Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


8. Jealously Kicks In

Harry walks into his and the boys house with Bella and goes to hold her hand again out of force of habit. Bella looks down and sees what he's trying to do and takes his hand and Intertwines their finger. Harry looks over at her surprised but doesn't question it. Bella smiles and Harry leads them to the back yard where everyone was. Liam was in the pool with Zayn Niall was sitting at the smoothie bar with surprise, surprise, Nichole. And Louis was standing at the edge of the pool in his bathing suit with no shirt on and Bella couldn't help but looking at him. Harry looks at all the guys "Hey guys I want you to all meet Bella." He says. Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis all turn to look at Bella. Bella smiles and and waves. "Hi" Harry points to each of them and says their names and they each respond with some sort of "Hey" or "Hi." "Wow Hazza you got yourself quite a girl." He says smiling and walking over. Harry smiles and pulls Bella closer "Yes I do don't I?" He says looking down at her. Bella smiles knowing that Harry is just trying to impress his friends and doesn't want to ruin it for him. 
     "I'm going to go for a swim in the pool." Harry says. "Do you want to come?" Bella shakes her head and smiles. "I will later you go have fun I'll just hang around here." She leans up and kisses him quick trying to go along with him trying to impress his friends. Harry kisses her back quick surprised but once again not going to question it. 
     Harry goes upstairs and changes into his swim trunks then comes back down and does a cannon ball into the pool. He splashes all the guys and Bella and Nichole. "Really?" Nichole and Bella say at the same time turning to look at Harry as his head breaks the surface. Harry looks at Bella "Sorry love." He says. Louis looks at him and crosses his arms as water drips down his face. "What are we toilets? He says fake sniffling. Bella laughs and wipes the water from his face. "Yea a toilet that seems to have sprung a leak." Louis laughs. "Your funny." Bella smiles and brushes her shoulder jokingly. "Yes yes I know." Bella goes over and sits in a beach chair and looks over at Nichole and Niall smiling and laughing. 
    Niall smiles and looks at Nichole. Niall thought she was so pretty he didn't know if he should ask her out or if he should take is slow. He didn't want to ask her to be his girlfriend and let it go to fast. Kinda like Harry did.  So maybe he'll just ask her to a movie or something. Finally he decides on something. "Hey I was wondering if you wanted to come to a One Direction concert with me its supposed to be featuring Courtney Justice." 
     "Uh oh how much you wanna bet Bella does not know about this...her stupid manager.." She thinks to herself. Then sure turns to Niall. "Sure I'd love to." she says. "At least I'll be there to help Bella....and be enjoying herself myself at the same time." Nichole thinks to herself. Niall smiles. "Good because I really want you there." 
     Louis walks over and sits next to Bella and makes small talk while Harry swims. Louis thought she was cool and thought Harry was really lucky and he was really happy for them at the same time. "So has Harry invited you to the concert yet on Saturday?" Louis asks. Bella shakes her head. "No" Louis shakes his head shamefully "That bum well I'm inviting you, would you like to come?" Louis asks smiling. Bella smiles "I'd love to." Louis smiles "Good, now would you like to swim?" He asks holding out his hand like a polite gentleman. Bella smiles and take his hand. "I'd love to." Louis smiles and leads her over to the edge of the pool. 
     Harry comes up from under water and sees Louis holding his hand out to Bella. To his surprise she takes his hand and leads her over to the edge of the pool. He sighs softly why couldn't he be more romantic like Louis? He thinks to himself. He couldn't help but be a little jealous of Louis right now. 
    Louis dips his foot in the water then pulls back and whines. "Eh that's cold!" Bella laughs. "You baby" Louis turns and looks at her. "Hey I'm not a baby!" He defends. He goes to jump in then runs away at the last second. "Okay maybe a little." Bella laughs and rolls her eyes. "Okay let me tell you a story...there was once a boy that was afraid to jump in a pool because the water was cold..." Bella walks over and pushes him in the pool and once his head surfaces with a stunned expression she finishes her story. "....and then a girl named Bella pushed him in." She says smiling mischievously. Everyone turns and looks at Louis and laughs. Nichole laughs and looks at Bella. "Looks like Bella showed her evil side." Bella smiles evilly "This is just the half of it." Harry laughs trying to join in. "There no way that sweet pretty girl can be evil." Nichole laughs and so does Bella. "Wanna bet?" they say at the exact same time. Louis flicks the water out of his hair. "I don't know about her evil side but here comes mine." He laughs evilly ms with that he grabs Bella and pulls her into the pool. Bella goes under then comes back up gasping. "Can't.... swim..." She says then goes back under. A pair of strong muscular arms pulls her up to the surface and Bella opens her eyes to see Louis. "Oh my Jesus! I'm so sorry!" Bella laughs and dunks him under. "And so am I." Louis comes back up and looks at her. "You little sneak." Bella smiles. "Gotta love me right?" she says jokingly. Harry thinks to himself "I know I do." Bug doesn't realize he said it out loud. Everyone turns and looks at him and his eyes widen finally realizing he did. "Did I...j-" "Yes you did." Zayn says interrupting his sentence. "Oh bloody hell" Harry curses under his breath.
    Bella stands there awkwardly not really knowing what to say. Saving her from the awkwardness Louis pulls her under and they start play fighting. For once in her life she couldn't be happier to be play fighting with a guy. 
*                       *                        *

    Everyone hung out for the rest of the day and when it started to get dark Bella said bye to everyone and walked out with Harry. "I had a really good time tonight." She says as they walk to her front door. "Me too, I told you the guys would like you." Harry says smiling. "Maybe a little too much." He thinks to himself thinking about Louis. Then he mentally slaps himself. What was he thinking they were just friends Louis would never do that to him. Bella smiles then looks at the door. "I should get going." She says. Harry smiles and leans in to kiss her but can't help noticing the bruises along her shoulder and down her arm. "Where did you get these from." He says pulling away and placing his hand on her shoulder and rubbing it gently with a worried expression. "Uh nowhere I'm uh fine." She says pulling her shirt back up on her shoulder. "I'll uh see you tomorrow." And with that she kisses her cheek and goes in the house as if she was running away from something. 
     Nichole stands up after Bella leaves and sways a little. She might have had one to many more drinks than she should have. Niall gets up and steadies her. "Hey maybe I should walk you home." He says and puts and arm around her waist to keep her steady. Nichole nods. "Yea thats probably a good idea." Niall helps Nichole over to Bellas house with one arm secure around her waist. They get to the front porch and he let's go of her waist. "Are you sure your okay to get inside." Niall asks. Nichole nods. "Yea o should be fine I have Bella, thanks for taking me home." She was pretty much used to calling Bellas house home considering she was there most of the time. Niall nods and smiles. "You welcome if you need anything call me okay?" Nichole nods and smiles. "I will." She turns around and walks into the house and into the living room. Turns out Bella wouldn't be of much help because she was sitting there on the couch bawling her eyes out like she'd never seen before. 
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