my something special

Whitney had waited all her life for something to happen to her. Well something good anyways. When she was 8 her father died in a car crash and after a incident at school she now only had one friend. Now she has decided that she is going to make something happen instead of waiting for life to. Will it be for the better or for the worst?


2. chapter 2 (whitneys P.O.V)

                                                                               Two days later

I had finally decided on Scars by Allison Iraheta. I also decided to look into the contest a bit more, turns out that the winner would get to open up for one direction at their first concert on their tour. Wow that would be sooooo amazing!!!  i mean i could possibly get discovered. Just the thought of that made me so excited! no i cant be excited because of two things, one i haven't won yet and two i probably wasn't  going to win. While i was looking at some of the contest rules i came across some of the contest entrees. The people who were auditioning were extremely good, some of them had years of vocal coaching and singing lessons. i didn't have any of that . Yes i had been complemented on my voice before but i have also had people tell me that i try to hard when i sing. By this i assume they mean i get to into the song and the lyrics. That is pretty much why i didn't sing in front of people that often. I guess i was to deep in thought to notice that my phone had been ringing  for a while, my ringtone was Niall's solo in moments, he was my favorite member in one direction not that he was better than the rest of them or anything its just because whenever he sang into the camera it seemed like he was singing to me. Anyways it was Natalie calling to remind me to post the video of me singing soon because the contest ended soon so i sat down in front of my computer and got to work.

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