Falling In Love

Delanie Andrews and her best friend Skye Evans are going to London for a month to spend with Skye's aunt. On their first day there they spot 5 cute boys who turn out to be One Direction one of Skye's favorite bands. They all grow closer and become close friends. Delanie starts to have feelings for Harry but there is still something there that she feels for Niall, her closest friend in the group.


9. Stunning

Delanie's P.O.V

I laid out my outfit Harry helped me choose. It was a white sheer long sleeved cuffed shirt with cheetah print on the cuffs, collar and buttons. I wore it tucked into red pants with a black bralette underneath and a black blazer over it. I took my hair out of its messy braid from last night and left it wavy down my back. I put on a black fedora and slipped my feet into my black wedge boots. I opened the door to where I made Harry wait while I changed to get his approval.

"Stunning." He said with a smile and a sparkle in his beautiful eyes.

"Thank you," I said turning my now red face to the floor. "Let me just touch up my makeup then we can head out." I walked into my room grabbing my makeup pouch from my suitcase on the floor. I walked out of the room straight across the long hallway to the bathroom where Skye had finished applying makeup and changing.

"I will wait with Harry by the door! Hurry we dont want to be late!" Skye said obviously excited. She had loved Tom Daley since he was first in the Olympics. She wouldn't dare miss a chance to meet him. I admired her cute blue shirt with lace covering the back and a tie infront, her long dirty blonde hair pulled over her right shoulder and her adorable white jeans. She had a dark blue coat draped over her arm and a black scarf around her neck. Her outfit was perfect as usual. She skipped out of the bathroom and down the hallway to wait with Harry. I quickly applied my powder all over my face, a quick swish of blush on my cheek bones, a dab of bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and lastly a tiny bit of mascara on my eyelashes. I fixed my hair and hat to be perfect and gave myself the last overall check. I brushed my teeth and swished some mouthwash in my mouth then went to the door to leave. I grabbed my purse off the coat hanger next to the door which had my phone and wallet in it. I turned to Harry and Skye as if to say 'Are we going?'

"Alright were off!" Harry spoke softly in his deep husky voice.

"Yay!" Skye exclaimed as she was throwing on her coat.

"How far's your flat from here?" I asked Harry.

"10 minutes I'd say." Harry answered cooly.

We all sat in the car listening to Harry's phone. His music was exactly my taste and I enjoyed listening to him sing along every once in a while. I sat up front next to him and Skye sat happily in the back just knowing she was going to meet Tom made her ecstatic. The rest of the car ride was the same just listening to music. Every once in a while I would catch myself steeling glances at Harry. When I noticed I would quickly turn away because I couldn't tell when he noticed because he was wearing sunglasses. They looked amazing on him might I add. The boxy frames of his Ray Bans fit his face wonderfully.

"This is it." Harry announced breaking the silence and pointing at the tall apartment building our car was infront of. I was nice and tall with light brown on the outside and almost all of the rooms lit up. A doorman stood in the doorway helping people in and out or hauling taxis for people leaving. We pulled up right infront for another man with a cute chauffer outfit on, probably the valet. I opened the door and let Harry lead us up the steps and through the entrance nodding at the doorman who opened the door and sang 'Afternoon Mr. Styles, sir.' He lead us to the elevators and pushed the button with an arrow pointing up making it's white dull color light up to more of a yellow bright glowing shade. Once inside the metall elevator he pushed the button for level 23.

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