I See It...

This my entry for the poetry competition, please like, fave and comment :) Thanks!


1. I see..

I see it in your eyes,

Contempt, pain, the hurt you hold inside.

I touch the scars on your body,

on your soul.


The ones I know I've caused,

You back away,

and I'm filled with dismay.


Tears fill my eyes as I think of all that has been lost.

"You promised." You say to me. 

I hear those words and they cut deep.

I want to fall to my knees and cry, just weep.


But I don't, I stay strong,

even with all this wrong.


I can't move, can't breath.

I know I've already lost you, you're already gone.

And now I'm a mess.


I see it, in the way you walk away,

you're fighting a secret war inside.


Do I stay? Do I leave?

I guess you've chosen the latter.


And now there will cease to be laughter,

Yes I do, I do see it. 

I see you... 





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