Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


9. Let's Do This

Chapter 9 
Harry's P.O.V.
When Zayn had returned, he looked quite infuriated. I hesitated on whether I should ask him what was wrong. When Zayn was mad, the best thing to do was to keep your distance first, then talk to him. Everyone noticed his odd behavior. He wouldn't look at Louis, and if he did it was with a menacing glare. 
"Nurse Shelder said that Bella and Candy would be released tomorrow." Niall said trying to break the silence. 
"I know." Zayn said. 
"What's going on Z?" Liam asked.
"Nothing." He replied. 
"Zayn. We all see the way you look at her. We know that you like her stop being so bloody stubborn ma-" Louis tried to say. 
"Why is it that this is coming from you? Out of all the guys YOU?" Zayn shot back. 
Louis just gave him an unbelievable stare.
"If you thought I liked her then why did you flirt with her so much? In my fucking face, too for that matter!" he said getting more angrier by the second. 
"I didn't flirt with her Zayn!" Louis yelled, getting just as angry. 
"Guys. Lower your voices." Liam said quietly.
"This is bullshit, I'm going to see the girls." I said getting annoyed with their childish behavior.
"Yeah. Me too." Niall said with an annoyed tone in his voice.
As Niall and I walked down the hall I looked for the room. After circling the floor about fourteen times, Niall found it. Niall and I had been bickering like old ladies debating on where the room was. Unfortunately, Niall ended up being right, and we found the room. 
As we walked in, Bella was in the most awkward sleeping position I had ever seen a human being be in. Candy was watching television with a straight look on her face, looking bored as hell. But her face instantly changed when she saw us. 
"Hey guys!" She said in her cheery voice.
"Hey" I said giving her a warm smile. 
"How you feelin' ?" Niall asked.
"Sleepy, the antibiotics are so fucking strong I feel dead most the time. For example, Bell over there takes advantage of the fact she can sleep all day." She said while pointing to her awkwardly positioned best friend. 
It was about seven in the evening, she wasn't staying for sleep for long. I jumped on the bed and started to sing her the "Wake Up" song. 
When she woke up, she gave me a cold annoyed look that I found hilarious. 
"Leave me alone you puffy-haired freak" She spat. 
"Hey! I'm not the only one with the puffy hair!" I exclaimed playing with her knotty brunette locks. 
"Don't touch the luscious locks, you fool!" She said whimsically, whilst starting a cat fight with me. 
The excitement in her face quickly turned into seriousness when she asked, "Where is Jackie?" 
"She's in another room. Her blood reacted negatively to the antigens." Candy told her. 
Bella had a blank look. 
"Her blood acted up, but she's on different medicine than you." Niall broke down.
Candy giggled, "Thanks"
Bella made a face, "Nerd." 
I laughed. 
She within ten minutes of silence she started to get impatient and taking off the medical equipment.
"What are you doing, Bella?"
"You're crazy." I replied.
"Only the craziest out of the bunch!" 
I thought she was kidding. She was seriously taking off those wires. I went over to her and pushed her lightly on the bed. She raised her eyebrows at me. 
"What? Are you gonna do me right here, right now?" She moaned. 
"I have more class." I winked. I leaned over, our noses touching, she slowly closed her eyes. I put all the wires back on her. She frowned. Then I lightly pressed my lips onto her gentle lips. I felt her smile. 
"Fuck you." She said with a cheesy smile.
"Anytime, babe." I replied. 
As I turned around I found Candy and Niall making out. For the sweethearts they were, their hands were nearly everywhere. Niall held Candy's chin, whilst her hands ran through his hair. 'Damn they call ME the flirt of the group?' A gut feeling told me that those two would be together forever. I turned around to Bella and she shared the same reaction. She was giggling. 
"CUTE!" She exclaimed. 
As their faces separated, their faces instantly turned red. After that, they just talked with their fingers intertwined. 
"I wonder if since I'm in the hospital, if I'm eligible to use a wheelchair." Bella interrupted my thoughts. 
"Probably.... Hold on" I told her.  
"Harry!!" She yelled to me. 
I walked out and looked all over the floor and managed to find a wheelchair. I had to be careful and try not to look too nervous. As I wheeled one into the room, Niall was laying on the bed with Candy. The two looking angelic. I took a picture and posted it on Instagram. That was going to get like a million likes. I turned back to Bella with an evil grin.
"You sneaky bastard!" She said with the fucking funniest voice, I have ever heard. I laughed so hard. She jumped out of bed and onto the chair.
"LET'S RIDEEEE!" She yelled. She was leaving tomorrow so I went crazy and rolled her at like seventy miles an hour. 
"HARRRRYYYYY!!!" She squealed
"BELLS!!!!" I shouted back. 
"Stop those hooligans!" A nurse yelped. 
Bella started laughing maniacally. Her brunette curls flew in my face. I was having so much fun. As a couple of male nurses were catching up to us, I made the chair come to an abrupt stop and picked up Bella and ran downstairs. When we reached the car I was out of breath from running and laughing so hard. She laughing even harder. 
"I think I should text the lads." I told her. 

"Me: 7:49 P.M. 
Hey, um.. I'm in the car with Bella. Loooong story." 

"Louis: 7:50 P.M. 
Hazzah! Way to score! Wait, she supposed to be released tomorrow.. Harry...!"

"Me: 7:50 P.M.
Ah, calm down! Like I told you before, it's a long story." 

"Louis: 7:52 P.M.
Better be a good one." 

I knew the boys were going to bother me forEVER. Oh well. 
"Well now what?" I asked her. 
She raised her eyebrow in a sexy manner. 
She leaned over and kissed me. Her experience surprised me. When she pressed her lips against mine, and as she did, she parted them gently to allow me entrance. She ran her hand roughly through my hair. Turning me on, I remembered to try and control myself. But 'fuck it' I thought to myself. I climbed over her and kissed her harder, and started to kiss her neck. 
"No." She said lightly. 
"What?" I said disappointedly.
"Not yet." She said firmly. 

Fuck. My. Life.
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