Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


21. Less Time Causes More Pressure

Bella walks home in the dead of night after a long night in the studio. She didn't plan to stay that long, time just slipped right out of her grasp. All the worries and decisions she had to make just slipped right out of her mind while the music and her focus on every move replaced that. But now here walking down the street in complete darkness except for the flickering street lights they all just came back to her. She realized she had to make a decision she just tried to push it out of her mind thinking she would just do it another time. But whatever she did, it just came back to her and she new that no matter what she did she would keep putting it off.         She shakes her head as if to shake out the thoughts themselves and walks up the front stairs of her house. She sits down on the stairs and leans her head on the side of the porch looking across the street. She wondered what Harry and Louis were doing. Did they forget about her? Did they not care anymore? Maybe it was best if they didn't. One of them was going to be heartbroken now matter what happen. Maybe it was just easier for them to forget. Then there was the fact about Courtney Justice. She didn't even know what to do about her. She hadn't done any music videos, any time in the studio, or even bothered to write a song, since her brothers "accident". Something just changed her since then. She found her type of music..not just some pop music the label wanted her to sing. She wanted to sing the type of music she wanted, and she couldn't do that as Courtney Justice. But she didn't know if her fans would be disappointed or not if she revealed herself to the world. But deep down inside she realized what she had to do.   

Harry sees Bella from his bedroom window across the street. She was fast asleep on the porch. Harry looks up at the sky and sees storm clouds coming in. He couldn't just leave Bella out there while it rained. Harry grabs his sweatshirt and tip toes down the stairs and out the door. He puts his hood up and makes his way across the street as the first raindrops start to fall. He reaches the porch and stands in front of the sleeping beauty bouncing from one foot to another, not really quite sure on what he should do. He didn't want to wake her up so that wasn't an option. Instead he slips his arms under her and lifts her up. She stirs but doesn't wake, she must have really tired herself out. Harry carries her into the house and into her room where he places her on her bed. Harry looks down at her and can't help smiling to himself. He really did love her. He lays down next to her and wraps his arms around her. He needed to hold her one last time before he had to leave. He didn't know who she would choose, he hoped it would be him, but whoever she choose he just wanted her to be happy, and even if it was with his best mate he would have to deal with it. Bella stirs in her sleep and moves closer to Harry, cuddling up to his chest. Harry smiles and pushes a lock of hair out of her face and kisses her forehead. "I love you." He whispers softly in her ear. Even though he never did get to say it directly to her face, he knew he meant it. The only regret he would ever have would be not saying it to her. He didn't know if it would have made a difference or not, but it didn't matter. It was too late. He lays there with her as all these thoughts raced through his mind. Bella had changed him. He didn't know how and couldn't describe it, but he knew that no matter what happened, that he would always love her.        


Bella wakes up the next morning in her bed with her clothes from last night on. She had no clue how she got there, but just figured she must have fell asleep outside then came inside and just didn't remember. She rolls over and finds her bag next to her. She reaches inside and pulls out her phone finding one new message. She opens the message to see who it is. It was Liam and the text read. "Hey Bella I don't mean to pressure you but were leaving in a couple days and I know you still haven't made a I just thought I would let you know." She sighs putting her phone down. But that's exactly what he did, he made her feel pressured. But it wasn't his fault it was hers for putting it off for too long. Now that there was less time there was more pressure.

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