A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


7. Together Forever


LOUIS’ POV: I’m so nervous I hope that Lisa’s ready for this. I know that we have only been together for about 3 weeks now, but I feel like we’re ready. Here we go. The waitor helped us to our table. “This place is beautiful Louis, I’m impressed.”Lisa said. “Well thank you, to be honest Harry helped me pick this place out.” The whole time we were cracking jokes and just talking about random stuff.~~We had just finished dessert and paid the bill and 3 hours passed. “Louis, I think I’ll take the time now to tell you how much I love you. Everytime I see you my heart melts and I can’t think straight, but some how I get throught it. Whenever you say ‘I love you’ to me, my heart fills with joy and my head spins. I just don’t know how else to explain how much I love you…”she started to trail off because she started crying. “I love you to. You have no idea how much I love you, when I first saw you my knees got weak and I knew that you were the one. Whenever we go on tour our just sing in the hotel, or anything all that I think about is you. You’re my whole world and I’ll do anything to make you happy…”I started to cry. But then I took a deep breath and continued, “Like I said, I’ll do anything to make you happy and to keep us together.” I took the ring out of my pocket. And I said this as I walked over to her and faced her and knelt down, “I feel like this will keep us together forever and I just love you so much, that I felt like this was the perfect move to make. Lisa Marie Hudson, will you marry me?” I said with a shakiness in my voice. Lisa started crying and smiling she managed to get out a “yes.” I slid the ring on her finger. She sprang up and hugged me and gave me the best kiss. “I’m so happy right now that I have nothing to say but I love you Louis!”she said. “I love you too Lisa!” I took her arm and we walked out of the restaurant and to the car as each other’s fiancé. “I’m still driving.”she said as we were walking and she was still crying. She was too much. We got to the car and we hopped in. Lisa turned out of the restaurant’s parkinglot then sped up. We stopped at a small corner store. “I’ll run in and get the test.”she said. “Be carefull.”I said. She came back to the car and we headed back to the hotel, she was driving pretty fast. I could tell that she’s a daredevil.

LISA’S POV: “We’re back!” Louis yelled outside of the boys’ hotel room door. “How was it?”Harry asked. I showed them all my ring. “Cool, you went jewelry shopping too? That’s very pretty.”Liam said. “No! I’m engaged, to Louis!! I thought you were supposed to be the smart one, just kidding.”I said. “Congradulations!”they all said in excitement. “So, where’s the baby?”Zayn asked. “We don’t even know if we have one yet. We just got the test.”Louis said. “How about we get changed then I’ll come back and see because I want you all to be around for the exciting news.”I said. “I’m cool with that.” Niall said with food in his mouth. “I’m so excited! This is the best day of my life!”I said to Louis. “Me too. And no matter what happens I’ll be by your side, forever and ever.”he said. I kissed him. I  went in the bathroom, put my hair in a pony tail and got changed into different pj’s [polyvore]. I grabbed the pregnancy test from my purse and walked to Harry’s room with Louis. We walked right in because the door was open. “Are you ready Lisa?”asked Liam. “I’m pretty sure that I am.”I answered. “Do you want me to come in with you?”asked Louis and Harry at the same time. Everyone looked at Harry then at me. “No offense Harry, but I feel more comfortable with Louis.” “I can respect that.”said Harry, what was he thinking? “Come on babe.”said Louis motioning towards the bathroom. I read off the instructions to Louis, because he would be helping me read it. I went through the procedures, now was the moment of truth. Louis looked at the test then he looked at me. We looked at eachother. We both walked out of the bathroom with tears in our eyes. “What happened?”asked Harry. “Am I an uncle?”he asked again. I nodded my head ‘yes’. “I’m going to be a mommy!”I exclaimed with tears of joy in my eyes. “And I’m going to be a daddy!” Louis yelled. “Today is the best day, I found out that I’m going to become a mommy and I found out that I’m going to become a wife.” I managed to say with tears streaming down my face. The boys all gave me a group hug, Louis squeezing me the hardest. I looked at Louis, “you’re going to be a daddy.” I still couldn’t get the thought through my head. I had to tell Julia. When we were done hugging I called my mom and dad and told them that I got engaged and that I’m going to be a mommy. They were so happy, they couldn’t stop talking. They were on the phone with me and Louis for at least a hour. Next was Julia, I told her about the kiss from Harry and the engagement and me becoming a mother, she was so happy and she told me that her wedding isn’t for another year. I was so glad, everything was working out. Louis called his mother and sisters and told them that he proposed and that he is going to be a father. They were also very happy. When we were done making phone calls we asked Harry if we could sleep in his room because room keeping never came, he said that it was alright. Me and Louis cuddled on Harry’s bed, Harry snuck up on the bed with us and ended up falling asleep next to me. I woke up the next day complaining to Louis that I had adominal pains and that I felt sick to my stomach, so he layed with me all day while the boys were out on the beach. “You know, you don’t have to stay with me. I’m fine by myself.”I said. “No, I’m staying with you because that baby is also mine, I caused you to be like this.”Louis said. I ran to the bathroom, I had to puke badly. I went back to bed with Louis and we watched Bambi, it got me so emotional. That night, I had Harry make he fajitas with ice cream on the side with an iced coffee, my cravings were very weird. But I bet you that Niall wished that he was me, getting to eat that much. After dinner, me and Louis discussed baby names. For a girl we chose: Faith, Joy, Hope, Darcy, Mackenzie, Lacy, and Madeline. For a boy we chose: Parker, Joeseph, Thomas, Zayn, William, and Michael. Me and Louis were hoping for a little boy. The next day in bed, me and Louis discussed our wedding. We wanted it to be a beach wedding, for sure. We decided that it had to be in the Bahamas, in honor of my proposal. We wanted nice red, salmon-colored, purple, and white flowers with a 3 tier cake. I went on the computer and chose out bridesmaid’s dresses for my bridesmaids: Ashley, Julia, Emily, and Tiffany. Ashley is my maide of honor so she gets a belt with the dress to signify her honor [polyvore]. I also bought tuxedos [tuxedo] for the groom’s men and the best man. They are: Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Stan, Harry being the best man. A red bow tie would signify the best man. I’m so excited for our wedding. Harry’s helping me pick out my wedding dress while the other boys are helping Louis get together the flowers, reservations, invitations and all of that stuff. We need to get all of this done in a week because we want to have the wedding here and before we have the baby, this is putting a lot of stress on me. Liam helped Louis pick this out his tuxedo [tux]. Today I’m going with Harry to pick out my dress. I got dressed in something comfortable [polyvore] with my hair up and I was ready to try on dresses.

HARRY’S POV: “Are you ready to go Lisa?” “Yeah, but I feel terrible.” “Are you sure you want to go today?” “Yeah, I’ll make it.” “Why can’t I come?”Louis asked. “Because you’ll see Lisa in her dress and that’s bad luck.”I answered. “Harry’s right and I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.”Lisa said. “Alright then, good luck and I’ll miss you babe.”Louis said. “Thanks and I’ll miss you too, and don’t worry. If anything goes wrong, Harry’s with me. I’ll see you later. And see you later guys.” “Lets go.”I said to Lisa guiding her to the door. “Hey, what car are we taking?”she said. “The one that Louis took you in, the Lambroghini.” “Yay! I love that car.”she said rather excited. We rode the lift down and got into the car. On the way we talked about baby names that me and Louis came up with. “I’m so glad that I’m going to be the uncle of your baby.” “Yeah, along with my younger brother, Tyler.” “You have a younger brother?” “Yeah, Louis never told you? Well anyway he’s funny and very athletic. I don’t even know if he’ll be able to come to our wedding because he plays major league baseball.” “Wow. I never really understood baseball. It always seemed confusing to me.” “It really isn’t, it’s pretty simple. If Tyler can come, then he’ll explain it to you, along with my cousin.” We got to the dress shop. I helped Lisa out of the car, she had a little bump on her stomach. We walked into the shop and I guess we looked like a couple because the lady asked if I was the groom. I explained that I was only a friend and would be helping her get changed and help her pick out a dress. Lisa told the shop keeper, “I don’t feel comfortable with a stranger helping me into a dress. Would you mind if my friend helped me instead?” She said that it was fine. I’m going to help Lisa get dressed, which meant she’ll only have underwear on. “You feel alright with it Harry, right?” “Yeah, do I get to see your mammories?” “Yes, because you don’t wear a bra with a wedding dress, silly. Now help me pick out a dress to try on.” She picked out a dress that was very simple. “Come in here,Harry. Help me put this on.” Now’s my chance to finally see her. “I’m coming.” I walked behind the curtain. She took off her clothes and sandals that she had on before. “Pick up my dress.”she said. She took her bra off, wow she looked stunning. “Harry! Quit staring! Now help me put this on.” I stopped staring and pulled the dress over her. It seemed too simple. She took it off. I picked out the next dress. It was a little bit poofy with a train and little jewels [dress]. I helped her put it on. This was the one. Lisa looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. “I love it!”she exclaimed, “This is the one.” “Lets take it.” I said. I helped her undress and dress again then we bought the dress and arranged for it to be cleaned and dropped off at the right time. Everything was running smoothly and we already picked out a veil, shoes, and jewelry.

LISA’S POV: When we got back from dress picking I ran to the bathroom to throw up, this pregnancy was really getting to me. When I got out I saw that I had flowers from friends and family saying congradulations for the engadgement and my pregnancy. Then everyone asked me if I found the dress and all I could do was nod. My wedding is in a week, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

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