Falling In Love

Delanie Andrews and her best friend Skye Evans are going to London for a month to spend with Skye's aunt. On their first day there they spot 5 cute boys who turn out to be One Direction one of Skye's favorite bands. They all grow closer and become close friends. Delanie starts to have feelings for Harry but there is still something there that she feels for Niall, her closest friend in the group.


6. Just Me.

Delanie's P.O.V.

Harry slammed the door closed before any more warm air could be replaced with the frozen air outside. He awkwardly smiled but his eyes seemed worried. I saw him reach in his pocket for his phone dialing a number. I heard the ringing and a muffled 'ello' from the other end that sounded a bit like Liam.

"Can you tell the other lads I won't be able to make it back tonight?....Well it's snowing pretty hard outside and I don't think I will be able to drive in this weather...I can call you when it clears up...Yes I invited them!....Okay I'll see you at the latest tomorrow....Bye Liam." Harry hung up the phone and placed it back in his pocket. He moved his right hand up to the back of his head and started playing with his curls. "Erm... is it okay if I stay for a little while?" Harry choked.

"Totally! My Aunt won't be back until Monday. I can make you a bed on the couch hold on!" Skye said as she headed down the hall. She returned with a package full of bedding and a pillow. Harry offered to help but she politely turned him down. After his bed was set upon the couch we hung out in the kitchen for a little bit. 

"Would you like anything to eat, Harry?" Skye looked up at him.

"I'm good thanks," he smiled back.

"Suit yourself!" Skye replied. Harry turned his head to look at me. Those green eyes looking into mine. I saw him glance at my lips and bite the inside of his own. I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but why? I wasn't a supermodel he could easily get or some famous actress. I was just me. Obviously, he didn't like me like that. I was probably just imagining it, because a cute boy liking me was much too hard to believe.

Harry's P.O.V.

She had no idea the urge I had to kiss her. I couldn't do it though. I was about to lean in when Skye sat down on the other side of Delanie. Instantly I moved my gaze to the clock on the wall beside the refrigerator.

"Almost 21:00?" I said shocked. "No wonder I feel a bit sleepy." I rubbed my eyes and yawned as to signal how actually tired I was. Delanie let out a small yawn right after mine and smiled.

"Yeah I'm still pretty jet lagged as it is, I think it's time for bed!" Delanie exclaimed. Skye cleared the kitchen leaving it spotless unlike my flat with the boys.

"Harry, if you need to wash up or anything the wash room is across from our room down that hallway there. Its hard to miss!" Skye said through a yawn. " Oh, and my aunt's fiance left some clothes here if you'd like to borrow them?"

"Sounds lovely!" I said gratiously.

I walked into the open room with a large sofa in the middle and 2 love seats on either side. It was brown with white drapes over each window. A small coffee table was placed in front of the sofa with magazines and a candle placed on top of it. The sofa was set up with a white sheet covering most of the couch and a blanket folded in the middle. A nice bed pillow was next to the folded blanket. I walked to the wash room hearing mumbling from inside Delanie and Skye's room. I quickly washed my face and hands accidentally splashing water all over my shirt. I removed my now wet v-neck black shirt and hung it on a towel rack to dry.

I walked back to the couch where a stack of folded clothes were now placed. I threw on the sweat pants that were laid out and placed the rest of the clothes on the coffee table. I unfolded the blanket, laid it on top of me and placed the pillow under my head. I quickly drifted off to sleep.

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