Rescue Me

Katherine (Kat) Williams is an 18 year old girl who was born and raised in America. When she turns eighteen, she moves out to London with her best friend Mallory. It's always been their dream to live in London. Kat has always had a good life. She had a lot of friends, money, and a loving family. Although, even though she is rich, she's very humble and grounded. She isn't stuck up like you may think. When her and Mal move into their flat, they do some exploring. Kat meets Niall Horan at the mall and she instantly falls head over heels. Little does she know, Niall feels exactly the same way. But, Mallory starts to feel uncomfortable around Niall and his four best friends. Frankly, she can't stand them. Will Niall and Kat live happily ever after? Or will one of Nialls friends fall for Kat too?


1. Off to London

Kat's POV:
I woke up to my irritating alarm clock on full blast and Mallory smacking me on the head repeatedly with a pillow. Ugh. "Mal stop! I'm getti- OKAY IM UP!" I said sitting up and throwing a pillow at her. "Jesus sorry! Why don't you wake up on time then?" She shouts, obviously irritated. "What do you mean?" I ask, checking the time on my iPhone. Oh crap it was 12! We need to catch our flight at 1 pm and the airport was 30 minutes away. That only left us thirty minutes to get ready! I jumped out of my bed and started running to the bathroom. "HEY! No!!! I have to get in there first! I heard Mal yell as she stood up and ran after me. I got in the bathroom, smirked at her from the doorway and slammed the door in her face. I turned on the hot water, threw off my clothes, and hopped in.

After I finished my shower, I got out and brushed through my hair and looked in the mirror. My long blond hair fell in curls just below my shoulder blades. My bright green eyes were sparkling from the sunlight that poured in through the window. I put on my violet eyeliner, my mascara and some lip gloss. I blow dried my hair and put it into a side ponytail. I walk out of the bathroom and Mallory runs in. I check my phone and it's only 12:10. I sigh and walk to wear I payed out my outfit. I slipped it on. I was wearing a strapless pink shirt with some short shorts and a pair of cute pink toms. My room was completely empty. I sighed. I was so going to miss this place. But I was excited to go to London! How could I not be? I walked around the empty room for a while. I sat down and looked at my phone again and it was 12:20. "Are you almost ready Mal?!" I shouted. "Give me five minutes Kay?" She said. "We have to leave in ten minutes!" I said not expecting a response. I sat and waited. She came out with her shiny dirty blonde hair laying down her back pin straight. He brown eyes were outlined with Blue eyeliner and mascara and lipgloss. She had a blue bow holding back her bangs. She was wearing a blue sparkly halter top with her jean shorts and blue wedged sandals. "How do I look?" she said winking at me. "Not as good as me, but good." I say playfully. She starts laughing. "That's funny cause it's true." "Nah, we bth look good." I assure her. "Okay let's go off to the airport girl!!" Mal says and I agree. We lock up the house and turn around and take one last look. I sigh. "Don't worry Kat! Todays a new day!" Mal said cheerfully. I nodded. With that, we got in my shiny red Ferrari and were on our way to the airport. I looked at our mansion in the rearview mirror until it disapeared out of sight.
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