Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


15. Our Day at the Park

Chapter 15

~Candy's P.O.V. 

After riding all of the coasters and hanging out on boardwalk, we all agreed that the last ride we'd go on was the ferris wheel. We all ran to it and as I looked at it, I adored it. It was so vintage yet modern. The seats were like the Notebook, but the lights were so beautifully bright. It made my heart warm to know I was here with awesome friends and my new boyfriend. 
Only two people could fit in the seats so Zayn and Jackie went first. I was surprised how quickly they buried the hatchet, but I was so happy that they did. I hoped they would stay together. Then I thought about Bella... She really liked him. I can't even imagine how she felt. Just then, Niall and I sat on the Ferris wheel together. As we sat down he put his arm around me. 
"So, I'm your girlfriend?" I said smiling. 
He brushed a few strands of hair away from my eyes and said,
"Am I your boyfriend?" He asked.
"UGHHHH I GUESS." I said playfully. 
He pulled me closer and kissed me lightly. If there was one thing I loved about Niall it would be his kisses. They were so gentle and cute. He always smiled while kissing me. It made me smile. 
I felt the cart shake. I started to get nervous. I looked to Niall laughing his ass off. He was making us sway back and forth. Then we started to move upward getting even higher. 
"NIALL!" I looked at him.
He continued his trademark snicker. 
"NIALL!!" I said getting more terrified. I put both my arms around him squeezing him. 
"Fine! I'll stop!" He promised. 
I moved away from him, pouting on the side childishly. 
"Awww, is someone scared?" He said teasing me. 
I shunned him.
"Well you got me so there's nothing to be scared of. You got me." He wrapped his arms around me, and slid me back towards him. I looked up at him and smiled. I took out my phone and took pictures with him. The first one Niall widened his eyes and raised his eyebrow an I widened my eyes sticking my tongue out. We took another one where he took my hair and placed it on his upper lip making it a mustache and I made my face looked shocked. Our last picture, we kissed. As I scrolled through them with him, the last one was so nice. Not only because of the kiss but the background. The lights of the ferris wheel shone beautifully bright and you could see our amazing view. 
When we reached the very top Niall asked me a question that I didn't want to talk about. 
"Were you abused by your ex-boyfriend?"
"I hope you know I would never ever even think about hurting you, Candice." 
I smiled with gratitude, "I know." 
"Good. I think if I ever saw him I'd make him know how you felt. Multiplied by a million." 
I laughed. "Trust me. Drew is out of the picture." 
I thought about the note. Wondering if I should tell Niall. I was too scared to tell anyone. I just decided to keep to myself. 
Then we started to go back down to the ground. I didn't want to go back down. I wanted to stay on top of that ferris wheel with him forever. We got off and I saw Jackie and Zayn sitting on a bench just talking their hands glued together. Jackie's eyes gleamed over every word that left his mouth. I was so happy for Jackie. Zayn was so nice to her. He better had been nice, or Bella and I would have to kick his ass. Then the thought of Bella reappeared in my mind. 
"Niall?" I said.
"Whats up?" He replied with his lazy smile. 
"Can you do me a favor?"
"Can you talk to Harry?"
He gave me a confused look. 
"About Bella."
"What happened between them?"
I told him the whole story. Then he understood why I was so eager for him to talk to him.
"I can't promise you nothin' but I'll try." He promised me.
"Thank you." I told him with a kiss. 
After that, Niall and I went back to the boardwalk and played games. We played that water shooting game that whoever makes the tube full up first wins, and I won. He got defensive and was so convinced that I cheated. He whined as I chose a big brown bear with a big heart on his chest.
"Miss!" He told the worker that was working in this booth.
"I would like to play again, since she cheated." 
I laughed so hard.
"Fine! You're just buying my another teddy bear." I said smugly.
The lady laughed at us. 
"You two are just adorable. Okay. Ready? Three, two, one, start!"
I couldn't focus on my gun because Niall's reaction was priceless. I started to shoot everywhere else but my target. When his light started to ring he screamed, 
The lady continued to laugh.
"Which one would you like?" She asked.
He looked at my bear and chose the same exact one in white. 
"Hm." He said
"Here." We said at the same time. We even held the bears out at the same time. 
We laughed, and then exchanged our bears. I looked at mine and gave it a big kiss. He smiled and held my hand. When we returned, Zayn and Jackie were sharing cheese fries. Jackie was laying on the bench, putting her head on his lap and he fed her. When Jackie saw us she shot up and saw our teddy bears.
"Look at their teddy bears!!" 
"They're big."
"YES." She said smiling. 
"Where are Bella, Harry, Louis, and Liam?" Niall asked.
"They got stuck on the ferris wheel. They have to wait like half an hour." 
"Damn that sucks!" Niall exclaimed. 
"Want to go play that game where you have to knock those pins down?" I offered.
"Yes!" Jackie exclaimed. She shot up and grabbed Zayn and ran to the boardwalk. Niall just looked at her and laughed.
"You have some nutty friends." 
"I know, but I love them!" 
He smiled and grabbed my hand and mimicked Jackie. 
Jackie was there at the game already and was challenging Zayn. To my surprise, Zayn was just as cocky as her. They were both really good. But in the end Zayn won. 
"Can I get the two kissing monkeys?"
"You're so corny!" She told him. She playfully punched his arm. 
"Who said the other was for you?! Maybe I wanted the both of them!" He exclaimed.
"Oh." Jackie said with her flushed face looking to the ground.
"Of course the other is for you dummy." He said kissing her forehead. 
She smiled and lifted her head and kissed him. He nuzzled into her cheek and whispered something into her ear and when she heard it she widened her eye and giggled whispered something back. 
"Hey lovebirds! Want to play or not?" Niall screamed.
"You are such a kill joint." I said. 
"Am not!" He whined
"Are too!" I replied mocking his tone. 
"Am not!"
"Are too!"
"Are n--" I kissed him.
"That'll shut you up!" I said giggling winking at him. 
"Are not..." He mumbled. As Zayn and Jackie came over to us and Zayn said,
"We're the lovebirds?" 
Just as I was going to reply I saw Louis carrying Bella on his back. 
"Hey lads!" Louis exclaimed. Bella was giggling. 
"We heard there was a challenge, an-" Bella was interrupted by Louis saying
"We would love to beat you all." 
"Psh, let's kick their ass!" I told Niall who still had a goofy grin plastered on to that face I resisted to kiss again. 
We agreed to play the water shooting game. 
Jackie, Bella, and I all took our seats and our guys wrapped their arms around us and aimed the gun. 
The lady said,
"! Start!"
We all started but I heard Jackie giggling. 
"Zayn! No, Zayn. Come on! We're gonna lose!!!" 
Niall and I and Bells and Louis were so close our tubes rung at the same time. 
Jackie spun her chair to Zayn. 
"We lost!" She said trying to be serious.
"So what?! We got our monkeys!" Zayn replied. 
She laughed. "True." 
"You were, are, and always be a complainer, Jack." Zayn said. 
"That's so true!" Bells exclaimed.
"You two can choose a small toy." The lady remarked. 
I chose the little Bugs Bunny and Bells and Louis agreed on getting the little Stewie from Family Guy. I was happy for Bells. But a small part of me felt that this relationship wasn't right. But it wasn't my business, and as long as my friends were happy, I was happy too. It was about ten when Harry and Liam returned and we were waiting in the parking lot for the driver. 
"Where were you?" Niall asked. 
Harry gaped at Bells on Louis's back and Liam had to answer for him. 
"There was no one on the Goliath, so we got to ride as long as we wanted."
"Wow! And you guys didn't get sick?!" Jackie exclaimed. 
I was so fixed on Harry's reaction that I hardly heard what was being said. Louis recognized Harry's reaction and set Bells down. 
"Awww! Why did you put me down!?" She squealed. 
"I can't hold you ALL day, woman!" Louis exclaimed, then he realized Harry's gaze transformed into a fiery glare. 
The driver finally arrived and Bells was the first to get dropped off.
"Bye guys! Lets hang out again I had so much fun!" She looked at Louis, "Walk me to my door?" she said with her glowing smile. 
Louis fixed his eyes on her as did Harry. As the two walked to the door, they exchanged a few words. Then Bella looked real genuine as she told him something and gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. I could've sworn I saw tears in Harry's eyes. I felt so bad for him, but at the same time he did deserve it. 
Next was Jackie. As she left the car she told us,
"Text me guys! Love you!" 
Zayn left the car right by her side. 
As they walked they held hands when they reached her door she held up the monkey and said something that made him laugh. He held up his and said something that made her laugh. Then he made the two monkeys kiss. Then it was their turn, they kissed passionately and Liam lowered the window and yelled,
"Get a room!" 
Jackie jumped. She was always so easy to scare. He whispered something to her and she bit her lip and nodded. 
Then it was an awkward ride to my house. Niall looked over to me and told me,
"I love my bear."
"I love mine even more."
"Sorry to ruin this Hallmark moment we've got going on but I'm starving."
He laughed his cute laugh and pulled me to him and said,
"You are the one."
Moments later, it was my house.
I walked out and said 
"Bye guys! Thank you for everything!"
"Bye Candy." They all replied. 
Niall held my hand and walked slowly to the door. 
"Babe,  if we walk any slower it'll be morning till we reach the door." I told him.
He laughed. "It's just that I don't want to let you go. I want you to stay with me and I can hold you." 
I came close to his face and admitted,
"Me too, we will soon. But for the meantime we have our bears!" I said smiling, holding up my enormous bear. He laughed. 
"Fine." He sighed. 
"I'll call you." I told him. 
Then he kissed me hard, but not too hard. Then I opened my lips up slightly and he slid his tongue against my lips and then the driver honked. 
"I guess that's my cue to leave." 
"Now I don't want you to leave!" I pouted.
"That's why we have the teddy bears!" He mimicked me. 
"Alright bye Niall!" I said giving him one more kiss. 
"Bye Candy!" He said still mimicking my high-pitched voice. 
As I entered my dark house, I sighed and lay on my door still in the dark. As I took a couple of steps I felt a thick, muscular hand wrap around my waist and one cover my mouth. 

"You never came home."

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