Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


13. Nearly Perfect

~Candy's P.O.V

I'm not much of an eater, so after having two pancakes and a half of the French toast, I left my three strips of bacon and half French toast untouched.
"You going to eat that?" 
"No." I said, patting my belly. 
He shrugged his shoulders and took slid my food onto his plate. I giggled. I was so happy. It's been so long since I've felt like this. I was so thankful for him. He was an absolute sweetheart. I really was starting to believe that all guys were like Drew: sadistic, horrible, terrifying things of nature. That was until I met Niall. He's everything a girl could want. I'm not a girl who picks a partner based on looks. But I got lucky with him! I love his icy blue eyes. When I look at them they make mine glimmer. I love the way he adores me and is protective but not too protective. I think the main reason I feel the way I do is because of his respect. When Niall and I flirted, I always felt eyes on us. 
"Hey!" Bella snapped, taking me out of daydreaming. 
"Huh?" I said instantly. 
"Let's go to my house an get dressed."
"Oh! Right!" I exclaimed. 
"Where the hell did Jackie and Zayn go?" Liam asked.
"Probably doing some love-making." Harry said winking.
"I would not doubt it." Bella admitted.
"Should I call the driver?" Niall offered.
"It's alright. I've got it!" Louis said, already getting up.
Their friendship was so cute. It reminded me of mine with Bella and Jackie.
I feel the luckiest girl in the world. Who gets a perfect boyfriend and friends like I have? 
Within twenty minutes the driver was in front of the house. I really didn't want to leave Niall. That's how attached I've gotten to him. I know it hasn't been long, I just feel a special bond between us. 
When we left I told Niall,
"Bye babe." Giving him a gentle kiss. Leaving him with that cheesy smile I've grown to adore. 
"See ya guys!" Bella said waving to the guys. 
As we entered the car, we both had love struck faces.
"So has it been at your parents?" Bells said breaking the silence. 
"Like heaven." I replied gratefully in my innocent voice. She moved closer to me giving me a big hug. 
"I'm so happy for you."
"I'm so happy for you and Jack." I told her.
"Has Drew had any contact with you later then the incident?" She asked seriously. 
"No. Thank God." I replied honestly.
As the driver pulled up to my house, I told her, I'll call you and make a three way with Jack. 
"That is if she's not with her man!" She growled with a wink.
I laughed, and I headed to my door. As they drove off I heard no one. So I decided to see if they're was any mail. I took the stack of letters and junk in hand and dug around my bag for my keys. As I unlocked it I bellowed, 
"Oh well." I told myself.
As I walked into my living room, I looked through the mail looking to see of anything was for me, there never was anyways.
Half way through looking through the junk I went to the kitchen to grab some Sunny D. As I reached the fridge, I saw a note,

"Dearest Candy, 

Your father and I have gone to a eight week cruise in memory of our twenty-first anniversary. If you need anything you know where to call us.if you can't reach us call Aunt Pam.

Love you lots!

I smiled. I loved when people wrote notes. I returned to the living room, I lay on the sofa and reached for the remote, as my hands danced on the table in search of this damn remote I looked for it and instead of finding the remote, I found a letter that wrote 

"To Miss Candice E. Jones" 

I opened it with a smile loving the proper style of writing, my innocent smile quickly dropped when I recognized the rough, sloppy handwriting.


I don't know what the fuck was going on in that pretty little head of yours, but if you're not home tonight, you will want to feel as if you were never born. And God help me, if I see you with those little whores you call friends. Or those gay homos. 
I'm expecting you.


I knew Drew thought he felt dominant over this letter, but I'm not going to let a little temper tantrum ruin my day with my friends. 
At thought I was amazed at the strength that I never had. I crumpled up the pathetic piece of paper and walked into my room. Then I looked t the clock and saw that it was quarter after twelve. I grabbed my phone and was delightfully surprised to see a text.

"Niall: 12:18 P.M.
Meet us at the gas station around Gunther Ave at about one thirty."

"Me: 12:19 P.M. 
Okay. Are we going to the one with the pool?" 

"Niall: 12:19 P.M. 

I smirked at his flirtiness. I loved when he was like this.

"Me: 12:20 P.M.
Why the '(;'?"

"Niall: 12:20 P.M.
Oh I don't know...! Maybe because I'm going to see your beautiful self in a swimsuit!"

I blushed. I hated when I blushed.

"Me: 12:21 P.M.
What if I wear a one piece?" 

"Niall: 12:21 P.M.
You're still beautiful. Whether you're in a bikini or wrapped up in a rug, you're still my gorgeous Candy."

I smiled so cheekily I was grateful no one was in my presence. 

As I was typing he beat me, my phone read. 

"But a bikini wouldn't hurt." 

I started to laugh and I wrote teasingly, 

"We'll see...(;" 

I threw my phone on my bed, and went over to my laptop and started to put some music on. Then I looked for the weather, as I found the results I was shocked. The high was ninety-seven degrees. 
I looked around in my closet and picked out an outfit. I chose a bright pink crop top that revealed a strip of my tummy. I was also going to wear a thin silver necklace. For bottoms I'd wear my white short shorts. Then I just threw on some black flip flops. And for my bathing suit I wore the strapless coral pink and black bandeau I adored. As I plugged in my straightener, I took out my makeup bag and put on my foundation. As spreading it, I saw the thin scar on my forehead. That was from Drew. I don't think my parents ever realized it, but I know I always will. It'll always remind me of the stupid idiot I was. Then I started to remember Niall's good heart and respect towards me. Then my trademark angelic smile appeared on my face. I just put some eyeliner and mascara remembering to use my waterproof ones. Then my phone buzzed scaring the crap out of me. It read,

"Jack: 12:57 P.M.
Hey girl!"

I think one thing I missed most about Jackie was the cute nicknames she'd  call us. Since her mom was Puerto Rican, all of the Spanish nicknames would rub off on her, and sometimes Bella. Jackie would call us "ma, mami, chica", and a bunch of other names I found comforting. 

"Me: 12:58 P.M.
What's up?!"

"Me: 12:58 P.M.
:O WHERE WERE YOU AND ZAYN!!!!???? Any promiscuous activity I should be aware of????"

"Jack: 1:00 P.M.
Just a kiss.(:"

"Me: 1:00 P.M.
Bullshit. Me and Niall caught you guys playing tongue hockey."

"Jack: 1:00 P.M."
Fine. We had a bit of a makeout session."

She then told me what he had done and where he had taken her and the story behind the setting. 
I literally squealed like a baby pig. 

"Me: 1:04 P.M.
That's so romantic!!!" 

"Jack: 1:05 P.M.
I'm dressed, you need a ride?"

"Me: 1:07 P.M.
Same, send a picture! And yes!"

"Jack: 1:09 P.M. 
Okay, just sent it, and you send me a picture of yourself! I'm in the car. I'll honk when I'm outside."

I hesitated on whether telling anyone about Drew's threat. But then I managed to convince myself that he wasn't really going to step up to the plate and fulfill the threat. 

Jackie sent me her picture. I loved her outfit! Thats something I loved about my friends they had great style. Jack had more of a classy yet edgy look while Bella had more of a preppy look to her. 
She first sent me a bikini shot. She was wearing a white bikini that was a halter but still really cute.
Then she sent me what she was wearing. She had a beige romper with a white fedora and the fedora had the sam color lace as the romper, her makeup perfectly done. She chosen a  clear lip gloss. Her eye makeup was the same as mine. 

Told you, she had great style.

Before I could compliment her she wrote,

"Jackie: 1:12 P.M.
Damn, you look HOT!"

I then heard a loud blaring horn. For sure it was Jackie. 

I ran downstairs and grabbed my bag. As I closed the door, I almost forgot to lock the door. I heard Jackie giggle. 
"Ah shut up!" I told her.
I jumped into the car and asked her, 
"You picking up Bell?"
"Yeah, that's where we're going now." She replied.
"So you and Zayn a thing?" I said cheerily.
"I hope." She said never taking her eyes off the road. I saw her bite her bottom lip. Zayn did that too.
"You hope? You better!!" 
I saw her blush. As we pulled up to the house, Jackie slammed on the horn a good three times before Bells screamed,
"ALRIGHT! Calm your tits!" 
"BELLA ROSE MARCELLE!" We could hear her mother scream. We saw Bells leaving the house while screaming,
She said screaming back. She looked great. She was wearing a black floral tube top. With a dark cream belt. Then she had denim capris that fell just below her knees. She was also wearing aviators that fit her face perfectly. Her brown curls looked amazing. It was hilarious to see such a small and beautiful girl to scream the way she did. 
As she entered she casually said,
"Hey girlies!" 
"Hey Bells!" Me and Jack replied, as we started to drive I looked over at Jackie in confusion.
She felt my stare.
"What's wrong?" She never took her intent eyes off the road. She was scared from our experience. We all were.
"How is your hat not flying off ?" 
"It's got little clips to hold on to your hair."
"Oh, cool." I replied. We drove down Gunther and found the boys. 
Louis pulled down the window and said,
"Just follow us!" 
"Alright!" Jackie replied.
As she let them pull up in front of us my phone vibrated. I jumped.

"Niall: 12:14 P.M.
Told you so!"

"Me: 12:14 P.M. 
Told me what?"

"Niall: 12:15 P.M. 
That you were gorgeous."

"Me: 12:16 P.M.
Oh God."

"Niall: 12:16 P.M.
I'm so lucky to call you my girlfriend."

I squealed.
Jackie and Bells jumped.
"What the hell?!!" Jackie yelped.
I showed Bell and she read it out loud.
"I'm so lucky to call you my girlfrien----  OHMYGOODNESS CANDY!!!" 
I laughed and smiled. I was his girlfriend.

~Bella's P.O.V. 

As we parked I jumped out super excited. 
"Which ride are we going on first?"
"I want to go on the Viper." Harry said.
"Same here." Liam said
I was so excited to go. I LOVE rollercoasters. I skipped in the entrance feeling like Candy. I looked all around and saw the Looney Tunes cast. Before I could tell everyone I saw a photographer taking a couple pictures. They took three. One was where Jackie was in front of Zayn with his arms wrapped around her waist. The second one was Jackie laughing and Zayn kissing her cheek. The last one was the two kissing. I was of how photogenic the two were. Jackie wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist. She propped one foot in the air and while she was giving him a passionate peck, he had been smiling into the kiss. After they were done, I wanted to take pictures with Harry. I looked for him and after looking at Niall and Candy were taking pictures with the Looney Tunes I started looking for him even with more urge. 

Then I found him. 

Flirting with some girl. 
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