Save My Heart Tonight

When the One Direction moves in across the street from Bella Jones house she doesn't know what to make of it. Little does she know to boys fall hard for her and she doesn't know how to choose with out hurting the other. How will she manage to keep her big secret and manage to choose a boy at the same time. But when tragedy strikes and her brother ends up hurt will she be able to manage her secret and choose a boy all while taking care of her brother? This is an epic love story that should keep readers interested.


19. Coming home *two months later*

For the next two months Bellas home was basically the hospital. Brandon had woken up a couple days later after the incident but he was paralyzed on his left side. The police never did believe Bella that it was her uncle that pushed Brandon down the stairs, but Bella knew it was him. Her uncle finally moved out leaving the house to Bella and Brandon fleeing probably thinking the police would come to their senses. Unfortunately for Bella they never did but she wasnt about to tell her uncle that. 
        Bella hadn't seen Harry or Louis during the two moths. She wasn't mad at them any more but she needed to focus on Brandon getting better being the only one there for him. Both Harry am Louis came to visit Brandon a couple times but Bella mad sure she wasn't around when they did.
     Nichole left for the US about a month ago. They allowed her to stat for a couple more months due to Brandons accident. They managed to keep contact over the phone. But she was a mess. She hated it there but worst of all she hated being away from Niall and knowing she was hurting him. She knew that he was hurting based on what Harry and Louis told Brandon and then Brandon told Bella and Bella told Nichole. Nichole told Bella she should just talk to Harry and Louis but Bella was being stubborn and wouldn't saw a word to them.
      Louis and Harry stayed mad at each other for a little while but eventually started making small talk with each other. It never went back to they way it was before but it was a small step. 
      Louis remembered one particular conversation he had with Brandon when he went to visit. He walked into the room to find Brandon in the hospital bed watching the tv. Louis looked hopefully over at the chair next to the bed hoping to see Bella but his hopes dying down when he sees the chair is empty like always. Brandon turns his head and looks over at him. "Hey mate." He says with a lopsided smile. Louis goes over and bumps fist with Brandon's right fist. "Hey" Louis says returning the smile and going to sit in the chair next to him. "How you feeling?" Louis asks. Brandon shrugs with his right shoulder. "Same but I'm going into rehab in a couple days they want me to trying to start moving again.  Louis nods and looks towards the door hopefully hoping to see Bella walk in. Brandon notices the look on his face. It was the same look he had every time he came to visit. "Don't worry mate she'll come around." He says. Louis turns and looks at him. "What are you talking about?" He says trying to play it off. Brandon rolls his eyes. "I see the look of hope on your face every time you come. Your hoping my sister will come in." Louis sighs giving in and nods. "She is just as depressed as you are...she will come around...but when she does you do understand that she can only choose one of you...she likes both you and Harry..shes told me...but you can't be upset if she chooses Harry.." Brandon continues. Louis nods. "Yes I understand I knew that from the very beginning." He pauses. "I just want her to be happy." 
     Louis remembered that very distinctly. Brandon said she would come around. But it has been a month and a half since then and still nothing. And as far as he knew it was like that for Harry as well. He wasn't sure he could stand it much longer. 
     Bella thoughts were clouded for the past few months but right now they were clearer than ever. Brandon was better...well better than before and they were going home. Bella gets out of the car and helps Brandon out putting his arm around her shoulders putting some of his weight on her making it easier for him to balance. Brandon winces softly. "Sorry." Bella says. "It's okay I'm just glad I have you here to help me." He says with a smiles. Bella smiles and helps him to the house bringing to his room helping him to his room and settling him in bed. 
    Niall sits in the living room across the street looking out the window. He couldn't get his thought off Nichole. But he realized he would have to at some point. She didn't want to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her he guessed. He sees a Black mustang pull in across the street. He hadn't seen that in a while it was Bellas car and she rarely came home not wanting to leave Brandon. He sees her get out and walk inside. "Hey guys Bellas home!" He yells to lazy to just get up and tell them. "Alright Niall stop messing with us." Harry says walking in with his hair clinging to his face after a quick dip in the pool. Niall shakes his head. "I'm not messing with you." Louis walks in from the workout room with no shirt on. "I don't think he's kidding Harry." Louis walks to the window and looks out it to see Bellas car in the driveway. Louis wants to go out there more than anything but he knew he had to give her some space. Harry walks up beside Louis and sees the car. They don't say anything but they both know they have to give her space. 
        Bella walks out from Brandons room an goes to hers. She takes one look in the mirror and almost doesn't recognize the face in the mirror. Her hair had grown longer. Her features were more sunk in from her not eating as much as she should have. Her usually
bright blue vivid eyes were darker with depression. 
        Liam knew the guys were upset during the whole time Bella was gone. Louis and his usual cheerful self seemed like dead with a new always depressed Louis in his place. Harry barely talked to anyone and when he first came home when he talked to Louis it always turned into a screaming match...and sometimes it still did. Liam knew this had to stop. Not only did he want to go back to normal with the guys but it was affecting the band as well. They barely smiled at public events..even the fans were starting to notice and tweet them on twitter. Louis finally tweeted after someone finally was said "Louis seriously whats wrong you and Harry are actually bringing me down!:(" Louis felt bad so he just ended up tweeting. "I'm sorry guys...I'm just having girl troubles...wish me luck..xx love you guys." At least a million fans must have replied to Louis wishing him luck and not to worry. But Liam knew this wasn't going to settle down on it's own. He had to talk to Bella and now was his only chance while the guys were in the other room watching TV. 
      Liam puts his hood up and runs across the street as fast as he can hoping none of the guys would see him. Bella answers the door and he couldn't believe how she looked. She looked the same but at the same time looked totally different. She was still amazingly beautiful but he couldn't help but notice how sad she looked. She looked just like Louis and Harry looked the few weeks after Bella told them to leave. 
      "Oh hey Liam." She says with a glum expression. "Hey...can we talk..?" Liam asks. Bella hesitates then nods. "Yea Uh sure..." She opens the door wider so Liam can come in. Liam walks in and Bella leads him to a living room and they both take a seat. Bella sits on the reclining chair and Liam sits on the couch across from her. "So how's your brother?" Liam asks. "He's getting better but he's still very weak." Bella responds. Liam nods. "That's good." He pauses. "We both know that not the reason I came here.." He says. Bella nods but doesn't say anything as if telling him to continue. "Harry and Louis have both been really depressed...and now that your home I can't stop them from coming to talk to you or even coming to visit Brandon." Liam explains. Bella nods. "I know and I realize that...I just love them both and I don't want to hurt the other by making a choice." Liam nods. "Which is totally understandable...but you can't have both and by keeping them waiting might even be hurting them even more." Liam stands up getting ready to leave. "I should go..let me know if you need anything.." Bella nods and looks up at Liam. "Thank You." Liam nods as in saying "Your welcome." Then walks to the door and quietly slips out not wanting to wake Brandon and runs across the street.
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