Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


4. Brewing "Friendships"

~Harry's P.O.V.

Why was it that God was sending beautiful women to the beach the very day the lads and I decide to go to the beach? Oh, well! While applying suntan lotion on my legs and I heard squealing. I hated squealing. I actually have this secret desire to throw carrots at squealing fans, I love our fans. I truly do! But sometimes the reaction to One Direction's presence create an overwhelming feeling that's annoying but amazing at the same time. I see gorgeous girls every day. But I forgot about each and every one of them when I met Jackie's reunited best friend Bella. Her whole appearance mesmerized me. Her body was so small and perfect but yet had the perfect curves in the right places. It looked like the perfect match. Her bubbly personality made me want to grab her and keep her for my own. I usually find brown eyes boring but hers were so light and beautiful she--- WAIT! I am the flirt of the group. So why in the bloody hell am I going on like the hopeless romantic I secretly am?! Maybe it wouldn't hurt to flirt..
"Bella's a lovely name, I must say." I said smiling displaying my dimples America adored.
"Thanks!" She smiled, and returned to applying oil on her legs.
"Emm... You got a problem, buddy?" She asked in a whimsical way, winking at me. This girl was good.
"No, I was just wondering something." I said casually.
"Wondering how oily my legs are?" She purred.
"You dirty little thing! I was wondering if you liked Italian ices!"
She winced, "I fucking hate them, especially cherry-flavored, gets me sick"
"Well, what about ice-cream? EVERYONE loves ice-cream!!" I said probably too enthusiastically.
"You don't give up without a fight. Do you?" She said playfully. I wanted her so badly.
"No ma'am." I said.
"Fine." She held her hands up in surrender.
"We'll be back." I told everyone. Liam winked at me. We reached the ice-cream bar. I tried not to stare at her too much. I didn't want to be obvious.
"Can I be honest?" She asked.
"Sure." I replied.
"You're a horrible flirt." She said straightforward.
I laughed, "I beg your pardon?"
"You heard me, for the 'flirt' of the group you could use a lot more skill or swagger, or whatever."
"Ah, how did you know I was flirting?"
She blushed, "Oh, shut up! Let's order our ice creams already!"
I mimicked her in a higher pitched voice. Then she mimicked my low voice. The more I would mock her, the higher my voice got. The more she would mock me, the lower her voice got. When it got to the point where I sounded like I got hit in the balls, and she was hardly audible, we burst out in laughter.
"Now." She said turning in a straight face. "Is the time of the hardest decision that you will ever make Harry Styles. WHAT FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM WILL YOU CHOOSE?!"
I laughed, "No, I'll get Honeycomb"
She giggled, "I'll get vanilla with crushed Oreos"
As we waited I asked "How did Zayn and Jackie know each other?"
"Their mothers were REALLY close, so Jackie's mom would bring Jackie and Zayn would be there."
"And Zayn would torture her." I added with a slight chuckle.
Just then, our ice creams were ready. I paid, being the stud muffin gentleman I am.
"Have you ever had honeycomb?" I asked.
"No, sounds gross."
"Try it!"
"TRRRRRRRRY!" I bellowed. She jumped instantly embarrassed and humored by my wit.
"Fine! Fine! Just calm down!!" She said. I held out my ice cream for her to lick, and I gently shoved the top on her face. She jumped. I died laughing. She just stood there with a careless expression, slightly laughing along. I was too humored that I didn't notice she pulled down my shorts. She was running, and I was right after her picking up my shorts. As I was on her feet. I tackled her. She still had her ice cream. That was now buried in the sand. When I tackled her, she was beneath me giggling uncontrollably. Then we our laughter died down, I mustered up the courage and said,
"Do you want to catch a movie or something?"

~Jackie's P.O.V.

When I was with the guys, I noticed a familiar girl. She had blonde hair. Bleach blonde hair. It was perfectly straight. She had a cute frame. Even if I'm a girl, I will admit she had good boobs. Her frame was similar to Bells'.
Her laugh was familiar, too! Damn, now this was bothering me.
"Guys, I'll be right back." I told the boys.
"Where are you going? You're not ditching us are you?" Liam said with a pout.
"Of course not! You're One Direction!" I said in a obsessive squealing fan way. They all laughed.
I walked over to the girl and tapped her shoulder. She was really energetic. So much that, when she turned around her hair whipped my eyes.
"Hi!" She piped.
"Um, hey, I'm sorry but do I know you? You look so familiar."
"Well my name is Candice Jones, but everyone calls me Candy."
"Wait. Did you go to school at Leigh Heights Elementary and Middle School?"
"I'm Jackie! Remember me?"
"Maybe, WAIT OH YEAH!"
I laughed, flashbacks of her popped in my head. I loved her obliviousness.
"Girl, you look hot!" She squealed.
"Right back at you! You look amazing!"
"Why, thank you! This is my boyfriend Drew" She said. He looked like a douchebag.
"Hey Drew.." I said awkwardly.
He just stared. Looked me up and down. And licked his lips while Candy wasn't looking.
"Pig." I said under my breath.
"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, BITCH." He boomed. Grabbing everyone's attention.
"Baby, stop," Candy cooed, wrapping her thin arms around his one bulging one. He pushed her off. She went and hit the sand hard.
"What? You gon' stop me or something?" He said inching towards my face.
I felt the boys staring at me. I wasn't backing down.
"First, get your fucking face away from my mine because your breath smells like ass. And second, you don't touch women. Especially my friends."
"Don't be a cunt." He said.
"That's all you got big boy?" I said putting my hand on my hip feeling dominance over him.
"Just leave us alone, bitch."
"Actually dickhead, my name is Jackie. And I will leave YOU alone." I turned over to Candy "Come on girl, you'll have a better time with me and my friends than with that asswipe."
"She's not fucking going with you."
"I wasn't even talking to you!!!" I screamed.
"I'm going with her..." Candy whimpered.
When he went to grab her, I kicked him in his balls and as he bent down, I scurried through my beach tote for my mace. As he got back up I sprayed him.
"I dare you to even think about hurting another woman." As we left him on the ground crying, I heard a few people clap for me, then it turned into a lot of people. I smiled. I felt proud. Candy hugged me.
"Thank you so much, I really appreciate it."
"Anything for my girls, speaking of which do you remember Bella Marcelle from seventh grade?"
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