Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


24. Back Home

Chapter 24

Harry's P.O.V.

Today's the day the lads and I leave to Europe for our tour. I stare at my luggages in dismay. I was excited to see all our fans and perform, but I wish I could take Bella with me, but she's too busy with school, and I don't want her to be distracted. I wouldn't mind being a distraction, and she wouldn't either, I'm sure. 
I picked up my phone and called Bella.
"Hello?" I heard her say.
"Hi babe!"
"So would you and the girls join us for the ride to the airport?" I asked knowing she'd say yes. 
"Um... I can't. I don't know about Jack and Candy but you can call and ask them." She said casually. 
"What?" I choked. 
"Sorry babe." She said sympathetically. 
"What are you- Why can't you- Are you kidding me?! What are you doing that's so important that delays you from saying goodbye to your boyfriend that's leaving for eight fucking months!?"
"My mom needs me to do groceries." 
I took the phone off my ear and stared at it in amazement as if she could see me.
"Please tell me you're kidding, Bella."
"Wish I was." She said monotonously. 
"Fuck this." 
I hung up the phone. 
I heard Zayn arguing with someone in the next room.
"Jackie! Are you kidding?!" He boomed
"But I'm leaving!!!" He continued.
"So much for feeling half without me."
He walked out loudly rolling his luggage out the room and stomping out the house. 
What the hell was up with these girls?! As far as I'm concerned, I didn't do anything wrong.
We drove to the airport and I looked around at my friends. 
Zayn looked angry, Niall was wearing a fake smile, Liam and Louis were unaffected by leaving so they were genuinely excited. The two were thumb wrestling.
Glad they weren't feeling crappy. 
We arrived and were attacked by paparazzi. It was a hassle to go through everything but when we reached the gate they were not allowed past there. We boarded the plane and I sat next to Zayn, and we sat down.
We looked glumly at our phones.

"Bella: 6:43 P.M. 

I ignored the text. I heard the intercom ring,
"This is your captain speaking, at this time we ask for all electronic devices to be turned off. That's including laptops, iPods, phones, and game systems to be turned off, this is necessary for plane usage. Have a great flight."

"Me: 6:47 P.M.
See you in eight months." 

I texted her.

I looked over to Zayn and he had been rubbing a cheek.
"Are you alright?" I asked while putting my seatbelt on.
"I'm fine." He mumbled. 
"Bella did the same thing." I said looking straight forward. 
He turned to me.
I looked to him and nodded.
"She said she had to do groceries." I told him.
"Jackie said she didn't want to waste gas!!" He said in amazement. 
"Are you joking?" I asked skeptically.
"Psh, are you?"
I scoffed. 
As the plane started to depart, I started to try to get excited about going to be on tour. Then I put on my headphones and let Olly Murr's voice drown out all of my thoughts. I was almost fully distracted. I tapped my foot along to the rhythm. I sneaked a glance over at Zayn. He was drawing a little alien in a UFO. A stewardess came over to us and asked,
"Is there anything you handsome gentlemen need?" She said with a wink.
"A pillow and a blanket." I told her politely. 
She stood there with a dumb smile.
"Is there ANYTHING else?" She purred.
"Yeah, actually." Zayn replied with a seductive look on his face.
Her eyes widened in excitement. As did her smile. 
"Better service." He replied his face transforming into a smug grin. "Oh, and animal crackers, while you're at it thank you."
Her face turned scarlet in two seconds. 
"Right away." She said quietly. 
I quietly laughed and gave him a high five. 
He smiled, proud of himself. 
It was a long and tiring flight as we landed there was a slight drizzle. The sky was grey and cloudy.
It felt good to be home. I inhaled deeply and forced a smile. I couldn't be mellow the whole trip.
Our cars had been driven to the airport. I jumped into my car and waved by the boys. They were hopping into their cars as well. 
Louis yelled,
"They said we have to be at the hotel by seven!"
"Alright!" I replied as did the guys.
We all drove off. I started to drive to my mum's house. She didn't know I was coming today. I wanted to surprise her, and later ask her for some motherly advice on Bella.
I drove and I got lost. It had been a while since I've been here. After about forty minutes I reached my old house. I felt all nice and warm.
I knocked on the door.
"Who's there?" I heard her say.
"The mailman." 
She opened the door quickly, probably recognizing my voice.
"Harry!" She cried with tears in her eyes.
I hugged her.
"I've missed you, Mum."
She separated our embrace. She cleaned her eyes up.
"I've missed you so much Harry. It's unbelievable how long it feels you haven't been home."
"I'm sorry."
She smacked my shoulder. 
"No need to be sorry, son! Come in."
I didn't realize how much I had missed my mum.
"Where's Dad?"
"Oh, you know your father. Working hard as always."
I laughed. 
"Guess nothing has changed." I said warmly. 
"You're right. Except with you not around it's too quiet." 
"Mum, I'm not loud."
"But you would talk a lot."
My cheeks reddened. She squeezed them. 
"I need some advice."
"On what?"
"Well, before I ask for advice, I need to tell you something."
"Is everything alright, sweetheart?"
"Yeah! It's a girl."
She rolled her eyes. She knew I was a flirt and that women threw themselves at my feet. 
"No! Mum, she's different!"
"You said that about Tina, Jane, and that other girl... What was her name?"
I sighed, "Jenna."
"Yes! Jenna! You were so sure that she was "THE ONE."
I crossed my arms over my chest growing annoyed with my mother's continuous arrogance. 
"Harry what makes you so sure that this girl is "the one"?"
"It's just her presence makes me smile and it makes me feel at home. And her smile." I sighed. "Don't get me started on that blasted smile."
She smiled at me. 
"Finally." She said exasperated. 
"Finally what?" I asked in confusion. 
"You finally realize what love truly is. Not just for her bloody body." She said.
I stared at her in amazement. She was right. All I ever looked in for a girl was a nice set of boobs and a great, firm bum. 
I mean Bella had an amazing body don't get me wrong but her personality was even more beautiful. I then remembered what happened earlier. 
"No but as I was on my way to the airport, she made up a horrible excuse to not say goodbye to me."
"Well what do you want me to tell you?"
I stared at her in disbelief.
"Maybe give me some motherly advice!"
"Listen son. I don't know why she's done that. And it's not for me to find out either." 
She gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm a bit tired."
"Jet lag?" She figured.
"Well rest, I'll make something for you later."
"Alright, love you mum."
"Love you most."
I walked up to my old room and threw myself on the bed creating a loud thump.
"Harry!" I heard her yell. I forgot how thin the floors were. She'd hate when I'd make loud noises. 
"Sorry!" I yelled back. 
I ran a hand through my hair in frustration. I exhaled deeply, then pulled my comforters over me warming me up from my chilly room.
I slept for quiet a while. 
I had a dream, and odd one at that.
I saw three girls hiding under a blanket. They were all giggling. 
"Shhh!" One said sternly. "They might hear us!" They all kept laughing. 
I was awakened by my phone vibrating on my wooden nightstand, the vibrations kept moving it little by little closer to the edge. Then it fell loudly. 
I shot up and looked for it quickly. Thankfully only the case had cracked. I looked at the time. 
Oh crap.
It was 7:12. I was to be at the hotel at seven. The hotel was like twenty minutes away. They were going to kill. I got up, ran down the stairs, grabbed the sandwiches my mum ha made me, and ran out the door. 
I jumped into the car quickly started it up. I started to drive much faster than I should have been. I finally reached the hotel in about fifteen minutes. I ran out and into the building quickly looking for a receptionist desk, and I saw the boys fully dressed waiting in the lobby. They were sitting on a crimson red sofa talking. I walked over to them in confusion. 
"Thirty minutes late Haz!" Louis exclaimed with a lazy smile. 
"Fashionably." I said with a sarcastic curtsy.
They laughed. 
"Why are you down here?" I asked. 
"Waiting for the car." Liam replied. 
"And you sir, are not properly dressed for tonight's concert." Niall said.
"But not to worry! They will dress you at the concert but they're going to kick your ass for being so late." Louis explained. 
I rolled my eyes. 
We heard a honk, stood up from the fairly comfortable sofa and prepared ourselves from the mob of fans and paparazzi.

Zayn's P.O.V. 

After exiting the building, we heard screams and cries. Several girls held out pictures of us begging us to sign it. We went over to them and signed many pictures. I went over to a ten year old girl that had a cast covering her forearm. She held out a Sharpie and held out her cast.
"Please?" She said.
"Sure." I said giving her a smile. I signed it with a smiley face.
"Thank you so much!" She exclaimed. "Wait!"
I turned around. I think the fact that she had a cast on made me feel obligated to talk to her. 
"I think your girlfriend is really pretty. I'm happy she makes you so happy."
I thought about Jackie and her not wanting to come with us to the airport. 
"Thank you. I'm happy to have her too. What's your name sweetheart?"
"Alice." She said with a broad smile seeming surprised I was growing a conversation with her. 
"Would you take a picture with me?" I asked her. 
"Psh, yeah!" She said excitedly. 
I took a picture of us with my phone. 
"Thank you again."I told her with a genuine smile. I think that's the sweetest thing a fan has ever told me.
"Zayn! C'mon we have to go now!" Niall exclaimed. 
"Alright." I told him as I walked to the limo.
I found myself not getting distracted about Jackie. I missed our fans. I miss performing. I miss the funny posters we'd see in the crowd. Once we arrived I heard the deafening cheers and screams. I missed this, dearly. 
We ran into the stadium and the stylists were already stripping Harry and changing his clothes. The hair stylist brushing a comb through that mess of brown curls. 
"Harry, why must you insist on being so much trouble?" The stylist grumbled. 
"What fun would I be I'd I wasn't?" He said smugly. 
The longer we waited, the more my anticipation grew to go on stage. 
As soon as Harry was ready, Louis asked,
"Ready lads?" 
"More than ever." I replied. 
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