my something special

Whitney had waited all her life for something to happen to her. Well something good anyways. When she was 8 her father died in a car crash and after a incident at school she now only had one friend. Now she has decided that she is going to make something happen instead of waiting for life to. Will it be for the better or for the worst?


3. chapter 3 (whitneys P.O.V)

I finally finished my video up after doing at least 9 takes. It was as close to perfect as it was going to get then i looked at the time it was 11:57! i 3 minutes to get this sent in and i had like at least 5 minutes worth of reading the terms and agreements  to do ( yes I read those thing i read like everything) i was half way into reading it when i looked at the clock it was 11:59! i knew i couldn't finish in time so i finally just clicked the little check box saying i read the terms and agreements even though it went against everything i stood for. I did it just in time to because the minute i sent it in it the clock turned to twelve it was like a Cinderella moment or something. I was finally done i turned on everything about you and had my own little celebration dance party before my mom came in and got made at me for blasting my music so late at night i apologized and told her i would go to bed which i kinda of lied about because the minute she left i dove for my phone on my bed and texted Natalie - i finally sent it in!!!! she texted back almost immediately -yay!!! okay sleepover at my house tomorrow so we can see you win the contest together!!!! she was so supportive i texted her back saying don't you mean we can hopefully see me win,she answered back -no i mean see you win see you tomorrow nite:)  I texted back saying goodnight and i went to sleep.

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