Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


17. Tragedy Strikes

Louis and Bella drive home making small talk. Bella couldn't help smiling to herself. She had a really good time with Louis tonight and she loved his confidence and sweetness and of course his good looks. That was just a bonus though she looked for a good personality in a guy not just based on their looks.       The pull up to Bella house to see a bunch of flashing lights and police cars and sirens. She jumps out of the car not caring she's still in her Courtney outfit and rushes over to the scene. Harry rushes over. "Bella thank God your okay!!" He says pulling her into a tight hug. He looks over at Louis going him an odd look as if to say "Why were you with my girlfriend..." but he doesn't say anything knowing that it wasn't the time. Bella pulls away from Harry and runs over to the scene. Two men were pulling a stretcher out of the house and Bella prayed to God it wasn't Brandon.  She runs over to find out it was Brandon. He was unconscious and bleeding from his head. She lets out a scream and then her terror turn to rage. She looks around to find her uncle then stomps over to him. "I heard a thud and all of the sudden he was at the bottom of the stairs in a crumpled up heap." He was explaining to a police officer. But Bella knew I was a lie. "You lying jerk!!!" She scream approaching him. "We both know that he didn't fall down those stairs!!!!! You pushed him!!!!" She screams at the top of her lungs then punches him square in the jaw. Harry and Louis hear the screaming and run over each taking one of Bellas arms and pulling her back. Bella struggles against their grip and tries to get lose and attack her uncle. She had never been so angry in her life. "Bella calm down!" Louis says trying to make her calm down. Bella gives up and goes limp in their arms panting hard from all the struggling. "Come on let's get her to the hospital to wait for Brandon." Harry says. Louis nods. "Yea you go ahead I'm gonna grab a change of clothes for Bella and meet you there." Harry nods and doesn't question  how he even knows where her clothes were. They could talk about it later but right now Bella needed to be there for her brother.

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