Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


14. Torn

Bella couldn't sleep that night because she couldn't get Louis or this kiss out of her mind. Luckily he didn't know who it was but Bella defiantly knew it was him. After hours of laying in bed wide awake Bella finally pulled out her song notebook and started pulling some ideas out of her head based on last nights events. She had bits and prices of lyrics but just couldn't find a good way to put them together. She must have had 30 peaches of crumbled up song on the floor by 6am. Without even realizing it she drifts off into a light sleep.
     Louis couldn't sleep that night either. He kissed Courtney...but why? He never felt attracted to her before, why all of the sudden now? He barely knew her but what he did know is that he wanted to see her again and soon. After staying up all night, at about 10 Louis gets up and gets dressed. He needed someone to talk to and tell about last nights events. So he grabbed his phone and headed over to Bellas.
       Bella wakes up to the sound of Brandon getting up and she sits up looking down at the lyrics on her bed. She was able to get the beginning of the song and somewhat of the chorus. It was pretty good so far she usually wrote songs on how she was feeling and this song, well what she had of it, represented exactly how she felt. She called it Torn.
     She hears the turn of the doorknob and looks over to her bedroom door. She expected to see Brandon but instead saw Louis. "Good your awake." He says walking in. Bella takes a a sharp intake of breath and her heart starts to pound. She never acted like this before. She never got nervous and this was so different for her. Did he know it was her? Was he mad? She takes a deep breath and calms herself down. "Sure you can come in." She says looking at him trying to be her sarcastic self. Louis rolls his eyes and walks over to her window seat and sits down. Bella and Louis had become closer during the time he was keeping a "closer watch" on her. 
      "How was the Ball..?" Bella asks trying to change the subject. "It was good...and confusing...did you even go?" Louis asks turning o look at her. "Uh yea I just was dancing a lot with Josh." She says telling the truth. "Oh I didn't see you." Louis says. Bella shrugs. "So uh why was it confusing..?" She asks trying to hear his take on their kiss. "Because I kissed this girl...but then she ran away.." "Well do you know who it was?" She asks nonchalantly and grabs her water bottle and takes a sip trying to play it cool. "Yea....I'm in love with Courtney Justice..well I think I am.." Louis says. Bella spits out her water and looks at him. "WHAT!?" She exclaims. "Louis you can't be in love with Courtney you just can't." She continues getting up and starting to pace around the room. "Why? Do you know her or something?" Louis asks confused. Bella stops and thinks for a second then turns and looks at him. "Uh yea she's my uh cousin." She says then mentally face palms herself. "She is?!" Louis asks getting a little excited. "Do you think you can get her to meet with me?" He asks happily. "Yea uh sure whatever...but how do you know it was her....everyone was in masks and it was dark.." Bella asks trying to figure out how he got the idea that it was Courtney. "Because I overheard the guy she was with say it." Louis says." Oh poop he was right Josh did say it at one point but I didn't realize Louis was right there...well I got myself into this I'll have to get myself out..." Bella thinks to herself. But she can't help but thinking that maybe she didn't want to get herself out of it... "Well can you set me up with her...or just get her to meet me..?" Louis asks hopefully. Bella sighs. "I don't know Louis this doesn't sound like a good idea." Bella says. Louis looks disappointed. "Pleeeeaaassseee" He whines. Bella lays face down in her pillow and groans. "You just don't get it!" She yells softly into her pillow. Louis face softens and he goes and sits next to her on her bed and places her hand on her back. "Bella don't you want me to be happy..?" He asks softly. Bella turns her head on her pillow and looks at him on the verge of tears. "Well...yea.." she responds. "Well I will be with Courtney.."  He says looking in her blue eyes not even realizing they were the same ones he looked into last night. "But you don't even know her Louis..she has a lot of secrets." Bella says as her voice dies down at the end of the sentence. 
     Louis doesn't say anything know she was right. He didn't really know her..he only saw her a couple times and that was it. But he wanted to get to know her and Bella was just going to have to except that. He looks around the room at all the crumbled up pieces of paper. "What were you doing?" He asks changing the subject. Bella sits up and pushes some of the papers off the bed. "Oh just trying to wrote some song." She mumbles taking out her song notebook. Louis smiles slightly. "I didn't know you wrote songs...can I see it..?" Bella smiles. "Like iv said before there's a lot of things you don't know about me..and sure.." She opens up to the page and hands it to him. Louis smiles. "Yea I guess your right." He lays down on his side prolong himself up on his elbow facing Bella and looks down at the notebook and reads the lyrics...or what she had of them. Bella sits there and watches them waiting for his opinion on it. Louis finally looks up at her. "This is really good...well what you have of it...maybe I can help." He says grabbing a pencil from her bedside table. 
       A couple hours later Bella and Louis are finished with the song. They went down to the music room and he even helped her with the music. It was a low key song with acoustic guitar and keyboard but it did pick up at the chorus. "Thank you." Bella says and takes the notebook from him and looks at it reviewing their work. "Your welcome." Louis says. "Now about Courtney.." He says scratching his head nervously. Bella shakes her head and starts to look angry. "Is that the whole reason you did this? So you could just get me to get you together with Courtney?? Wow all i thought you were different from other celebrities but I guess not." She says angrily picking up her stuff and walking to her bedroom slamming the door. 
      She leans back against the door and sinks down to the bottom. She knew that she and Courtney were the same person but Louis didn't know that and it just seemed like he just did all that to get something in exchange. Bella looks down at the now finished song an sighs she really was torn. 
        Louis watches Bella walk out angrily but doesn't bother to stop her. He really screwed up. He was only thinking about himself when he did that and not about Bella and how she would feel..
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