Poems For The Aching Heart

A poem a week. Topic: Love.
I haven't written a poem in about two years, so hopefully, the quality of them will improve throughout the weeks :P Enjoy!


2. Would You

Would you like me better if I had more swag,

If I flirted and acted like a complete slag?

If I walked and talked like the other girls,

If I dyed my hair and wore pink gloss,

Would you like me better then?


Would you like me better if I was more tanned,

If I wore short skirts would you let me hold your hand?

If everyone were jealous of you and of me,

If I was who everybody wanted to be?

Would you like me better then?


But... would I like you better if I had to change?

If I depended on looks I'd find it quite strange,

If our relationship was based on who's fit

If it'd be wrong to act natural, even a little bit?

Would I like you better?

Would I like you at all? 

The answer I guess would of course be a no.

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