Rescue Me

Katherine (Kat) Williams is an 18 year old girl who was born and raised in America. When she turns eighteen, she moves out to London with her best friend Mallory. It's always been their dream to live in London. Kat has always had a good life. She had a lot of friends, money, and a loving family. Although, even though she is rich, she's very humble and grounded. She isn't stuck up like you may think. When her and Mal move into their flat, they do some exploring. Kat meets Niall Horan at the mall and she instantly falls head over heels. Little does she know, Niall feels exactly the same way. But, Mallory starts to feel uncomfortable around Niall and his four best friends. Frankly, she can't stand them. Will Niall and Kat live happily ever after? Or will one of Nialls friends fall for Kat too?


2. Train Ride with Mal

Kats POV
As we arrived at the train station, I pulled into the parking lot and we got out. I could see people admiring my car. I rolled my eyes. I popped in my headphones and started to listen to a little Demi. "You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am.." I mumbled under my breath as I sang along with her angelic voice. I guess I was a good singer. Nothing compared to Demi, though! I felt my friend nudge me and I looked over. There were too extremely attractive guys nearing us. One a blonde and the other a brunette. I raised my eyebrows. They walked up to us and said Hello. The blonde had a sweet Irish accent and the other had an adorable British accent. "Hey" I said winking. "Hi!" Mal said excidetly. I couldn't help but notice I made the blonde blush. "Nice to meet you!" The blonde said to us. "It would help if I knew your names so I dont have to mentally call you Blondie and Stripes?" I said with a joking smile. They both let out a laugh. "I'm Niall." Blondie said. "And I'm Louis!" Stripes said. Mal smiled and said "Nice to meet you, both!" She was blushing. We were used to guys hitting on us by now. "And your names are?" Niall asked curiously. "I'm Katherine, but call me Kat." I said with another wink, which sent him blushing again. "And I'm Mallory but call me Mal." Mal informed then. They nodded. "Nice to meet you too!" "TRIP 12A to London is boarding." We all heard over the loud speaker. "Oh that's us!" All four of us said simultaneously. We laughed. "Alrighty then!" I said gathering my stuff. "So what cabin are you ladies in?" Louis asked. "Cabin 23C" I replied. Niall glanced at their tickets. "Ah, we're 21C" He replied. "Well I guess were almost neighbors!" Louis said excitedly. "No," I replied "Actially they put odds on one side and evens on the other." "Ah, so we are neighbors! Even better!" Louis said with a wink that sent Mal a deep crimson red. I giggled and so did Louis. We walked to our spots in line and waited there. It seemed like forever until they boarded us and led us to our neighbor cabins. We waited outside them for a while til everyone was boarded and just talked for a bit. I got to know them better, they were both really cute and funny. They told us about their other friends back in London. Their names are Harry, Liam, and Zayn. Tey sounded really funny as they spilled hilarious stories about them one after another. We couldn't wait to meet them! If, we met them. We said goodbye and went to our cabins and unpacked for the five day trip. We sat on our beds and listened to music until we fell asleep at around 12:46. am. It had been a really log day!
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