Everything About You

My first fanfic, NO HATE PLEASE! A story about a young singer who has the perfect life, she lives and learns, and spends her life the way she should. She is in deep love with one special boy, but she doesn't know if she is special enough for him to love her back.


1. A Day In The Life

Maddy POV--
Finally. My 18th birthday had arrived, and I got to do what I loved most. My summer job, it was the best ever. I sang my heart out to a bunch of rich people at a country club, and I got payed! I was in my "dressing room" when I put on my coral pink silk dress that went to my ankles, but layered a bit at the end. I slid on my gray Toms wedges, about 4 inches high. My favorite shoes ever. My hair, put into an up-do, except with two strands purposely left down so that they could be curled with my favorite curling wand. A thin rhinestone headband completed the do. I quickly stuck my thick diamond studs into my ears, and clipped the back in. "Perfect", I thought. I stepped on to the stage and approached the black cordless microphone. My music started and I began to sing the lyrics to "As Long As You're There". "All, my, life, I've waited for the right, moment to let you know. I don't wanna let you go-oh-oh" as I got to the second verse, I just let the words pour out of me, I didn't even need to think about the words, all I thought about was Harry. Maybe tonight would be the night I've wanted forever. I've been waiting for the perfect guy, and so far, Harry was perfect for the part.  Singing was what I longed to do for the rest of my life, just because I feel like I can express my feelings and let people know how I feel when I sing. As I got to the chorus I sang as best as I could, "Baby, cause I don't--need anything else but your love. Nothing but you means a thing to me, I'm incomplete, when you're not there. Holding me, touching me, I swear, all of the rest could just disappear, and I wouldn't even care, as long as you're there." Oh my God, this feeling felt amazing, better than anything in my entire life. I finished gracefully, the whole audience clapping and whistling for me. I bowed gloriously, and then left the stage. I came to my dressing room, first removing my heels. Then I zipped off my dress and it dropped to my ankles, I stepped out of it and then put in on the hanger. Quickly I grabbed my jean short-shorts and slid them on. Then I slipped on my white cami and then a loose lace quarter-length sleeve top. Finally I put on my brown shin-length cowboy boots. Letting down my hair, it became all wavy and I loved the way it looked. I grabbed my make-up remover and took off my pink lipstick and blush. I left my eye make-up on because I thought it looked cute and sexy. I picked up my coach purse and my white iPhone and left my dressing room, locking it on the way out. As I stepped on to the black pavement of the parking lot, my light blue mustang was just waiting for me to enter it. I swung the heavy door open, and I plopped inside. Put my key in the ignition, and started it up. I drove out of the parking lot and on to Beverly Hills. I cruised along, glancing at the stars shining up above me, I smiled at the look of them. They were magical, I felt like I was in paradise. I finally pulled into the driveway of my flat, and parked my mustang. I stepped on to the porch, and unlocked my door.
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