things happen

Corleys best friend falls for her then he leaves but she loves him without telling him.


1. Before..

"ugh" i say as i slam my locker door shut it was really loud everyone turned around i looked at them and started walking

"Corley is everything okay" my best friend Drew ask "yeah im perfectly fine but i have to go see you later bye" i say walking away from him. Drew and I have been best friends ever since he moved to England when he was 9. I go to my chemistry class it went bye really fast then i went to my car. I got in and drove home i was an only child and my mum was dead it was just my dad and I he was my very best friend i could tell him anything. He wasn't home alot cause he worked 3 jobs just so i could go to school and then college. I get in and do my homework i was a straight A student. I hear my doorbell ring and i yell come in. "Corley?" it was Drew "yeah did you need something?' i ask "no just wanted to come see you, you seemed upset at school" he says he cared so much about me. When i was 14 and had my first real boyfriend broke my heart he came over and held me while a cried. He always stuck up for me and hit boys that didn't treat me right. "oh yeah im fine just doing some homework you can sit down if you would like" i say. He sits across from me and grabs my hands "Drew what are you doing?" i ask while giggling "Corley i like you a lot well matter of fact i love you and have since i was 9" he says my heart just dropped i dont know what to say to that. "Drew dont be silly i love you to as a friend but we cant date it will ruin our friendship" i say "Can we just try please Corley being just a friend isn't working" he says. "I guess we can try i mean we have already kissed so it wont be awkward" i say looking away. He comes up to me and hugs me tightly and kisses my lips. He then gets on facebook and makes his relatiopnship status "in a relationship with Corley Jean" i smiled and hugged him I was so happy, happier than ever.

*2 months later*

Drew and I are still dating. I was home alone when the door swung open it was Drew he runs and hugs me he was crying i dont know why i was afraid to ask. "Corley i love you always remember that please" he says his tears hit my neck i was so confused "I know you do" i say pulling away putting my hands on his cheeks wiping his tears and pecked his lips when i pulled away he told me something that made me cry, cry more then i have in 2 years.....  

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