Falling In Love

Delanie Andrews and her best friend Skye Evans are going to London for a month to spend with Skye's aunt. On their first day there they spot 5 cute boys who turn out to be One Direction one of Skye's favorite bands. They all grow closer and become close friends. Delanie starts to have feelings for Harry but there is still something there that she feels for Niall, her closest friend in the group.


8. We Need To Talk

Delanie's P.O.V. 

My eyes fluttered open to the sun flowing through the thin curtain covering the window behind the couch. I was still cuddled up to Harry like i had been when I fell asleep last night. I moved my head just slightly on Harry's chest to listen to his steady heart beat. I listened to his deep breathing and the sound of his heart for a long few seconds. I heard his breathing hitch and glanced up at his face to see his eyes blinking open and getting used to the light. He looked down at me in the eyes and smiled. Slowly, Harry leaned down and placed a tender kiss on my lips. I felt him smile against my lips making me silently laugh and smile back. Harry stood up placing one arm underneath my knees and the other arm around my upper back. Swiftly, he lifted me off the couch wedding style. I through my head back and let out a loud laugh. Harry walked with me in his arms to the kitchen and placed me on a stool. He pulled out the one next to mine and leaned in so his breath was tickling my neck.

"How did you sleep?" He asked in a hushed whisper, probably not wanting to wake Skye.

I smiled and replied, "Better than ever." I winked at the end causing u both to laugh.

"I better check my messages and see what the boys have said." Harry said while walking to his jacket that was slung over the side of the couch.

"Good idea! You wouldn't want to have to be stuck with us for the rest of your life!" I teased and smiled.

"Actually that sounds great!" He said jokingly, "Why don't I just get rid of this then." He laughed and tossed his phone at me. I caught it at the last second cupped between both of my hands. I read who the messages were from aloud to myself and Harry.

"Hmmm... 2 messages from Louis, 1 from Niall, 1 from Paul and... what. 1 message from Tom Fucking Daley?" I immediately opened Tom's excited to see how Harry knew my favorite Olympic diver. "Tom says: Do you and the lads want to meet up for lunch today?

Harry laughed at my over excitement, "Hmmm... you like Tom Daley?"

"Are. You. Kidding?" I said oosing with enthusiasm, "He is soo tallented and maybe... EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE!"

"Well I was going to invite you and Skye to lunch with us but I don't want to have to compete with someone for you..." He said dripping with sarcasm.

"I guess I will just have to text him back saying you're inviting 2 friends then..." I said with a malicious smile one my face. I unlocked Harry's iPhone and started to reply "Sounds great! Mind if I bring company?" I immediately sent it. "Sent!" I smiled at Harry. Harry turned towards me and I turned the opposite direction holding out his phone so he couldn't get it. He wrapped me in a hug from behind reaching for his phone. 

"Phone! Phone!" He said while laughing.

"Am I interrupting?" Skye questioned.

I laughed and Harry unwrapped from me accepting defeat. "I was just making sure we had plans for lunch today... Were going with the boys and..." I teased.

"And...?" Skye questioned in response.

"Tom. Daley." Skye's eyes widened and i could see her holding back a scream. At that she sprinted back to the room. Screaming about needing to get ready.

I checked the other messages on Harry's phone starting with Niall. Just thinking of him brought a small smile to my face. 

"We need to talk. That's what Niall said? What do you think it's about?" I asked Harry.

Harry's P.O.V.

"We need to talk. That's what Niall said? What do you think it's about?" Delanie's cute American accent hung in the air. My breathing hitched as I realized what he wanted to talk about. Delanie.

I knew Niall had a thing for her but I wasn't sure how much he liked her. I was falling head over heals for Delanie and I would just have to tell Niall. We would get through this. I mean when have Niall and I ever stayed mad at each other for more than an hour? Niall was like my younger brother even though he was older than me by a few months.

"Louis just said: What time do you think you will be back. and Having too much fun with Delanie to text me back? ;) xx" Delanie read the messages blushing at the end. "And lastly, Paul said: You boys have the next 2 days off then back to the studio." I smiled. 2 days with no work, just hanging out with the boys... and Delanie. She tossed my phone back to me. I felt it buzz in my hands as soon as it landed. 

"1 new message from Tom!" I teased. Delanie perked up with excitement. "He said: Can't wait to meet them! See you around 12:30?" I replied back a quick sounds good and smiled at Delanie. She smiled back her gorgeous smile that lit up her eyes making them even brighter.

"Wait... 12:30!? I have to get ready!" I checked the clock reading 10:30 as I was pulled by the wrist to the bedroom by Delanie. "You need to help me decide on an outfit!"

I laughed and nodded seeing Skye applying light makeup in the wash room. "Let's leave around 11:30 so we can go back to my flat and I can get ready?" I smiled knowing an hour would be plenty of time.

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