Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


18. Not Done Yet

Chapter 18 

Harry's P.O.V. 

I felt like crap. 
I didn't want to do anything. 
I didn't want to say anything. 
I didn't want to feel anything. 
I didn't want to talk to anyone. Especially Louis. I told the boys that they were not to fraternize with Bella. They all agreed not to flirt her. But leave it to Louis to screw up. Whenever he saw me, a look of shame overlooked his face. Serves him right. 
Liam came into my room. 
"Hey there."
I just looked at him. 
"Why are you so glum?" He asked me. He knew exactly why. 
"Maybe because one of my best friends stole my girl away from me."
"Hazzah. If that was 'your girl' you wouldn't have treated her the way you did last night."
He had a point.
"It's not his fault that she's becoming attracted to him." Liam said. 
My heart shattered at those words. 
"So I should just sit here in my room, and watch them get married and have babies and rot in my room?"
"If you want." 
I didn't knew where he was going with this. 
"Does Louis really like Bella?" 
"I don't know!" Liam exclaimed. 
"I'm guessing you're trying to hint that I should talk to Louis."
"No, but thats a grand idea." He replied sarcastically. 
He then walked out. When Louis walked Bella to her door was what really set me off. She was mine! Those big light brown eyes were mine, as was her beautiful body. Then I had an epiphany, no matter how dramatic that sounds. 
Why should she have to wait for me while I was being a jerk? She shouldn't have to wait until I was ready to have a relationship. I wanted her to be happy but not with Louis. I wanted her to be happy with me. I knew I could make her happy.  Louis had a girlfriend, anyways. If she found out any of his previous doings she'd go bonkers. I wouldn't threaten him, of course. But it was something to remind him of. 
I forced myself up and walked to the kitchen. I went to go make myself a cup of tea. The house was fairly quiet. I found Louis in the kitchen texting. Smiling at his phone. 
Probably fucking talking to Bella. 
"Morning." I said roughly.
He looked up in surprise. 
"Why, good morning Hazzah." He said way too enthusiastically. 
"Tea?" I offered. 
There was an awkward silence. 
"How's Stacy?" I said. 
"She's good."
"Hm. How about Bella?" I said nastily. 
"Harry. I-" He said. 
"Louis, you know how I felt about her." I reminded him
"But I-" He tried. 
"No, you flirted with her as if you never promised me you're wouldn't!" I said feeling my voice rise. I felt my neck getting hot. 
"Harry you were being a dick!" He said. His voice getting even louder
"You think I don't realize what I've done?! I don't need you to fucking remind me by flirting with her, or holding her! You've given me a pretty good idea that I screwed up my chances!"
"Harry. I have a girlfriend."
"But that doesn't stop you from lusting after MY girl, right?" 
"Harry. Please let me explain."
I took a couple a breaths and sat down next to him. 
"I am not going to lie to you. I do feel attracted to her. I even thought about breaking up with Stacy to have a chance to be with her."
I widened my eyes at him.
"BUT, I knew how you felt about her. You have no idea how hard it was to walk her to her door. No idea. I felt horrible seeing you watching us. I don't even imagine how hard it was to see her kiss me." 
I scoffed. That was an understatement. 
"But I won't go any further with her. If you don't want to."
"And I don't."
"So I won't." He promised. 
I still felt a bit grumpy, but I felt a bit relieved. 
"But she doesn't even like me anymore, she's moved on."
"Rubbish." He told me. 
I looked at him with a assurance. 
He gave me the same look. 
"Why would she cry after you told her what you did? In front of you. It's like a strict thing not to cry in front guy."
I still felt skeptical. 
"I think you should call her." He told me. 
"She won't answer." I told him.
"How would you know?" He asked. 
"I just have a good feeling." I told him. 
"Just try." 
"I will. Later." I promised. 
"Thanks." I told him giving him a brotherly hug.  
"I'm just glad we got over this." He told me. 
As I retreated from the hug and returned to my whistling kettle I saw Liam leaning in the kitchen doorway smiling. He knew that he was right. He opened his mouth to say something but me an Louis stopped him.
"Just shut up." Louis and I told him. 
"I was going to say I wanted some tea." He said trying to be innocent, with that cocky smirk on his face. 
"Sure." I told him. 
"Now are you girls done fighting?" He asked. 
"What do you think?"
"I think I was right." He said with that lazy grin still plastered on his face. 
I hated it when Liam was right. He reminded me of my mum. 

Candy's P.O.V.  

I woke up to Niall spread out on the bed, hogging the blanket. I started to think. 
Was I really safe? 
We're the girls safe? 
Were the boys safe?
Did I cause this? 
Thinking like this made me feel lonely and desolate. I tightened my hold onto Niall, remembering his promise. That I should never be scared of anything as long as he's around. His embrace made me feel safe. It made me feel warm. Literally. I hoped he didn't have a fever. He moved a little, his face turning to me. His breathing was still in rhythm so I knew he was still sound asleep. I began to study his features. 
From his bleached blond hair to his perfect personality, I was so lucky to have him. I smiled at the thought of our relationship being official. 
He finally awoke and looked at me,
"What're you smilin' about? Did you have a dream about swimming in pancakes too?" He said in that Irish accent that I adored. He smiled broadly. 
"I wish! Was there syrup on the pancakes?" I replied. 
"No that was fer tannin'!" He told me. 
"I had a dream that Harry was throwing spoons at Liam." I told him seriously. 
He burst out in laughter. 
"Let's eat." I told him getting out of my bed. 
He lay still. 
"Well?" I told him standing there with my hand on my hip. 
"I don't want to get up." I said. 
"Oh my god." I walked over and he held out his hand gesturing for me to pick him up. 
I laughed. He was completely serious. 
I grabbed his hand and yanked him up. Once he stood, I found myself still pulling. 
He thought it would be funny to drop me. Once he let go, I fell because I was pulling so hard. I fell straight on my ass. He died laughing. 
I stayed on the floor sitting down. 
After his rant of laughter he looked at me. 
"Okay, let's eat." He told me.
"Nope. You're going to starve and rot in my room."
"Candy! This is food, we're talking about. Not a house, a child, a car. Food. The source of life." 
Pfft. We called Jackie dramatic. 
"Fine." He said bending down. 
"Fine whaaaa?!" He interrupted me by picking me up and throwing me on the bed. He pinned me to me bed, like a wrestler. 
"MAKE ME FOOOOOD!" He yelled. His arms were sprawled out so I managed to tickle him underneath his arm. 
He squealed. Yes. He SQUEALED. 
I left his hold and told him,
"I WIN!" 
He got up quickly and chased me down to my kitchen. I had been giggling the whole way there. When we reached the kitchen he was out of breath.
"Alright, alright. You win." He told me.
"Now please. Let eat." He said desperately. 
"Okay. Let's see what we have." 
I looked in my pantry. 
"I got Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Toast-"
"Cinnamon Toast Crunch!" He exclaimed. I threw him the bag. I grabbed the Frosted Flakes for myself. I went to my cabinet and got two bowls. 
As I got them I heard Niall ask,
"You're Irish?" 
I turned to him and pointed at my face that was splattered with freckles and with the other hair pointed and my closely white blonde hair. 
He laughed. 
"That's cool." He said cooly. 
I took two spoons. I walked to the table. 
"So where are your folks?" 
"On an eight week cruise."
He nearly spilled the milk he was pouring into his bowl.
"They have cruises that last for two months?!" 
"Yeah! Some even longer." I told him. 
"Wow. I guess I can steal you whenever I want!" He said with a smile. 
"Whenever you want." I told him with a wink.
"So I tried talking to Harry." He told me focusing on his mountain of cereal. 
I got hopeful.
"And?" I said widening my eyes.
He doesn't talk to anyone. He hardly leaves his room. 
"Oh my.." I felt really bad for him now. 
"If there's someone that he'll talk to it'll be Liam. He's the mom of the group."
I laughed. 
"Why do you say that?"
"Because he always something wise to say and when we don't follow his advice and everything goes bad he tell us, 'told you so'. Like a mom would." 
I laughed even harder. That made sense. 
"Why is it so cold in here?" He asked.
I raise my eyebrows in confusion. 
"Let me check the temperature." I told him. 
I walked I over to my thermometer.
"It's seventy-two degrees." 
"I'm freezing." 
"Hm.." I put my finger on my chin thinking. I walked over to him and lay my hand on his forehead. It was burning hot. 
"Do you feel any discomfort?" I asked him.
"I feel a bit nauseous." He admitted. 
"I think you have a fever." 
"Impossible! I never get sick!" He said with a childish pout. 
"I'll get a thermometer."
"For what?" He asked.
"To check your temperature. Duh." 
I walked to get it and found it in my medicine cabinet. 
I walked back and found him refilling eating out of my unfinished bowl of cereal.
"Do you ever stop?" I chuckled. 
"I don't think so." He smiled.
He opened his mouth.
"Lift your tongue." 
He lifted it. I placed the thermometer there. He kept his tongue up. 
I laughed. "Niall!"
"Ahh?" He managed to reply. 
"You can put your tongue down, now."
He put it down. I pressed the button to determine his temperature. It was beeping. 
He looked at me up and down and lifted his eyebrow in a perverted way. 
I punched his shoulder. 
I stuck my tongue out. 
The thermometer beeped a final time and I took it out. 
"Wow, your temperature's at 103.1 degrees."
"So, that means you're sick, duh!"
"So now you must take care of me!"
"Are you kidding me?!" I said joking.
He slouched his shoulders and pouted. 
"But I'm sick." He whined. 
He leaned in to kiss me, and I gently leaned in but put a finger to his soft lips, and whispered,
"You might be contagious." 
I giggled and kissed him on the cheek. 
It was hard to resist those lips.
This was going to be a long day.
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