Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


20. Get Crazy

Chapter 20 

Jackie's P.O.V 

It was around nine when I texted the girls to get ready. 

"Me to Candy and Bella: 9:13 P.M.
Dress sexy girls!(;"

"Bella: 9:13 P.M. 
Not a problem!"

"Candy: 9:13
Hehe.. Sure..(;"

I chose a dark blue one shouldered dress that was tight, so it hugged every curve of my body.  It fell to the middle of my thighs. I chose a slim silver necklace to compliment my silver hoop earrings. For my makeup, I chose to do the generic smoky eye and my bright red lipstick. I was actually really lucky that it came out so well. For my straight hair, I decided to curl it.  And for my shoes, I chose my sexiest black stilettos that made my legs look longer. When I looked at myself, I felt proud. 

"Me: 9:27 P.M. 
You ready?"

"Bella: 9:27 P.M. 

"Candy: 9:27 P.M. 

"Me: 9:28 P.M.
I'll pick you up in about.. Five minutes?"

"Bella: 9:28 P.M.

"Candy: 9:29 P.M. 
Cool, I think I'm more excited than the two of you combined."

I laughed at her text. 
I walked down my stairs and hurried out to the garage. 
I jumped in my car and started it. As I was pulling out, I started to think about Zayn. I wasn't mad at him, but I was disappointed that he got someone pregnant. I drove down on Valentine and honked the horn four times. 
As she walked out, I was stunned. She looked amazing. Her near white blonde hair was tousled but looked perfect with her outfit. Her makeup was great. She chose a bronze eyeshadow. It was light and gentle, the eyeliner made it perfect because it intensified her look. She chose a red halter dress that fell right above her knees. It was tight, so it really complimented her hourglass body. For her shoes she chose stilettos that were nearly identical to mine but except hers had spikes at the heel. 
She came up to my car and dropped her jaw.
"Damn girl!" She exclaimed loudly. 
"Don't you 'damn girl' me, you sexy beast!" I shot back at her. 
She laughed. 
As we drove, I told her about Zayn getting Jesibelle pregnant.
"He what?!" She exclaimed. 
"Yeah. Zayn got that slut pregnant. "
"Please tell me you didn't break up with him." She said with her big doe eyes. 
"Well. I didn't but, Candy. He's going to have a kid."
"But it's not his fault Jack."
"It kind of is."
"He was angry and he was jealous, so he did what any normal guy would do. He went out and got drunk and made a huge mistake he would soon regret." 
She was right. She knew she was right, too. I hated when she was right. 
We pulled up to Bella's house and I honked four times. 
She came out and she looked amazing. 
She was wearing a hot pink and black dress with the sleeves that were black lace, and the dress itself was hot pink. Her dress was a little shorter than mine. She wore a thin white belt and matched perfectly with the white and grey snake print heels. I was going to have to borrow those sometime. Her hair was intricately braided to the side. Her eye shadow was pink and dark gray. Her eyelashes were looking amazingly long. Her lip gloss was a glittery dark pink. She wore a clear chunky bracelet with a white heart ring on her opposite hand. 
"Damn guys. We look fucking hot." Bella said with a straight face. 
"Damn straight." I told her. 
We drove and as we parked across the street we could already hear the bass of the song playing in the club. 
"I don't know about you but I'm going to get wasted, tonight." Bella said. 
"You read my mind." I told her.
"Same." Candy replied. 
We entered and could already see the sweaty bodies dancing against one another. As we walked in, a lot of stares we're held on us. 
"So... LET'S DANCE!!!" Bella screamed. 
"YEEEEAH!" I screamed. 
We ran to the dance floor and started moving our bodies along with the rhythm. This guy that was staring at me started coming closer and closer. Once he came too close for comfort, I gently pushed him away. He smiled at me. He probably thought I was playing hard to get. He came once again.
"I have a boyfriend." I told him with a friendly smile. 
"Come on. YOLO!" He shouted excitedly. 
I was confused, what the fuck was a yolo? 
Just as I was about to reply, Candy saved me. 
"Hey! Bells just ordered some shots!"
"Just what I needed!" I replied. 
The guy looked annoyed with me.
"Whatever." He muttered. 
We walked over to our table and Bell was alone with our shots. It was my pleasure to keep the two company. 
As we sat, Bella said,
"Everyone is staring at us." 
"I wasn't the only one who thought of that! I thought I was being cocky!" Candy said with a smirk. 
"No, no. Not cocky. Confident." I told her with my chin up.
She winked at me.
"Amen." Bella remarked. 
We lifted our glasses.
"Bottoms up!" We all exclaimed. 
We all downed the drink. 
"Another round ladies?"
"Definitely." Candy replied. 
"Waiter!" Bella yelped. She was already getting excited. 
A young waiter appeared to us. 
"Hi! Can we please get three shots of Tequila please?" Bells said with a polite smile. 
"Coming right up ladies." He replied looking directly at her boobs.
"Thanks."  She told him, a look of disgust spread on her face.
Me and the girls danced and danced like there was no tomorrow. I saw the new round of shots at our table, and we went back over to the table enthusiastically. 
We returned and downed them like we did last time. After the eighth round, we were laughing at absolutely anything and everything. 
There was a point in the night where Bella called Harry and said,
"Bella?" He replied sounding a bit confused. 
We all burst out in laughter. Candy was crying laughing. 
"Are you guys drunk?" He asked skeptically. 
"What do YOU think??!"
I felt so goofy that I went near the phone and made farting sounds. Candy yelled,
"JACKIE! STOP!" Then five seconds later. We all laughed. 
Then Bella hung up. 
After that, we just sat and laughed. Then a salsa song came. 
I gasped dramatically. 
The girls looked at me. 
"Girl. GO DANCE THAT SALSA!" Bella commanded me.
Ever since I was a little girl, I would dance with my mom to salsa music. I picked up the steps in a quick minute. Music was the most beautiful  way to express myself. Salsa was my most experienced area of dance. 
I stumbled to the dance floor. I didn't even need a partner. Even though I was blind drunk, I still was the best dancer on the floor. As I danced, I realized people started to surround me and cheer for me. Then a guy came up to me and joined me. As we joined hands, I started to move my hips and my legs flowed with the beat naturally. I danced as if I was sober. We killed it. I appreciated that he understood that as sexy of a dance this is, he didn't flirt. Just smiled and showed off our skill. As the song died down, I staggered a bit, and he rose my hand and the club roared. My heart started to feel warm and fluttery. I saw Candy jump on our table and scream,
I ran over to them and they both high fived me. Me and the girls started to tell each other horrible jokes that cracked us up.
"Alright, alright." I said trying to settle the girls from the previous terrible joke. 
"Knock-knock!" I said. 
"Who's there?" Bella and Candy replied in unison.
We all burst out in laughter.  
Bella slapped her knee. 
At the other side of the club, I saw Jesibelle with another guy drinking a margarita. I saw her lean over and put a hand on his thigh. She bit her lip. Then my phone started to ring. 
"Jackie?" I heard Zayn reply. 
"Where are you? I can barely hear you."
"At the club!!"
"Jack, it's almost four in the morning."
"Who's driving?" He asked.
"Me, I guess." I said.
"No you're not. You're terribly drunk."
I gasped. Then I remembered what I had just saw. 
"Guess who I saw tonight?"
"Who?" He said sounding exasperated. 
"Your baby mama!" I told him. 
He didn't respond.
"AND she was drinking!"
"What?" He finally responded. 
"Yeah, AND she was drinking an alcoholic beverage." I said professionally. 
"Are you sure?"
"I'm coming to pick you guys up." He told me. 
"Nah, we're good." I told him cooly. 
"Make that Harry, Niall, and I are going to pick you guys up." 
I pouted as if he could see me.
"Fine!" I told him. 
"What club are you guys in?" 
"The one on Silver Street, I think." 
"Alright, I'll be there in ten minutes." 
"Guys, the boys are coming to pick us up." I told Bella and Candy.
"Buh-but why?!" Bella stuttered.
"'We're unable to drive.'" I quoted my boyfriend.
"Let's make these last few moments a great night, then girls!" Candy exclaimed.
"Yeah!!" I agreed. 
We all ran to the dance floor and started to dance. I saw Jesibelle walk towards me. 
What the fuck did this bitch want from me?
"Hey slut." She muttered. 
"Hey cunt!" I replied cheerily. 
"So you know me and Zayn are together now?" 
"Okay." I told her straightforward with no expression. But I felt like my heart shattered. I didn't want to show my emotion. 
"So do you have any suggestions for our baby's name?" She said with a smirk that made me want to punch her straight in her face. I had a strong feeling that I was about to.
"No, I'm no doctor but if you're pregnant, I'm sure you're not allowed to drink." I replied just as snarky as her. 
"Maybe you should mind your fucking business." She growled. 
She started to inch close to my face. 
"Maybe you should get out my fucking face, bitch." I replied. 
"What did you just call me?" She asked with her perfect eyebrows arching. 
"What? Are you too drunk to interpret what I'm saying?" I shot right back. 
"It doesn't matter if I drink Jacqueline, because I'm not even pregnant. I just said that to steal your man. And hey, it actually worked." She said with a cocky grin.
"Damn, might as well just tattoo 'desperate' on that forehead while you're at it."
Her eyebrows shot up. 
It was then she lifted her hand to slap me. Her hand stung my face and it made a loud clap. The both of us created a dramatic and very loud brawl. I don't slap, scratch, and squeal. I punch and I grab.
So as she clawed my face, I punched her straight in the face and grabbed her hair and held her head up. 
People started to clear out our way. Bella came and grabbed Jesibelle and held her head up.
"Get the fuck off her." She told Jesibelle. 
Just as I started to feel the slightest bit of dominance, a friend of Jesibelle's came an started to fight Bella, too. Then Candy came and started to join the fight to defend us. Then another girl started to claw and fight Candy too.  It was an all-out brawl. 
Probably like five minutes later, the boys came into the club in disguises. They didn't come to us. They just sat at a table and talked. Then three bulky guys were surrounding them. Then I could see Louis tell them something. Then I saw him point at us. The men nodded and walked over to us and broke us up. The guys threw us over their shoulders and I started to freak out. 
I thought I was being kidnapped. As did the girls. They hurried their pace taking us to a car. A very familiar looking car. Then we saw five boys. 
"Please don't hurt us." Candy whimpered. 
I had flashbacks of what Drew had done to me. I started to panic and I started to shake. My hands started to desperately look for an exit. I started to scream. 
"Jackie!" Someone exclaimed. 
Then a pair of olive colored hands held my shoulders. His warm hands seemed to relax me. There was only one person that could do that to me. 
"It's Zayn. Babe!! It's Zayn!" He told me seeming to know that he was capable of putting me at ease. 
I looked at him. He had taken off his thick hoodie and glasses. 
I looked at him, with my eyes watery. I jumped to him with a big hug. He held me tightly. He stroked my hair and cooed me. We drove for what seemed like an eternity, and we arrived at their house. We all walked out and I saw Candy crouch down and she started to vomit. Niall held her and after she had finished, and he carried her to the door. I saw she had fallen asleep in his arms. We entered the house and Louis and Liam walked up to their rooms, looking tired. Bells was on Harry's back asleep just like Candy. Harry had taken off her heels and held them for her. 
Zayn held my hand and walked up to his room. It was a huge room, the walls were painted a dark blue. There was a huge flat screen mounted to the wall. He also had a mini fridge near his sofa that looked like the comfiest thing in the world. His bed was fucking huge. 
"Take your shoes off." He offered.
I took them off, holding his surprisingly muscular forearm for balance.  I felt a shot of relief shoot through my legs. But as I took them off I realized, I lost five inches and that I was a total midget compared to him.
He looked down at me and smiled. 
"Thats more like it." He told me.
I stuck my tongue out and almost tripped. 
"Let's go to sleep." He whispered. 
"Alright." I told him dreamily. 
When Jesibelle told me she wasn't pregnant, it bothered me. It would eat me alive if I didn't tell him. I know I would feel guilty and horrible if I hadn't told him. I had to. 
"Jesibelle told me something."
He looked at me with cautious eyes. 
"She's not pregnant."
He exhaled dramatically and exclaimed,
I laughed. 
"Well that went better than planned."
"Now, I can get a restraining order on her."
I laughed even harder. I loved my boyfriend so much.
"You look uncomfortable in that dress."
"You're right." I told him. But I didn't mind how uncomfortable I was, because I was with the best guy in the world. 
He got up and looked through his drawer and threw one of his shirts at me. 
I got up and asked him seductively, 
"Can you unzip my dress?" 
His eyes widened. 
"Of course." He said biting his lip just like he did when we were younger. 
He didn't know that the zipper stopped right above my butt. I could tell when he realized, because the got closer he would get, he would get slower and slower. It started to slowly fall. I let it hit the ground, and I put the shirt on. 
As I turned around I saw Zayn's face. He looked disheartened. 
"What? What's wrong?" I asked him.
He started to rub his neck nervously.
"Are you sure you want to keep the shirt on?" 
He scanned my body continuously. 
"Are you suggesting I prance around the house in my bra and undies?" I replied sarcastically. 
"Are you mad!? Of course not! Only in my room." 
I laughed. I walked to his bed and Zayn grabbed my waist... I didn't move a muscle, he wouldn't have let me. He pulled me closer to him. He pushed my hair to the side of my neck exposing the opposite, bare side of my neck. He started to kiss me slowly on my neck. He started to kiss my sensitive spots, making me shudder in his arms. 
I turned around and leaned forward and tugged on his lip gently teasing him. I could feel the corners of his lips curving upward into that sly smile I loved. I let go and he whispered,
"I want you so badly." He pulled me up against his crotch to show me his excitement. He was hard already. 
He brushed his lip against mine teasing me in revenge for earlier. And just as my patience was getting to  me, he then lightly held my head and started to kiss me passionately. He quickly started to take off his shirt. Then he pressed me to the wall his tongue started to massage mine. I was pleasantly surprised by his experience. Our lips never broke contact. He picked me up, grabbing my thighs and he threw me on the bed. I took off my shirt quickly getting excited. I sat up and he quickly returned to my lips. As we kissed, he reached for my back to undo my bra. Taking it off in two seconds flat, the first thing he reached for were my breasts. He started to massage them, but then his mouth started to move down slowly to my neck he started to kiss me so roughly that it felt like a vampire sucking blood out of it's prey. The rougher he got the more he turned me on. He started to move on from my neck, and go farther with passionate pecks down my body.
His kisses were getting slower and more intimate. He lifted up his head slowly and pulled down my panties.
I pulled down his pants in returned. His eyes were full of want and excitement. He gently put his cock into me and started to slowly thrust. It was making me want even more from him, after a couple of more rougher thrusts, he pulled out and lay on top of me and started to kiss me again slowly traced his fingers down my body down to my clit. As soon as he found entrance, he began to finger me. And as his wandering fingers found my g-spot, I couldn't help, but start to moan. He started to press his warm torso up against mine and I began to dig my fingers into his muscular back. He started to kiss me softly and held my chin. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. It was then I started to giggle and things after that was just pretty much a blur. 
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