Falling In Love

Delanie Andrews and her best friend Skye Evans are going to London for a month to spend with Skye's aunt. On their first day there they spot 5 cute boys who turn out to be One Direction one of Skye's favorite bands. They all grow closer and become close friends. Delanie starts to have feelings for Harry but there is still something there that she feels for Niall, her closest friend in the group.


3. Are You One Direction?

Delanie's P.O.V.

We got off and saw a nice little diner which looked like a lovely place to eat. I ordered pasta with butter and Skye ordered a simple caesar salad. I glanced at my phone to check the time and any messges. I had no messages but the time was 1:30 <x-apple-data-detectors://3> . After lunch we decided to walk in the park. We saw the group of boys we spotted earlier and looked at eachother. "Oh. My. God. It's them!" she squeaked. "Oooh let's go talk to them!" I replied. "Do you not know who they are?" she said in disbelief. "Erm...no?" They looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "That's one direction!" she said in a whisper. "Ohh that's why they looked familiar! The boys from all the posters on your walls!" I said quietly, "they sure are cute and tallented." "Can we please talk to them and get a picture!?!?" she grabbed my arm. 'As if I had a choice' I thought. "sounds fun." I told her. "YAY!" she squealed. We walked over and Skye said "Are you guys one direction...?" already knowing the answer. "In fact we are" a tall straight brown haired boy in the middle with chocolate brown eyes and a cute birthmark on his neck spoke first. "I'm Liam" he smiled. "Im Niall!" a cute blonde haired boy with an Irish accent and the most outstanding eyes I have ever seen said, "And this is Harry," Harry had curly brown hair and small pretty eyes. He smiled awkwardly and said in a deep voice "nice to meet you" Niall kept going, "this is Louis" Louis raised an eyebrow above his cute blue-green eyes and said "please don't tell me you like carrots too..." he gave a cheeky smile and laughed like the rest of the boys. Niall kept up with his introducing, "and lastly this is zayn!" Zayn waved a hand and smiled. I couldve swore he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. His chocolate brown eyes could melt your heart with one look. He looked mysterious yet sweet. I could see why every girl loves them they're all adorable especially niall. He had the most adorable laugh and smile. When he looked at me the first time my voice stuck in my throat and luckily I only had to wave. "It's nice to meet you!" Skye said with the largest smile I've ever seen. "You too!" they all chorused. "So what are your names?" harry chuckled. "Oh...Erm...I'm Delanie and this is Skye!" I said hurriedly. Why was I so nervous? I am never nervous infront if boys! Maybe it's how Niall is looking at me with those to die for eyes and Harry smiling that cute yet awkward smile. "What are you ladies doing today?" Louis asked. "Exploring!" smiled Skye. "Sounds like fun! Can we join?" Harry asked. "Will there be food?" Niall joked. Everyone laughed and I nodded. "Sure we can get stuff while we're around!" I smiled. Did one direction really just ask us to hang out with them? Or are they just being nice? I bet they will just forget about us tomorrow but we can enjoy it while it lasts.

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