Poems For The Aching Heart

A poem a week. Topic: Love.
I haven't written a poem in about two years, so hopefully, the quality of them will improve throughout the weeks :P Enjoy!


3. A friend's concern

Lazy afternoon, I happen to look your way

For some unknown reason, I just can't look away. 

Maybe it's your smile, or the way that you talk,

Or maybe your dreamy eyes, then I realise with shock,

You're looking right at me!And smiling as well,

But we can't be together, she loves you,can't you tell?


"Mates before dates", and "Bro's before hoe's"

stupid as they sound, I should listen to those.

I know you don't like her, I know it won't work,

But if I ever say "Hi" to you she'll think I'm a jerk.


You wouldn't get it, she's always been my best friend.

We don't do that to each other, I don't want our friendship to end.

Maybe later, in a year or so, 

Maybe she'll move on, and she'll let you go. 





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