Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


13. Evening as Cinderella

Bella puts the finishing touches on her outfit and walks over the the mirror examining her outfit. Tonight was the Masquerade Ball and she wanted to look perfect.
       She was wearing a black mermaid style sparkly strapless dress. She had on some black strappy heels that added a lot of height to her. Which was good because Josh was a very tall guy. For jewelry she had a necklace that went in 3 hoops that had little diamond studs along it. Her earrings were dangles earrings with little diamonds in it as well. For her hair she had it curled but not to curly and had some of it up while the rest hung down. She grabs her mask and puts it on. It covered her bruise that was getting better by the day. 
     She grabs her clutch and walks downstairs holding her dress up so she wouldn't trip on it. Brandon is siting on the couch watching TV and turns his head over and looks at Bella when he hears the click of her heels on the floor. "You" He says stunned. "Thanks..?" Bella says not really knowing whether it was a compliment or not. 
    Just then as if on que her uncle walks in. "Where are you going?" He asks with a snotty expression not even complimenting her on her outfit. Not that Bella expected one anyways. "To the Masquerade Ball not that it's any of your business anyways." She snaps having much more confidence now that Brandon was there. The only reason Brandon kept on living her was because of Bella he wanted to wait until she was 18 then they could move out together and find there own place to live. Well that was their plan anyways. 
       Her uncle tenses up as if about to say something then looks over at Brandon then back at her giving her a "your lucky" look. Uncle John didn't dare go after Bella again with Brandon around. Once he did and it didn't turn out that well. There were two hits Brandon hitting him and him hitting the floor. 
      Brandon stands up and walks over to Bellas side putting his hand on the small of her back. "You ready to go?" He asks. Bella nods "Yea just one last thing. She walks over to her uncle takes the cigar out of his hand and takes a drag and blows it out in his face just like he always did to her. "I hope you die from smoking." She growls then throws the cigar at his feet and walks out before his rage got to his breaking point. 
       She walks outside to find Josh waiting then starts having her coughing fit. Smoking was so gross. Josh walks over to her and puts an arm around her. "Your uncle?" He asks. Bella nods silently still coughing. Josh knew that her uncle was horrible he just didn't know he abused her. Louis was the only one that knew that.
     Josh helps her into the limo as her coughs die down. Bella climbs inside and Josh climbs inside next to her. Bella looks over at him and smiles. He was wearing a nice tuxedo with a black bow. His hair was gelled up in a spiky hair due for the occasion and he looked very nice. "I havnt seen you in forever" She says leaning over to hug him. Josh hugs her back. "I know iv missed ya squirt." He says smiling. 
     Bellas phone starts to ring and she picks it up. "Hey Brandon what's up..?" She asks after reading the caller ID. "Harrys here...what's the story again.." 
Bella rolls her eyes. "I swear you have the memory the size of a peanut...the story is I am really sick and not able to go to the ball...and the door is locked because I don't like anyone seeing me sick." She explains. "Okay bye I gotta go have fun." Brandon rushes out them hanging up the phone not giving her a chance to respond. Bella shrugs and turns and starts talking to Josh killing time on the 30 minuet drive there.

*                       *                     *

       Nichole slips into her baby blue floor length dress. It was simple and elegant just the way she liked it. Her hair was pinned up with some pretty berets in a pretty bun with strands of hair hanging down. One of the girls helped her do her hair because God know she wouldn't have been able to do it. She slips into her silver heels and puts her jewelry on then grabs her purse and walks out. 
     Two of the little boys Chase and Conner coming running out of there room pretending their playing laser tag and stop dead when they see Nichole. "Wow you looks hot!" Conner exclaims. Nichole laughs at his use of the word hot. "I call her being my girlfriend!" Chase yells. "No fair!" Conner whines. The start to get into a petty little boy argument and Nichole uses the time to escape while she can. She walks to the front door and walks outside to find Niall waiting in front of a big stretch limo. He holds out his arm for her. "You look lovely." He says with a smile on his face. "Thank you" Nichole says taking his arm and can't help but blushing. No guys had ever treated her this way before. Niall made her feel special. They get into the limo and Nichole greets all the guys who were either in suits or tuxs. Harry and Liam were in tuxedos while Louis ,Niall, and Zayn were in suits.
     They all make small talk for a while then finally arrive at the Ball. Niall gets out then helps Nichole out like a perfect gentleman. "Wow look our little Nialler is growing up." Louis says pretending to be upset. Niall rolls his eyes then puts his arm out for Nichole again. Nichole once again takes it then leads her into the Ball. 
     Louis stands around sipping his beer scanning the crowd for Bella. He hasn't seen any sign of her for the past hour. Maybe she didn't show up after all. Harry nudges him "Who you looking for?" He asks. "No one" Louis responds taking a sip of his beer. Harry shrugs and turns back to all the dancers.
      "So you wanna dance..?" Josh asks. "I'd thought you'd never ask." Bella smiles. Josh was her dance partner in dance class which is why she was waiting forever for him to ask her to dance. Josh smiles and takes her hand "Let's show everyone who really owns the dance floor." 
      Louis stands with Harry sipping his beer when he notices a girl and a guy on the dance floor. The girl places a hand on his shoulder and takes his other hand. The guy puts one hand on her waist and takes her other and they start to dance like he's never seen before.
      Josh and Bella dance together and the song ends and they slowly pull away from each other. "I thinks we showed them who owns the dance floor." Josh says taking her hand and leading her off the dance floor. Bella shrugs and stands by a table not even realizing it was Louis standing only five feet away. "Eh thats not my best type of dancing we all know I'm into hip hop." Bella says smiling. "Yea don't we all know that Miss Courtney." Josh says smiling playfully. Josh knew because he was one of Bellas best friends. He was the one that convinced her she should put on the wig and become Courtney in the first place. If she wanted to be able to maintain a normal life at the same time.
      Louis couldn't help but hearing the two people next to him. But when he heard "Miss. Courtney" He knew it was was Courtney Justice. But he wasn't going to draw attention to it. She probably didn't want the attention in the first place anyways. 
     Nichole dances with Niall doing her best not to step on his foot or trip or do something to make her look like a fool. "I'm having a really good time." Nichole says smiling. Niall smiles. "Me too. I'm really glad you came. I knew this night wouldn't be fun without you." He says twirling her around then bringing her back to him. Nichole smiles. "I doubt that. You would have had a great time anyways." Niall shakes his head and stops dancing looking at her. "No it wouldn't have and this night wont be perfect unless I do something." Niall says seeming a bit nervous. Nichole tilts her head slightly. "Well what is it..?" Niall leans in and kisses her quickly but softly. "That"
    "I'm going to go get a drink be right back." Josh says and walks away. Louis sees Josh walk away and walks over to Courtney without even thinking. "Would you like to dance?" He asks holding his arm out. Bella immediately knows it's Louis by his accent. She just hoped that he didn't know it was her. She nods and takes his arm with a half smile. "I'd love to." Louis leads her to the dance floor and they start to dance silently without saying a word. The song ends and there eyes meet for a split second and Louis leans in to kiss her. Their lips meet and he kisses her soft but slowly. Bella pulls away shocked. "I uh have to go." She says and runs away as fast as she can leaving Louis there standing stunned.  
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