Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


16. Hostage

Chapter 16 

Jackie's P.O.V. 

As I came into my house. There was no sign of my dad. He was still away on that business trip. It was nice to have this gorgeous house to myself. I then reminisced my wonderful night and even smiled thinking about it. I walked up my spiraled stairs. Not only was I grateful for my new boyfriend, but my best friends were just as happy as I was. I knew Candy and Niall were happy. Those two would never leave the other's side. They were both sweethearts that never left the others side. Just as I was thinking about her I received a text from her.

"Candy: 10:18 P.M.
Hey whore,  I just wanted to tell you that I'll never talk to you, Bella or the boys."

"Me: 10:18 P.M. 
What the hell are you talking about Candice? We just had an amazing night. What's wrong?"

She never responded. 

While I waited for a reply from Candy, I received a text from Zayn.

"Zayn: 10:23 P.M.
Hey you(:"

I didn't reply because I was so frustrated with Candy's rude and confusing text. 
I then decided to drive over to talk to her. This wasn't going to go unexplained. As I pulled up, I recognized a black Cadillac parked in the garage. I parked in front of the house, locked my car and walked over to her door an just as I knocked I heard a scream that hurt me. 
"SAY IT!" A masculine voice boomed. 
"I CAN'T!"
Another scream. Then I heard glass break. I stood in shock. 
"Say it Candy."
I guessed she tried to reach for a phone because he yelled.
"If the police come and get me I will kill your precious little friends one by one."
"Okay." She whimpered. 
"Please don't hurt them." She weakly continued. 
I wanted to call the police until I heard that. Her voice killed me. I ran to the front of the lawn. I didn't know who to call, I called Bella.
"Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voicema--" I hung up.
 I started to cry.
Then I heard the door open. Drew saw me.


I looked at him. He knew I heard everything. He knew I could call the police on him. He ran to grab me. I ran as fast as I could, but I tripped over a couple of rocks. I scraped my knee, and a lot of dirt got in it. That started to sting so badly, my right lower leg went numb. 
He caught up to me, and picked me up gently. I was confused why he was acting like a saint. I  remembered that we were in public. I started to struggle to leave his hold. As he brought me to the house, he threw me on the floor, I saw Candy tied up to the chair all beaten up, crying so hard it made me cry. 
"Drew." I said trying to remain calm. 
"SHUT THE FUCK UP." He yelled. 
I obeyed. I didn't know if this guy was capable of killing me. 
"Now the both of you are coming to my house, and we're going to act as if this never happened."
"No, take me." I said.
"I said the BOTH of you."
"You don't want her." I said trying to convince him.
She looked up at me, with her platinum hair blocking her eyes. She knew exactly what I was doing. 
"Let her go, I will not tell a soul."
He looked at her in hesitation. 
"Are you good in bed?"
I thought about Zayn. I looked at Candy and this hurt her, her green eyes hardly visible by the overflow of tears. 
"I guess you'll be the judge of that." I said. 
"Come on." He said roughly. 
"At least untie her." I told him.
 He actually went to her and untied her. As he turned his back to us to leave, he grabbed my wrist roughly. I turned around to her and she mouthed,
"Thank you."
I mouthed back,
"Get help."
"WALK FASTER." He said grabbing my hair. 
"Alright!" I whimpered.

Zayn's P.O.V. 

As the lads and I returned to the flat, all I could think about was Jackie. I texted her and she never wrote back. She probably fell asleep. I wanted her so badly. I didn't want to let her go home. I wanted her to go home with me. As I went to the kitchen Liam was cooking some grilled cheese. 
"Would you make me one Liam?"
Just as I poured myself a glass of orange juice my phone started to ring. I looked at the screen.
It was Candy.
All I heard was crying. 
"He took her!!" She screamed.
"Candy?" Niall looked at me when he heard her name.
"He- he took her!" She repeated. 
"Candy. Candy I need you to relax." I tried to relax her. 
"What's wrong? Put it on speaker." Niall said. 
As I put her on speaker, you could hear her uncontrollably crying. 
"He took her." She said a little more relaxed.
"Who?!" I said getting worried.
"Why haven't you called the police?" Niall exclaimed. 
"He said he was going to kill Bella and Jackie if I called the police!" She replied. 
"Who took who, Candice." I persisted. 
"Drew." She said beginning to sob again.
"Baby, who did he take?" Niall said trying to soothe her.
"He took Jackie." She said. 
My fist started to clench I heard my phone squeak. 
"We'll be at your house in two minutes." I told her.
I grabbed my keys and hopped in my car. Niall was just as quick as I was. The rage in me quickly grew as I almost hit someone. I, myself knew I was going dangerously fast and that I could seriously injure someone if I got into a crash. 
"Her house is right down here on Valentine." I veered into the street and pulled up and as I parked I saw Jackie's red Mustang. I nearly cried. 
I walked out an slammed my door. 
Once I found this guy, I was going to beat the fucking shit out of him. 
Niall saw my anger and put his hand on my shoulder,
"Hey, we're goin' to find her." 
I was grateful for his brotherly gesture and I calmed down a bit. We walked to her door and we knocked.
Within two seconds she opened the door. The sight of her broke my heart. She had a deep cut on top of her eyebrow, her cheek had a lot of scratches, and her eyes were puffy and red and her makeup was smudged. Before we got here she had been cleaning up her wounds, because she appeared at the door with a handkerchief that had a few splotches of blood.
Niall's eyes widened and grabbed her and hugged her. She began to bawl crying. He whispered,
I wish I could've been doing that to Jackie right now.  She was out somewhere being hurt. If they're was one thing I couldn't bear, it was to see her hurt. Or cry. 
"Candy. We have to call the police." I told her. 
"We can't! He'll kill Bella and Jackie!!" She cried. 
Me and Niall started wondering what we would have to do. 
"Zayn. We need to get her soon." Candy said. 
"I know." I told her with a reassuring smile.
"He's going to rape her."
"How do you know.." I forgot. She had been abused by him.
"I'm sorry." I told her. 
Niall stroked her hair.
I got up an brushed my pants,
"So where does he live?"
Niall and Candy followed me to my car. He was not going to hurt Jackie. 

Jackie's P.O.V.

As he drove he'd give me occasional stares. The more he looked, the stronger his lust became. When we hit a light he looked at me and licked his lips and grabbed my thigh. He started to caress it roughly. Then we pulled into his driveway and he grabbed my face and pushed his tongue into my mouth and he went for my boobs as I held his hand he looked at it looking like a confused gorilla. 
I had to lie. And I had to lie quickly.
"Let's wait till we're inside! It's uncomfortable in a car." I said.
Thank you Lord. I inhaled deeply savoring the last few breaths I had before this guy suffocated me with his kisses. The kisses hurt, not only physically but emotionally. I didn't want anybody else's kisses but Zayn's. I didn't want anybody to have access to my body but Zayn. When we entered the shabby place he grabbed me and slammed me into the wall and shoved his tongue into my mouth pushing my lips open I stood there awkwardly, not knowing how I react. I started to cry. He felt my tears and separated our lips and slapped me.
"You want me. So stop acting like you don't."
"I have a boyfriend." I admitted.
"Well he snagged a good piece of ass." He said while grabbing it.
"Don't touch me!" I said as I slapped his arm away. 
"I'll touch you however I want." He growled into my ear, and then he threw me over his shoulders and brought me to the bedroom and threw me on his squeaky bed. Just before I could get up, he laid himself on top of me. I struggled to get him off, but he held my wrists and stayed in place. As tears fell down my face, he left wet kisses on my neck, and starting playing with the hem of my shirt until he finally took it off. He started to unbutton his pants, and then mine.
After biting my neck multiple times, he started kissing down along my torsoe. Once he got to my panties, he pulled them down my legs. He started from mid-thigh, and began kissing all the way up on my inner-thigh.  Then the doorbell rang. THANK YOU LORD!
He ran out and within a minute or so, he was fully clothed and he returned with duct tape and rope. Did he kidnap people on a regular basis? I cried. 
"Please don't do this to me." I begged. 
He ignored me and wrapped my mouth with duct tape and tied me to the headboard of his bed.  
He left me crying on the bed feeling at my weakest.
I heard the door open and he said,
"What the hell are you doing here? And why the fuck is your slut and these homos here?"
"Drew. Where is she?" That was Candy! 
Who was she here with?
"Listen to me you piece of shit. Where the fuck is my girlfriend?!"
"Oh, you're the lucky one. Well I must say congratulations to you, bro. That is a hella good piece of ass right there." Drew said cockily.
"Stop." Candy said. 
"Candy, just shut up." 
"Don't fucking talk to her like that you douche bag!" That was Bella!!
I started to manage to scream as loud as I could no matter how how muffled it sounded. 
"Guys that's her." Zayn said. 

I heard a loud punch. And a cry.
Then all hell broke loose. 
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