told her, her beautiful grey eyes looked to the ground and tears fell.
"Jackie." I held her chin and picked it up.
"He will never touch you. Ever again." 
She couldn't respond. Tears fell. She managed a smile. 
"I love you." I told her.
Her eyes widened. Her eyes sparkled. 
"I love you too." She smiled and no matter in what condition I'd love that smile. 
I also noticed that she looked uncomfortable being in only her bra and panties. I saw that her jumpsuit had been torn. So I took off my shirt and put it on her. She slid her arms through the sleeve. 
"Can we please leave?" She said. I never heard her sound so vulnerable. 
"Of course." 
She got up pulling my shirt down trying to cover her bum. I adjusted it for her. We walked out the house leaving Drew unconscious. 
She stopped at the door and looked at him. She had a blank face. She turned back to me and took my hand. She squeezed it. 
We drove to Candy's and Niall insisted on staying so he could protect her. So the two left. The drive to Jackie's was quiet. 
I held her hand. She tightened the hold with her fingers. I pulled into her driveway. 
"Please stay with me."
"I think your father would kill me. Especially for the pranks I pulled when we were younger." I told her. 
"He's away for business." She said with a laugh. 
"Oh. Then of course."
I looked at her house and gaped. 
She thought my house was jaw-dropping. She then explained about her father cleaning up his life and how he had become successful. That explained the gorgeous car she had. 
We walked up to her room, which was freezing. 
"Make yourself at home." She insisted. 
She went into her bathroom and changed into a white tank top that said "Kiss my Italian ass!" with red baggy fuzzy pants. She brushed her hair and came over to me.
"Your bed is really comfy." I told her.
"I know!" She replied.
She jumped beside me and I put my arm underneath her neck. She nuzzled her head into my shoulder. 
"Hey." I told her.
"I never got to sing to you the other night." 
"And you plan on singing to me tonight?"
"That's the only reason I mentioned it." I replied sarcastically. 
"So what song will you be singing for me today?" She said pretending to be a judge. She reminded me of Simon. Then I realized I was just as nervous as I was when I was first auditioned. 
"Let Me Love You by Mario" I replied. 
I sang to her and the more I sang, the bigger she smiled. 
"Your true beauty's description, looks so good that it hurts" as I sang that verse, I held her chin. 
After I sung, she applauded me. 
I kissed her. I couldn't hold back. She returned the favor by kissing me back even harder. 
She separated our lips and stared at me. She then sat up and pulled the comforter over us. She turned to me again and snuggled into the comforter and into my chest. I had my arms around her. I held her tight. Then I heard her whisper,
"Yeah?" I whispered back.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
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