Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


24. Last Moment

       Bella left after talking to Louis. She ran home as tears streamed down her face. How could this hurt so much? He was just a boy. There were plenty more. He expected her to go off and be with Harry. But how could she do that when every moment she saw him she felt this knot in her stomach and her knees became weak. She wouldn't be able to bear it. These thought flash through her mind and what seems like minutes turns out to be hours. With a jolt she sits up. She couldn't be without Louis. She knew this all along but his words kept her from going to him." He wanted her with Harry. But she wanted to be with him. She looks over at her clock, 6:12 it read. The boys flight left at 6:45. She grabs her keys running out side to her car putting her keys in the ignition. She speeds down the highway knowing that there was only a few miles putting her between the love of her life. The clock now read 6:30. She didn't know if she would make it in time. She finally pulls up to the airport parking it in front and runs into the airport. Gate 16 that was where his flight was. She runs through the crowd of people and silently thanks herself for taking track in her sophomore year. She pushes through the crowd of people ignoring the ones throwing dirty looks her way. All she cared about was seeing Louis wrapping his arms around her holding her tight, telling her that he loved her. Gate 14, Gate 15, Gate 16. She comes to a stop in front of the gate out of breath just as she sees a plane take off into the air. Her watch said 7:00. She was too late. She stands there in shock watching the plane as it takes off carrying Louis farther and farther away from her. And then she starts to cry. She breaks down, right there in the middle of the airport. After so long of holding it together she couldn't anymore. A muffled voice in the back of her head tells her something but she couldn't quite understand what. Only it wasn't in the back of her head. It was real. And it was familiar. "Bella?" it repeats in a high pitched British accent. Bella turns around to find Louis standing there with his luggage in one hand wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She looks at him tears streaming down her face, and then she runs to him. Throwing her arms around his neck and burying her head into his shoulder. "I cant. I cant leave you. I love you. And I want to be with you. I cant not be without you." She says as more tears fall. Louis pulls her away from him and for moment she thinks that he doesn't feel the same anymore. He puts his hands on her tear-stained cheeks and looks at her. Really looks at her. And then he kisses her. A tender soft kiss filled with so much love Bella feels her heart beat ten times faster than is supposed to. She rises on her toes to meet his lips returning the kiss. Louis pulls away from the kiss and pulls her into a tight hug. He can feel her relax in his arms. "I was wrong..I don't love you enough to let you go. I love you too much to let you go." He whispers.

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