Dragon Lore

Lorelei wakes up one day to find she has turned into a dragon! But the story goes much deeper than that. Much, much deeper. Lorelei must overcome her fears and own wants to prevent the dark shadow known as Bhaal from causing another great war between the humans and dragons. Follow her as she grows stronger and learns about herself in this epic adventure of a lifetime.

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3. In which Aldesh decides.

          An icy wind crept through the cracks in the stone, much to Aldesh’s dismay. He groaned and rolled over, hoping to escape the cold tendril that had interrupted his sleep.

         Satisfied that the problem had been solved, he yawned and attempted to slip back into slumber. However, as if it had a mind of its own, the tiny stream of wind returned, seemingly with a vengeance.

         Aldesh groaned, kicking the wall with his hind foot.

         “Blasted wind!” he hissed.

         Rolling over once again to escape the chill tentacle of air, he failed to see the corner of a happy little stalagmite. A sharp pain shot through his skull as it made contact with the hard stone.

         “Blasted stone!” he growled, agitated now.

         He rubbed his head with a scowl of pain across his reptilian lips. It was almost morning and he wanted to get a few more minutes of sleep in before the sun blasted its way through the cave entrance. With a grumble, he rolled back over and shut his eyes.

         Unbeknownst to the unfortunate dragon, the action of his skull cracking against the stalagmite caused another on the ceiling to come slightly loose. The thousand-year-old stalactite cracked softly in protest. The stone tried to keep its grip, but alas, it could hold no more. Breaking apart into smaller pieces, it fell to the floor...

         ...right on top of Aldesh’s head.

         This was it. He could take no more. Jumping up, he let out a roar that shook the cave walls.

         “Blasted son of a cockatrice, you damn dirty cave!” he bellowed, kicking the walls with a force strong enough to create a decent sized hole. “Can I not get any sleep?! Blasted weather! Blasted stone! Blasted...blast!”

         Another roar exploded from his lungs and he stumbled out of the cave in a blind rage, forgetting there was a step down. He tripped and rolled over himself, crashing into a snow bank with a plump! In his anger, he let out another roar, but it was muffled by the density of the snow. He grumbled and thrashed about.

         Two observing dragons, female in gender, peered down at the spectacle.

         “Aldesh, having a bad morning again?” one said.

         “Appears that way,” the second replied.


         “This meeting will now come to order. Bromor, will you read the Creed?”

         “Dragons of Highland Slopes Creed,” Bromor read. He cleared his throat and continued. “Protectors of nature, protectors of tradition, we shall never disobey the Highland promise, and commit ourselves to doing our duty, that is, finding the next Rishata Malgonei (or ‘chosen one’) to restore the power to the Ethereal Crystal and light the way for dragons and humans to be reunited in this world.”

         “And my name is Holgatha the Great, conqueror of the lands of Junitethar,” came the whispered voice of an audience member.

         “Please do not interrupt when the creed is being recited!” The great crimson dragon slammed his foreclaw on the stone table in front of him in annoyance. “Now, this meeting will come to order. First order of business: the nesting area needs to be cleaned out more regularly. Who is in charge of that?”

         “Loren is, sir!”

         “Where is Loren, and why has he not been doing his duty as part of his initiation process?”

         “He was chased out by the guard goose, sir!”

         A chuckle rippled through the meeting hall.

         “The proper term is cockatrice. Is there no way to fix this?”

         “I don’t think nursery attendant Grimat has been feeding it well.”


         “’Ey not my fault. We done run outta feed,” Grimat replied, standing up. “The cold season’s takin’ its toll.”

         “I can try to organize a special winter hunting party,” a younger dragon added, standing up. “I know a bit about searching to hibernating animals like bears and rabbits.”

         “Very well, Jiaconde, see that gets done. Next order of business...”

         A crash sounded from the back of the room and a growl of annoyance followed, further followed by a tired looking, slightly blue Aldesh,

         “Aldesh, where have you been? You know these meetings start right after sunrise. You have been a member for over 1,500 years and you still don’t know that?”

         “My apologies, Felstam,” Aldesh replied. “I ran into some...trouble this morning.”

         “Yes, I know. The whole north side of Garner’s Peak knows.”

         Aldesh grumbled another apology and took a seat in the back amid the chuckles of his fellow clan members. Today was just another one of those days.


         “I really don’t understand why we’re still looking for the blasted Rishata Malgonei,” Aldesh grumbled. The meeting had just concluded with no progress on their main mission as usual. “It’s been over two millennia and not a single peep of anything from anywhere. I don’t think we have another Rishata.”

         “Well you know Bromor and Felstam are creatures of habit. They’ve been the heads of the society for over five thousand years.”

         “I know, Juniper, but doesn’t it seem like a waste of resources?”

         The female dragon glanced at Aldesh. “What more is there to do? Humans and dragons have lived apart for more than how long we’ve been searching. Dragons now serve no purpose but to live on in legends and stories of humankind.” She looked at the sky as a snowflake hit her snout. “We no longer need each other.”

         Aldesh sighed. There must be something he can do. He was sick of waiting, and two thousand years is long enough to wait.

         “I’m going to find him.”

         Juniper looked at him and blinked. “Find who?”

         “Going to find the Rishata.”

         “Are you crazy? He could be anywhere! If a human sees you, there’s no telling what can happen!”

         “Humans can’t see us because of our shields, but if a human sees the Rishata, there’s no telling what can happen either. If one exists, it’s already a dragon.”

         “But, Aldesh...”

         “I’ve made up my mind, June. You can’t stop me now,” Aldesh replied, stoic.

         “Alright, but please do be careful.”

         “Stop worrying. I’ve got sixteen hundred years under my scales.”

         “Sixteen hundred years of what? Wrinkles?” she giggled.

         Aldesh groaned, but then smiled. He was happy to have his twin’s support.


         He thought it better to set out at night, as it was forbidden to leave the mountains during the day for those dragons not in special hunting committees. He grinned with anticipation. It had been nearly five hundred years since he last left the hold.

         He wondered what the world would be like after so long. If what he remembered was correctly, human time moved much faster than dragon time. The last human habitation he remembered was very poorly made, except for the big stone ones with fancy people inside.

         The smell was the thing that struck him the most. The smell of feces and dirt permeated his memory and made him regret his decision. But he knew he had to do it - no one else would.

         He wasn’t the most experienced of dragons, but he had more than most. The last time he was out in the human world was the last expedition the Highland cult had sent out to search for the Rishata. It was his second adventure, and once again they came back empty-handed. Since then, no dragons had left the hold. Most had given up on finding the Rishata, but Aldesh had always hoped.

         Dragons and humans had always been enemies since he could remember. Stories of them working together came from before his time - from the first Rishata. Since then, he had never heard of humans and dragons getting along.

         He wondered what the world would be like if they were united again. Chaos? Peace? Strife? Joy? He pondered this as the sun set. The world was so big. How would he find the Rishata?

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