Dragon Lore

Lorelei wakes up one day to find she has turned into a dragon! But the story goes much deeper than that. Much, much deeper. Lorelei must overcome her fears and own wants to prevent the dark shadow known as Bhaal from causing another great war between the humans and dragons. Follow her as she grows stronger and learns about herself in this epic adventure of a lifetime.

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2. In which the truth is discovered.

          The day was like any other.

         She boarded the plane alone, nervous as ever. Her father waved to her and she felt butterflies as she smiled at him through the window of the terminal, rubbing the small crystal orb that hung around her neck. She always found it comforting when she was nervous, and she swore it grew warmer, as if reminding her everything was alright.

         Her father had always brought her right to the gate to help ease her nervousness. It was nice, but soon she would have to go alone. She was already fourteen after all.

         “Now boarding American Airlines flight 77 to Los Angeles,” a female voice said over the speakers. She felt another wave of unease, but quashed it.

         “Don’t worry, it’s only for a week,” her dad had told her. “Call me when you get there. Uncle Reggie and Aunt Lila will be happy to see you again.

         She always spent seven days in LA with her aunt and uncle when Autumn came around. This was nothing new. Her dad would take her out of school for a week so he could go on his yearly week-long convention for the Truck Drivers of America. She wasn’t sure how he could stay at a convention for truck drivers for a week, but he always went. She enjoyed the vacation, and he enjoyed the...well trucks.

         He gave her a big hug and slipped a Cadbury Egg in her backpack side pocket. The intense amount of sweet and cream seemed to relax her. Plus, they were her favorite. What was even better is that he could get them when it wasn’t even Easter. She smiled a little at the thought and headed on to board the plane.

         “We will be slightly delayed,” came the lady on the loudspeaker again. “Just two planes ahead of us. We should depart at 8:20 instead of the scheduled 8:10.”

         A few groans followed. She turned around in her seat and found some hurried businessmen forced into coach class. She held back a giggle at their ties and fancy suits.

         As the plane turned to the runway, she took one last glance at the terminal and spotted her dad’s figure behind the giant glass window. She smiled and waved even though she knew he couldn’t see her.

         “Thank you for flying American Airlines. Safety brochures are available in the pockets in front of you. Please take a few minutes to read them. Exits are located in the front, rear, and central area of the plane.” The lady continued, but Lorelei stopped paying attention. Instead she watched as the plane sped up and the pavement turned into a gray blur.

         She watched the ground shrink through the window as they finally hit the air. She had always loved watching how fast it shrank. The houses looked like models and the cars like ants.

         “Please remain seated until the captain turns off the seat belt sign, and thank you for choosing American Airlines!”

         The hum of the engines was strangely relaxing. She lay back in her seat and pulled out the Cadbury Egg and began to unwrap it.

         She heard a few murmurs in the back but ignored them. People talked all the time. But, the murmurs started getting a little louder, she blinked and turned around.

         She heard snatches of “wrong route” and “why?” She looked out the window to see they were still over Washington D.C. Shouldn’t they be above the clouds by now?

         The seatbelt sign was still on. She hoped the captain would say something, but no announcement came.

         Something leaped in her stomach. Out the window she spotted some monuments that she’d known since she was five.

         You can’t fly a plane over those, she thought.

         A circular building came into view. Her heart leaped and she swallowed, nearly choking on the chocolate shell of her Egg.

         A sudden blast of heat. Then darkness.


         She felt her eyes moisten as the memory flooded back to her. She felt weak, too weak to stand. Her brain seemed to be floating out of her head.

         She fell to the cold floor with a thump, her legs no longer wishing to hold her. She let out a cry that was between a gasp for air and a wail.

         “You were given this chance,” the figure said, still barely visible in the flickering light. “This second chance is a chance at life.

         “But...why this? Why...this way...?” she cried, her voice echoing off the polished stone walls.

         “You have the blood of dragons in you, even when you were human. That is the only way you could have done this.”

         “I’m a descendant of a dragon? How is that even possible?”

         “Patience. I’ll explain,” his soothing voice becoming perturbed. “Every millennium, a human is born with a trace of dragon on their DNA. The exact process of this happening is an ancient secret that you don’t really need to know now.”

         His tone was a bit calmer now, but he sounded like he was explaining something to a child that asks too many questions. “I was the previous one. However, my transformation wasn’t complete as I tried to force the change myself. Unfortunately, it was far too early and my body wasn’t ready for the metamorphosis.”

         She squinted to try and get a better look at his body, but the darkness would not allow it.

         “The duty of dragons are yet unknown. Legends say that they are supposed to bring a new age with them. Others say they are to restore the King Crystal to its former glory. I’m sure there was a proper ceremony to receive this special messenger, but I have lost it all.” He sounded quite angry with himself. “So, now all I know how to do is call the next to take my place.”

         “So, I’m s’posed to take your place in something you don’t know anything about?”

         He sniffed. “Yes.”

         “This is ridiculous! I died to come to this? If this is heaven, I’ll take hell any day.” She stood up slowly, glaring at the wall where her name was carved. Anger welled up within her and she let out a roar she didn’t know she had in her. “This is so stupid!” In her anger, she raked her claws across the granite. The loud scraping noise made the other figure cringe, but she didn’t care. She simply turned and left.

         The only reason this had happened was that she had died. How could she have been so stupid? Why did she have to die? There was so much more she needed to do with her life! She stormed down the hallway, her necklace glowing slightly as if a reflection of her rage.

         The large room ahead had glaring lights on once again. She let out a belting roar that shook the walls and paced around in circles like a lion lacking a kill. If there was something to destroy in the room, it would have been in pieces right now.

          “How could this’ve happened? I was supposed to graduate high school and then go to a really good college. I had everything planned out! I had everything lined up! Why the hell did the world do this to me? Why me?”

         She paced around, tears running down her scaly cheeks. For the first time she noticed the bright colored scales she possessed. They were an odd shade of white with a tint of blue in them. She had never seen a dragon with that colored before even in her fantasy novels. She looked like someone had drenched her in bleach and thrown her in the spin cycle.

         The other occupant of the cave was nowhere to be seen. However, his voice came booming from whatever location he was hidden.

         “This was only possible through your death,” he said. “Without it, your soul could not make the transformation.”

         “Oh would you stop being so freaking mysterious and show yourself already, you asshat?” she snapped.

         “Very well, but I warn you, I am not a pretty sight.”

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