my something special

Whitney had waited all her life for something to happen to her. Well something good anyways. When she was 8 her father died in a car crash and after a incident at school she now only had one friend. Now she has decided that she is going to make something happen instead of waiting for life to. Will it be for the better or for the worst?


5. chapter 5 (Nialls P.O.V.)

As she finished the song i sat there in awe. She was amazing! . Not only was she beautiful but she was a fantastic singer! i grabbed my laptop and ran off to the living room where all the boys were sitting "you guys have to hear this girl she is absolutely great!!" i yelled out maybe a little bit to enthusiastic.They all came to my side and i showed them the video. After the song ended they were all quiet. Liam was the first one to say anything " you're right Niall she is good" i smiled as i watched the others agree but then we heard a knocking at the door i yelled "come in" as the door opened it was Paul "guys i have some good news and some bad news, what do you want to hear first?" he asked as he walked in " lets hear the bad news first" Zayn said as he offered Paul a seat across from us as Paul sat down he told us that the bad news was that management had decided that they were gonna pick the winner instead of us but the good news was that we got to choose the finalists. Paul went on to tell us we all got to choose one finalist and then he asked each of us if we had and favorites that we wanted to become finalists.i told him i wanted this Whitney girl. the rest of the boys agreed and they each picked their favorites. " thanks for being so understanding guys i'll go show these videos to them" Paul said as he left.

Three hours later

We were all sitting and  talking about the contest and our favorites when Paul came back through the door "boys, they picked the winner"

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