Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


10. Misunderstood

Chapter 10

Jackie's P.O.V. 

After Zayn stormed out I was quite shaken and confused. And hurt. What did I do that was so wrong? The reason I had asked him if Louis had a girlfriend, was because I wanted to hook him up with Bella's older sister Michelle. Michelle was gorgeous. She was about 5'8 with dark brown wavy hair that fell to the middle of her back. Her green eyes what everyone found beautiful. She's nineteen. Before Bella had told Michelle about our encounter with One Direction, Michelle LOVED them. Especially Louis. She thought he was the cutest. So I wanted to try to get them together. 
I knew what Zayn was doing. I was excited too. I still have a thing for him. When he laid next to me, I put my head on his chest and just talked. I loved it. I kept waiting for him to ask me. Maybe he wasn't going to. Maybe he didn't like me. I knew he was a tease. He was an international superstar. What was I thinking I had a chance with him? I'm a short freak show! There was a moment when he looked at me, I looked back at him and stared into his eyes. I really felt something for him. I felt warm and safe.  I kept thinking how sexy his eyes were. I couldn't stop thinking about him. After Bells and Candy were released, the doctors told me I was doing better than they had expected, and I got released the same day. First thought out of that place was that I can get some real food! I went home grabbed some munchies and pigged out. Then I took a long shower. Within an hour, Liam texted me. 
My phone read.

"Liam: 8:39 P.M.
Hello there(:" 

"Me: 8:39 P.M. 

"Liam: 8:41 P.M.
The lads and I need to tell you and the girls something." 

"Me: 8:42 P.M. 
Is everything okay...?"

"Liam: 8:42 P.M.
Haha, yes!" 

"Me:  8:42 P.M.
Oh okay,  so when do you want to see us?" 

"Liam: 8:44 P.M.

"Me: 8:44 P.M
The fuck?!"

"Liam: 8:45 P.M
Potty-mouthed are we?"

"Me: 8:46 P.M.
Oh shut up! You and your British self... Where should we meet?"

"Liam: 8:49 P.M.
Our flat."

"Me: 8:50 P.M.

"Liam: 8:50 P.M. 
Our house. :P"

"Me: 8:50 P.M.
You could've said that!" 

"Liam: 8:51 P.M. 
Get your bums down here." 

"Me: 8:51 P.M.
Alright, alright."

Liam promised that he'd send their driver to pick us up at our houses. I called the girls, first Candy. After four rings an out of breath Candy picked up.
"Yeah?" She answered.
"ELLO!" I screamed.
"Hey Jack! What's up?"
"Liam told us that we needed to come to their house."
"Is everything okay?" She said in a worried voice.
"I said the same thing! But Liam said nothing to worry about."
"Who's driving?" 
"Their DRIVER." I said in a snooty voice.
"Ooooo! Three way with Bells!" She piped. 
I added her to the call, once it began to ring I said, 
"Hello?" Making sure I didn't drop Candy out of the call.
"Here." She replied.
"Yeooo!" Bella answered.
"Hey!" Me and Candy said in unison. 
"Whas goin' on girlies?!" She replied. 
"Get dolled up, the boys want us to come over their house." I told her.
"Should I wear lingerie?" She purred jokingly. 
"Def!" Candy yelped.
"Their driver is going to pick us up!" Candy told Bella. 
"Wear hot pajamas!" Bells said.
"YEAH!" I agreed.
 "Alright I guess I have to change." Candy admitted.
"So do I." I admitted. 
"Em.. I have to put clothes on." Bells admitted.
Candy laughed, "You and Harry were meant for each other!"
We all laughed. 
I changed into a thin, grey over-the-shoulder shirt. Then, I had my comfiest yoga pants. Then I put a red, thin, silicone headband. My hair was still damp. I just left it alone. I liked it. 
"Done." I told my best friends.
"Give me a second!" Candy told us.
"Done!" Bells exclaimed.
"I'm wearing a neon hot pink leopard spaghetti strap shirt. With my grey capris that hug my butt perfectly. My hair is in a messy side braid." 
"Here!" Candy squeaked.
"Report." Bella and I said. 
"My baggy white shirt with the lip print that cuts at my mid stomach with my black fuzzy pants, revealing my flat tummy."
"Ladies, the driver has just arrived. I will see you in a little." I told them. 
"Love ya!" They replied. 


When we arrived at the house we were all amazed. Well, it was the house of a smash-hit boy-band. When we walked out, we were still speechless. When we knocked on the door, it took less than one minute for Niall to answer. 
"Hey girls, come on in." Never taking his ice blue eyes off Candy.
"Hey." Me and Bella said with a warm smile.
"Hi Niall." Candy said with a kiss.
I was jealous of their cute love. Then the fire would burn even deeper when I saw Bella jump -literally jump- on Harry giving him a huge kiss. Louis and Liam greeted me with their sweet selves. When I saw Zayn, he just glared at me. A nasty glare that was undeserved. 
"Hi.." I said.
Ignoring me, he said,
"I'll be back at around two or three. Probably with a lady on my arm. Maybe even two."
That broke me. A tear welt up in me. But I refused to let it fall. When he saw the emotion in my face, his softened, but he turned away and headed out the door. 
"What a douche!" Louis exclaimed.
"What the fuck is up his ass?!" Bella said.
"Guys, it's fine." I said calmly. They all gave me a sympathetic smile.
"So, we are going to have a slumber party!" Harry said.
The girls and I burst into laughter. 
The guys face fell from confident to embarrassed. 
"What is so funny?" Harry asked Bella.
"Do you guys know what a slumber party is?" Candy giggled.
"Yes! It's when people have a party and sleep over another's flat!" Louis said confidently.
"It's when GIRLS have a party and sleep over another's flat." I remarked.
"But we're so up for it!" Bella exclaimed.
The boys led us to their basement, which was HUGE. It had a huge flat screen mounted to the wall, the walls was a bunch of random things. It made me smile. They had two huge sofas. One was grey and the other red. I saw eight sleeping bags next to that a stack of movies. Horror movies.
They had a huge section that was full of music. There was a platform that was looked like a mini stage. 
"We have a bit of a surprise for you." Harry said, nuzzling Bella's reddening cheeks. 
"Oh really?" Candy whispered. I looked over to them. 
Niall was behind Candy with his arms wrapped around her bare tummy. He had planted his chin on her shoulder.
Bella was on Harry's back as if getting a piggyback ride. 
He gently set her down. 
Liam went inside the booth starting up the music. The rest of the guys went up to the five microphones. Leaving Zayn's awkwardly standing there. 
Liam started to sing. 
"I've tried playing it cool..."
Me and the girls started to smile and just listen.
Harry took his mic and brought it to Bella and sang,
"Shot me out of the sky, you're my kryptonite..." He put his hand to her cheek. 
Once his verse was done he returned to the stage and once the song became upbeat, the girls and I started to bounce with the beat. 
Niall came to Candy with his guitar and sang,
"Now I'm climbing the walls, but you don't notice at all..."
When the chorus came Liam came to me with a sympathetic smile and sang to me. He held my hand and danced while singing. I appreciated his gesture. He was so sweet. After they sang the girls and I clapped. 
"Now who's up for some films?!!" Louis shouted.
"MEEEEEEE!!" We all shouted. 
The guys directed us to each of our sleeping bags. When I slipped into the sleeping bag it was the most comfortable sleeping bag I'd ever been in. When I sat up I saw Liam staring at my chest and chuckled. I was confused, when I looked down I realized that my pink lace was showing from my bra. I quickly readjusted it and said,
"Like what ya see?" 
"I'm scared to answer that on Zayn's behalf." He replied shocking me by his boldness. I smiled in return. I started to crush on him a little but Zayn was still my center of attention. I had to make up my mind.
Everyone looked at him in shock. 
"LIAM! What happened to Niam?!" Niall cried.
We all burst into laughter. 
"Now. Time to watch Paranormal Activity THREE!" Louis said dramatically. 
Niall and Candy sat together cuddling closely, the two holding each others hand, while Bella and Harry somehow managed to turn both their sleeping bags into one and Bella lay her head on his shoulder, and he lay his head on hers. And I saw Harry playing with a lock of her hair. I saw the ends of her lips slowly curl into a cheesy smile. I looked at Liam and Louis. They made a "come over here" gesture. 
I grabbed my sleeping bag and came between them. 
"I'm a screamer." Louis admitted.
"Same!" I replied.
"I am too." Liam said. 
I grabbed both their hands, lifted them up and said, 
We all laughed. 
During the movie, I thought about Zayn. Would he give me a chance to explain? Did he think I liked Louis? Was he jealous? Did he really like me?
As if he were reading my mind, 
Liam whispered, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah!" I whispered back.
"Zayn thinks you like Louis."
That answers one of my questions.
"I don't."
"Don't worry. Zayn is a cranky little man." 
I giggled.
"I'll talk to him if you want." 
I looked up at him.
"That'd be nice." 
He smiled. He had an adorable smile. "So, why did you ask if Louis had a girlfriend?"
"I have a girl in mind that'd be cute for him."
"He does. But she's an absolute bitch!"
I raised my eyebrow.
"I'M the potty-mouth?
He laughed. 
"I'm hungry." He said with a pout.
"You read my mind." I said. "You read my mind twice." I thought to myself.
"We're going off to make popcorn! Anybody want?" Liam exclaimed.
All hands shot up. 
We raced up the stairs and entered the kitchen I loved how innocent and safe their kitchen looked. I sat on the counter. He rummaged through their pantry looking for popcorn. He found the boxes and pulled out two. 
"Aha." He said holding them up.
"Sooo.." I said hoping to break this awkward silence.
"Do you like Z?" He asked.
"This is a lovely setup I forgot to mention" I said jokingly. 
He gave me a smirk. And opened the box and he put the popcorn for two minutes and fifteen seconds. 
"Ugh... I do. A lot."
"He's stupid for not liking a beautiful girl like yourself." 
I giggled. "Thanks."
"No problem. It's the truth."
He walked over to a really tall closet and opened it. My jaw literally fell when I saw all the candies and goodies they had stored. He looked up and struggled getting to a certain shelf. He stopped and turned around and said. 
"Zayn said that when you were thirteen you were a cheerleader, is that true?"
"Yeah, I did it til the end of high school. Why?" 
"Can you climb to the seventh shelf and get the jumbo-sized sour gummy worms?" 
"I'll break it!"
"It's maximum weight is 200 pounds."
"You can't be more than that!"
"Maybe these shelves can't handle all these muscles." He said with a wink.
As I climbed I realized how freakin huge this pantry was. I grabbed them, and threw it down to him. 
"Oh! And the fruit roll ups!"
I threw the box down.
As I climbed down I slipped and fell. Fell on my ass, too. Cute. Liam quickly came to me.
"Are you alright?" 
I just laughed. He laughed too. 
I just lay there. He sat down right next to me. He turned around an grabbed two fruit roll ups. Threw one to me. We ate in silence until we heard the door open. And loud moans and groans. 
It was Zayn. And a gorgeous blonde. As they entered they stopped kissing. 
"Upstairs, fourth door on the left. I'll meet you there." He whispered.
I watched in disbelief. Liam watched me. His face in total sympathy. I released a sigh. Tears fell from my eyes uncontrollably. I couldn't help it.
The bitch walked up stairs, clacking her prostitute looking heels. Zayn walked towards us. When he came closer we could smell the alcohol. 
"Oh, an- and Louis DOES have a girrlffrieend." He slurred. 
Liam put his hand on my shoulder. 
"He's drunk. He NEVER gets drunk and this is why." Liam whispered. I believed him. 
"I got some love-making to do. Seer ya Jack!" He stumbled up the stairs. I quickly wiped my tears and turned to Liam.
"They must be wondering where their munchies are." I told him.
"Niall might kill us if we don't feed him." Liam said, making me laugh. 

I hoped to forget about what had just happened and be strong. I was stupid for thinking I had a chance with him.
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