things happen

Corleys best friend falls for her then he leaves but she loves him without telling him.


2. It hit me

"Corley, im leaving im moving to the US because of my dads job im leaving in 2 months" he said. It hit me, it hit me hard i started crying and shaking. My best friend was leaving maybe forever.... "Im so sorry corley i truly am just remember that i love you and always will nothing will tare us apart not even this ill come vist you every chanmce i get we can call and text and skype everyday i dont want to move but i have no choocie im so sorry" he said. I burry my head into his chest what was i going to do ? i cant live without Drew i just cant. "Corley are you okay?' he asked was he stupid no im not okay im hurt. "no" i say he picks me up, walks over to the counter and sits me on it, and pulls up my chin. "this is not going to tare us apart i promise we still have 2 months with each other lets make every single moment count" he says brushing my hair behind my ears "i know its not im just afraid, what if something happens..." i say as Drew intturups me "what would happen" he ask his eyes filled with worry... "wha- what if yo- you cheat" i say stuttering he looks at me "oh Corley dont ever think that okay i promise ill never do that to you ill never hurt you i know the pain you have went through in the past im never going to hurt you i love you so much" he said rubbing my cheeks and kissing my forehead "i know i love you so much too" i say smiling and kissing him softly "well i guess i should go now" he says but i didnt want him to leave i wanted him to stay. "no you dont yo- you can sleep here with me for the next 2 months so we never have to be away from eachother" i say a huge smile came across his face i kiss him then run upstairs and hide


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