my something special

Whitney had waited all her life for something to happen to her. Well something good anyways. When she was 8 her father died in a car crash and after a incident at school she now only had one friend. Now she has decided that she is going to make something happen instead of waiting for life to. Will it be for the better or for the worst?


6. chapter 6 (whitneys P.O.V)

I packed all of my stuff up and texted Natalie if we were still on for tonight Natalie-of course!!!!!remember to bring your laptop so we can watch the big reveal video!!!! me- why can't we just use yours? Natalie-cause i kinda broke mine:( me-how? Natalie- i'll tell you when you get here see you soon!!! i sighed as i grabbed my bag and headed out the door. i didn't understand why she couldn't just tell me over text. I put my stuff in my yellow B.M.W and drove off to Natalie's apartment. when i finally got there i grabbed my stuff and headed over to her door but before i could knock the door flew open and Natalie stood smiling in front of me "aren't you going to ask me how i broke my laptop?" why was this so important??" okay how did you break your laptop?" i said while walking in and setting my stuff on her couch "well i was just holding it and then i dropped when i saw that you were a finalist!!!!!!!!" she said while giving me a huge hug "oh my gosh really??" i said while hugging her back. she nodded and we both started screaming like the little  fangirls we were. when we finally calmed down we put my stuff in her room and grabbed two sleeping bags to bring back to her living room once we were all set up i looked at the time 6:00 they posted the big reveal video at 8:00 so we had two hours to kill i looked over at Natalie and it seemed like she had figured out the same thing so she walked over to where she kept all of her movies "Scary,sad,romantic,or funny?"she called out referencing to which type of movie we should watch  "funny!!!!" i yelled back. she popped in 21 jump street. it was almost over when i noticed the time it was 8:05 "hey you wanna see if they posted the video yet?" i asked "YESSSSS!!!!!!!!" so i logged on to check to see if they had posted the video.

They had.

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