One of a million

Ella and Lauren figure out that anything can happen. And they mean ANYTHING! Like meeting the best boy band ever, One Direction.


1. Just a normal day. Haha nope.

School is starting soon, that means everyone will have new clothes, new shoes, new everything. And guess what I will have new? Nothing. Nothing at all. But I will always be the "weird girl who likes one direction". I have one direction everything! Shirts, sweatpants, bracelets, posters, you name it! But one of the only things I really really want is to meet one direction. I don't care if I just get to say "Hi" I just really want to meet them. But I know that I will always be just one in a million.

"Hey Lauren!!! How was your summer??"Ella asked me, "um okay I guess. I did a lot of fangirling, and crying over one direction. That basically sums it up".
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