my something special

Whitney had waited all her life for something to happen to her. Well something good anyways. When she was 8 her father died in a car crash and after a incident at school she now only had one friend. Now she has decided that she is going to make something happen instead of waiting for life to. Will it be for the better or for the worst?


4. chapter 4 (Nialls P.O.V.)

"Good night San Diego!" we all yelled out before exiting the stage "good show everybody"  Liam said as grabbed a bottle of water "yeah good show everyone" Louis repeated as reached over Liam to grab a bottle of water as well. We all sat in silence for a while just trying to calm down from all that excitement on stage it was. This was one of the few moments of silence we had it was nice while it lasted because at the moment i was about to start talking we were rushed off to signings.

Two hour later

We were finally back at the hotel and we were told by management to try to pick a winner for the contest we were holding on Youtube. Usually management would do this but because we all decided that we wanted to pick a winner because we wanted to have some say in our contest they agreed but told us it would take a while. I thought of this while I grabbed some chips, a sandwich, and some oreos and i got setteled on the couch next to harry who had the laptop we would all be watching the videos on. we started off by watching the top rated videos. They were all pretty good. After a while i decided that i wanted to watch some videos on my own i told the boys then i went to my room to grab my laptop as i watched a couple of the videos i saw one that had been submitted last minute. i scrolled over to it and clicked on. All of a sudden the most beautiful girl i had ever seen popped up on my screen. She explained a little bit about herself saying her name was Whitney she was 18 and she would be singing a song called Scars by Allison Iraheta

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