my something special

Whitney had waited all her life for something to happen to her. Well something good anyways. When she was 8 her father died in a car crash and after a incident at school she now only had one friend. Now she has decided that she is going to make something happen instead of waiting for life to. Will it be for the better or for the worst?


13. chapter 13 (whitneys P.O.V)

"you'll never guess what just happened to me!"Natalie exclaimed excitedly "what?!" i said equally excited "okay so while you were talking to Niall, Harry came over and started talking to me and we hit it off!!" her smile was huge" oh my gosh that's great are you guys going to do on a dat-" "you didn't let me finish!" i laughed and apologized and she continued"okay before you ever so rudely interrupted me, i was going to tell you that Harry invited us to their next concert and gave us two front row seats! i guess i should have said you'll never guess what happened to us!" she went on about how  great Harry was when i started texting Niall saying i was sorry about Natalie and just kind of talking when Nat got mad at me and made me stop texting him. After what seemed like forever Natalie finished talking and we walked over to the boys. they asked us if we wanted to go inside we agreed. As walked in to the lobby i didn't realize how big this hotel would be. I mean this place was huge. As we walked in the first thing i noticed was the beautiful big arrangement of flowers. i guess there was like a theme or something cause all the flowers were a different shade of red. The next thing i noticed was all the beautiful artwork. There was one piece that was made all out of pasta! it was strange but it kinda worked. i guess. i looked over at Niall and he was staring at me. i smiled" hey do you like saltwater taffy?"he asked as we continued walking " oh yeah it my favorite!" i said." well the have a big bowl of it at the front desk if you want to go and get some"sure!" we walked over to the front desk and sure enough their was a bowl of saltwater taffy. And there was no one at the counter... A smile grew on mine and Nial's face as he noticed the same thing. Our slow walked turned into a speed walk as we tried to get to the front desk before anyone saw us. i grabbed about three pieces o f the taffy. at first i thought i was being bad but when i turned to Niall i saw that he had to handfuls and some stuffed into his pockets i giggled as he came over to me" hey can i borrow your purse real quick?" i laughed as he grabbed it and stuffed the remaining taffy into my purse as well at candy in both of his hands. he came back over to me and handed me back my purse. We both started cracking up but then Niall turned around and saw that someone was started walking over to the front desk and was looking at the empty bowl.i guess Niall and i thought the exact same thing because he grabbed my hand we and we both started running towards the elevator which Nat and Harry were both in and the moment we got there the doors closed. i looked over at Niall "we have to find the stairs!" i whisper/yelled. he nodded and grabbed my hand again and we ran towards the stairs

Six flights of stairs later

I was gasping for air was reached the top of that flight of stairs. Okay i was not in the best of shape so running up six flights of stair wasn't very easy for me to do" which floor did you say you were on?" i said breathless " we are on the 12th floor" he answered "Niall i think i need to take a break i'm not very good at the whole ' being chased by an angry hotel manager' thing" he laughed and smiled as he walked over to me" why don't we just take the elevator on this floor" i laughed and smiled back about to say it was okay i could stick it out the rest of the way  when i realized that my legs were super sore"okay that's probably a good idea my legs really hurt" then out of no where Niall swooped me up in to his arms "Niall put me down i'm to heavy for you to carry" i whined as he walked me over to the elevator '' are not! anyways i have to carry you!" "and why is that?" "because no one as beautiful as you should be in pain" i blushed as we finally got into the elevator and he set me down. we both stood in silence for a while when Niall came very close to me and put his hands on my waist "i really like you Whitney" oh my gosh did he just say what i think he said" i really like you too Niall" i smiled as he leaned in slowly as he placed his lips on mine.

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