Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


14. Big Mistake

Harry's P.O.V. 

As I stood on line for some chips, this gorgeous girl turned around and looked me up and down and licked her lips. Wow, she was sexy and hot! I then noticed she had arched her back to emphasize her bum. Wasn't much a difference, but I was flattered. It seemed like this line would never move. I began to walk away, but she gently took my arm and purred,
"Aren't you Harry Styles from One Direction?"
"Why yes, yes I am." 
"That's hot." 
"I guess." I said not sure what to reply with. 
"So, you want to get lost here with me?"
"I'm scared I'll get in trouble with my friends, if I answer." 
She looked over and scoffed. She then leaned in close and growled,
"Trust me. It'll be worth it." 
She lightly pressed her lips onto mine. 
"Alright then." I whispered. 
I looked to see if anyone was watching. Then I saw Bella. Staring at me with big watery eyes. I wasn't sure how to acknowledge her, so I waved awkwardly. Her face scrunched up, she wiped the tears away, and walked away to my friends. I don't why she was being so bloody emotional. I know we flirted a lot. I thought I felt something for her, but I just shrugged it off. 
As we walked I found myself getting more bored by the second. After riding the Goliath, she said,
"I'm thirsty. Let's go get some soda."
As we waited in line she gave me seductive looks and after feeling uncomfortable in her presence, she grabbed me and kissed me roughly. She was literally feeling me up in all the wrong ways. She tangled her fingers in my hair, left scratches on my neck and the kiss was a slobbery mess. I tried to pull away, but she grasped onto my neck tighter pulling me closer. But once she noticed I wasn't kissing back, she eased up and I finally pulled away. 
"Are you completely mad?" I said with a disgusted look on my face.
"You were flirting with me the whole time! Next time don't lead a girl on, you prick." 
And with that, she walked out of the line. 

"Me: 1:47 P.M. 
Where are you?"

I waited for like five minutes.


I then sent out a forward to Jackie, Candy, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Bel-... Just Zayn.

"Me: 1:42 P.M.
Where are you guys?"

"Jackie: 1:44 P.M.
Me and Zayn are at Scream."

"Me: 1:45 P.M.
Oh. Okay. Thanks." 

I didn't want to be third wheel, or to be awkward and ruin precious moments between the two. I started to get annoyed at Liam and Louis for not answering my texts. I then went on rides by myself and then growing annoyed for brushing off that girl. Thinking about the girl made made me think about Bella. Just as I entered my dreamworld, I saw Liam, Louis, and Bella all walking in a line together. Bella looked as if she were smiling at every word that came out his mouth. I waved to them, and Liam's face brightened.
"Hey there Hazzah!"
"Hey Liam."
Bella never made eye contact with me, she just talked to Louis. Oh well. "Where are you guys headed?"
"The Batman." Louis replied.
"May I tag along?" I asked.
"Sure." Liam replied. 
Louis and Bella were in a conversation. Too interested in the topic to reply to me. Whatever. As we walked there was an awkward tension. I looked over and found Bella laughing at a witty remark Louis had said. She found me staring, she gave me an annoyed look, rolled her eyes, and continued with her conversation with Louis. This was fucking annoying. Time to settle this. 
"Liam. Louis. Let me talk to Bella quickly?" I said sharply. 
"Okay?" Louis said confused by the tone in my voice.
As they walked to the nearest Dippin Dots, I looked at her and she was staring straight at me. 
"What the hell is your problem?" I told her a bit on the rude side. 
"'What the hell is MY problem'?! Are you fucking serious? YOU were the one fucking flirting with some slut?"
She was definitely right about her being a slut. 
"Why are you so damn jealous?" I shot back.
"Maybe because of what we had I felt as if I didn't want to lose you?" 
"Bella... We never had anything." I think that was the hardest thing to say and see. 
Her face fell. I could see tears welt up in her eyes.
"Okay." She replied weakly. She walked back and Louis had a concerned look overcome his face. The two walked together with Louis holding her. 
I felt like a ass, but I had to tell her the truth...

~Bella's P.O.V. 

As I walked back, I couldn't hold it in. I started to bawl. It had felt as if he stomped all over my heart. I saw Liam and Louis look at me with deep and sincere sympathy. Louis has come to me and held me closely. I felt so pathetic. 
"Shhh. Please don't cry." He cooed. 
I couldn't stop.
He began to stroke my hair, and I laid my head rest on his chest. After him trying to make me feel better, I picked up my head from his chest. I looked at him. 
He pouted. 
"Don't cry." He said while wiping my tears away with his gentle thumb. 
I managed a smile, rejecting more tears that were about to fall. 
"He's an idiot."
"No I was. For believing I had a chance with him."
"NO!!" He bellowed scaring the crap out of me. Making me laugh.
"He's the idiot for not wanting you." He said with a genuine, lovely smile. 
I hugged him. 
"Thank you, Louis." I said now with a real smile. 
He squeezed me even tighter. 
"No problem, love." 
"Now what!" I said dramatically. 
"NOW... WE CONQUER THE..... BATMAN!!!!" He screamed.
"Let's do this!" I yelled back.
We skipped to the ride like two little children. We swung our hands back and forth. 
I was so thankful he was so nice. 
When then hit the line and we didn't even have to wait that long. 
"Let's go to the front row." I told him.
"You badass." He replied with a smirk. 
I laughed.
Then we got on, and put the shoulder bars on and waited for the final lock. 
"Did you know someone fell off this ride?" I lied to him. 
"What..?" He said his eyes widening.
"Yeah. In this row too." the. The ride started. His eyes were full of anxiety and worry. He grabbed my hand and screamed like a little girl. I couldn't focus on the ride because of how funny Louis had been acting. After the ride Louis had been pale and out of breath. I had to literally pick him up and hold him. 
"I was kidding." I whispered.
He leaned towards me and whispered back, 
"I am going to kill you." 
I burst out in laughter. As we scurried down the stairs, we went to go look at our pictures. 
Louis had been holding my hand so tightly you could see his knuckles were white. I was just laughing. His eyes were wide. And his mouth was shaped into a perfect O. 
"Louis. We NEED to buy this." 
He laughed, "Alright."
As I reached for my wallet he look at me with disapproval.
"No, no." He pulled out his wallet and pulled out a twenty. 
I smiled. "What a gentlemen!"
He smiled showing all of his perfectly straight, white teeth. 
"Lets go on the Goliath!"
"You just want me to soil myself, don't you?" He replied with a pout. 
"What fun would it be if you didn't?" 
As we walked to the Goliath we found Candy and Niall already waiting on line, so we joined them. 
"Candy and Niall!" I yelled.
They both jerked their head towards us. 
"Hey!" Niall exclaimed. 
They left the line and joined us to the back. 
We stood on the line for like fifteen minutes and once we were next my phone buzzed. 

"Candy: 2:37 P.M. 
What happened?"

"Me: 2:37 P.M. 
What do you mean?"

"Candy: 2:37 P.M. 
:/ Bells. I know you. Your eyes are red and your voice cracks at times. I saw Harry too... Is that what's wrong?"

I just looked at my best friend and smiled and nodded. 

"Candy: 2:39 P.M. 
Even though he did what he did I really think he likes you. He's just a guy."

"Me: 2:40 P.M. 

Then it was our turn to go on the ride. I didn't want to think about Harry, but he was always in my mind no matter what he said to me. This was going to be an eventful summer.
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