Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


25. Inexplicably Beautiful

Chapter 25

Zayn's P.O.V.

~ Three Months Later ~

Whilst on stage one of the songs we performed Up All Night.
"Katy Perry's on replay, she on replay. DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake. People goin' all the way, yeah all the way."
Once Harry and Louis thrusted their hips, the crowd went berserk.
I forgot how mad the "hip thrust" got them. From the performance, to the songs, to the fans, I forgot how much I had missed this. 
The concert had been amazing, as usual. We left the stage sweaty and with huge grins. 
"Good job." Our manager told us proudly giving us high fives.
I never got tired of this. Neither did the boys. I don't think we ever would. 
I walked to the mirror and stared at my reflection. I studied my features. I grabbed a hand towel and wiped the drops of sweat off my forehead. 
"Being vain, Zayn?" Louis snickered. 
Niall had a straight face. He sighed and rested his hand on Louis's shoulder. 
"Don't you see what I did there?" He said smiling proudly looking at Niall and at me. 
"Because Zayn was admiring himself and his name rhymes with vain an-"
"Sh, just don't speak." Niall told him disappointedly, shaking his head. 
I laughed, dropping my head. 
"You guys just don't appreciate my clever wit." He said with his nose up in the air crossing his arms over his chest.
"Yeah, that's what we'll go with." Liam said walking up behind him. 
"Let's head back to the hotel, I need a nice long shower." Niall said. 
"Agreed." Harry said. 
We walked out and ran out to the limo. We loved riding in limousines. But the drive wasn't long. It seemed like a longer ride earlier. We reached the building but the amount of paparazzi and fans were doubled than earlier. 
"Ah crap." I mumbled. 
"I say we should kill time by just driving around so we can spend time in this lovely limo." Louis suggested. 
"I second that notion!" Niall exclaimed. 
"Let's get lost in England!" I yelled. 
"You heard the man!" Harry told the driver. 
The driver shook his head in laughter. 
He took off and we just ate and talked and laughed. I looked over at my best friends.  
"Nandos!" Niall squealed. 
"Can you pull over in front of that Nandos?" I asked the driver. 
"No problem." He said. "How long you fellas think you'll be in there for?" He asked me. 
I looked to the guys. 
"I'd say an hour or so." Harry guessed. 
There was paparazzi there. And a lot of them. And fans. No matter how long I'd be in this business, if there's one thing I would never be able to get used to was the bloody paparazzi. 
We exited the car quickly and managed to enter the building unscathed. Even though the run was less than five seconds, it seemed like five minutes. After seeing the smiling and screaming fans I thought of Alice. I didn't know that a fan would approve of me or the boys being in a relationship.
We got our food and just talked. 
Liam looked at his watch and said,
"We should start to wrap things up, the driver should be here any minute."
Time was flying by quickly.
I wiped my mouth, and threw my napkin into the garbage. 
We drove to the hotel and walked in. 
We entered the lobby and Paul stopped us. 
"What's wrong, Paul?" Louis asked. 
"It seems like some fans have broken into your room. You might be missing some underwear. Stay here for about five minutes." He explained. 
"Alright." We said laughing. 
We sat on the sofa, relaxing. As the boys talked, I went on Twitter and I was absolutely shocked at the reaction of our fans towards me and Jackie's relationship. They even "shipped" us. 
"Jayn" was me and Jackie's shipped name. I saw thousands of tweets on her account. 
"You're so pretty!"
"Oh my God get ugly!(:"
"We love Jayn!"
This made me smile. But the thought of Jackie reminded me what happened a couple of months ago. Why the hell was Jackie acting the way she was? I started to get disheartened because it was really starting to hit me that I wasn't going to be able to kiss, hold, or touch Jackie for five more months. 
Was she going to cheat on me? Was she cheating on me? I thought to myself. 
We had to move hotels to be more close to the stadium we'd be performing for a couple of nights. 
"Paul just texted me that we can go up to our rooms." Liam told us. 
"Alright." I replied. "What's the sleeping arrangements?"
"Louis, Haz, and I will be in U-817 and then you and Harry will be in U-814." 
8-14 was Jackie's birthday. Liam snapped his fingers across my eyes.
"Yeah? I, mean yeah. Okay."
"You alright?" He asked. 
"Yeah." I told him with a smile. 
"Alright." He said not looking convinced. 
We walked to the elevator and up to our rooms. As we reached our floor, we parted ways. Liam, Louis and Niall walked off to their room and Harry and I walked off to ours. We started to talk on our confusing route to our room.  Once we reached our door, I could hear giggling and squealing.
"Ssshhh!!!!" I told him.  
"Oh my frickin' God. One frickin' Direction is in this very hotel. Omigod. Girl, we're breathing the very AIR they breathe."
"Do you think we can get pregnant from breathing the same air as them?"
And the other one said,
"I hope when me and Harry have babies, they'll have his eyes. I wonder when he'd gonna introduce me to his parents."
I looked over to the Harry and his eyes were widened and his mouth was shaped in a perfect O. I had my hand clasped over my mouth to prevent my continuous snicker to be heard. 
I put in the room card slowly bracing myself for what would soon happen. But as soon as they heard the beep from the door they silenced. 
We slowly opened the door and saw our girls standing there with two big posters in hand. 
Bella held one that said "Mrs. Styles" with a big heart. 
Jackie held one that said, "MY OVARIES!"
Once we made eye contact, Jackie dropped her poster and ran to me. I grabbed her thighs holding her up. She squeezed me tightly. I couldn't even focus on what had been going on with Harry and Bella. She squeezed me tightly. 
She whispered. 
"You don't ever think for a second I would let you leave for an eternity without saying goodbye." 
I was still holding her. She lifted her head and stared into my eyes. I was speechless. I couldn't force any words out my mouth. Her grey eyes gleamed at mine. 
"How did you do this?"
"It's a long story." She shrugged.
"I missed you." 
"I thought about you everyday."
"Same here." 
I kissed her. She kissed me back gently. I gently set her back on the floor. 
"I can't believe you guys did this for us." Harry said wiping tears from his eyes.
"We loved you and missed you guys too much to stand eight months without you." Jackie explained. 
"Is Candy in Niall's-" I asked.
"Yeah." Bella said never breaking eye contact with Harry him doing the same. 
I wrapped my arms around Jackie and pulled her closer. 
"You scared the crap out of us, we thought you were crazy fans." I told her. 
"Well, you can best believe I'm your biggest fan."

~ Epilogue ~

~Six Years Later~

Bella's P.O.V.

Wow. It's seems like yesterday we were all nineteen drooling over our boyfriends. Time has flown by so quickly. I remember explaining to the boys why we didn't come to the airport with them. 
We didn't go because we wanted to surprise them in England. We didn't go because we wanted to mentally trick them to make them think that we would forget about them. Which would be a horrible misunderstanding. We would all talk about how much we'd miss them we would annoy each other. So we raised some money and surprised them. Thankfully it all panned out smoothly. 
Jack, Candy, and I all graduated college. The three of us landed our colleges in London, got an apartment and did pretty well for ourselves. 
Last year, right after we graduated Niall and Candy got married. They had a beautiful baby boy. They named him Adrian. He was a beautiful baby. I absolutely adored him. He's three now and walking. Candy and Niall were always the picture perfect couple. I was really happy for them. 
Jackie had dyed her hair back to her natural black color which everyone had loved even more than the red. She became a doctor and she and Zayn were getting married. Today. We were all waiting for her to come out. 
I was getting my makeup done and reminiscing the crazy times we've had together. It got me annoyed that Harry and I would be the last ones to get married. That is, of he was even going to pop the question, which I doubted was going to be anytime soon. We were all ready. She walked into the room and as I turned around I gasped. 
My best friend looked stunningly beautiful. Everybody would compliment her on how gorgeous she looked. She eventually broke off from the crowd and walked up to Candy and I. She was glowing. 
"Jack. You look amazing."
She smiled. 
"Guys. I couldn't be where I am today without you."
"We love you, Jack." Candy said. 
I began to tear up.
We heard the organ begin.
"That's our cue." I told them before I started to bawl out in happiness for my best friend. 
We walked out into the hallway and met up with our groomsmen. Harry had his eyes glazed on me before I could drool over him.
"Bella. You look amazing."
"As do you, Harry." I said smiling.
He held out his arm. 
"Shall we?"
"We shall."
As we waited for our cue, he whispered,
"Hi there."
"I love you."
I smiled cheesily.
"I love you more."
We walked down and I saw Zayn looking very handsome at the altar with a huge grin on his face. He was ready to marry my best friend. 
After the bridal party and the groomsmen had arrived to the altar, it was Jackie's turn.
Everyone stood. She began to walk with her father at her side. She looked just as beautiful as Candy did when she walked down the aisle. 
I looked deep into her eyes. She was deeply in love with Zayn. As I looked at him he looked at her in the same way.  She arrived at the aisle and the whole marriage thing processed then came the reception.
Harry stood up and gave a toast. A beautiful one at that.
"And to conclude, I would like to," he began to walk towards me. He got down on one knee, "I would like to ask you Bella Marcelle a question."
I started to tear up. All eyes were on us. 
I laughed, "And what would that question be Harry Edward Styles?"
He pulled out a box, he opened I revealing a huge, beautiful ring.
"Will you marry me?"
I looked over at Jackie leaning her head on Zayn's while holding his hand smiling at me. Then I looked to Candy holding little Adrian on her lap crying. 
Before I let him slip the ring on my finger I kissed him.

And that's how our story ends.
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