A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


2. Surprise!


LISA’S POV: It has been 2 weeks since my first date with Louis. Every day since then I have received lovely morning text messages from him such as, “Good morning babe! I miss you so much, the boys have been asking about you. I can’t wait to see you love xxx” This morning I received a text that is very suspicious. It read, “Good morning my love! Are you ready for tomorrow? It’s a very special day for both of us, and I don’t want to give much away but tomorrow be ready and dressed in something comfortable by 2 A.M. And pack enough clothes for 2 weeks. See ya babe xxxx” Louis is so bad at keeping things a surprise, I can’t believe I was going away with the boys for 2 WEEKS!! 2 weeks with my Boo Bear… two weeks of bliss, pure bliss.

It’s 1 A.M. and I’m so excited! I already have my clothes packed, but now I have to get dressed. I know Louis said to get dressed in something comfortable, but I wanted to impress him since I haven’t seen him in two weeks. I got dressed in a red pencil mini skirt with a red striped shirt, his favorite, and a pair of heels. I straightened my hair and went light on the makeup; I was ready to see Louis. [wearing this] Now it’s 2 A.M. and I heard my doorbell ring. I looked out of my window and saw that it was Louis, he was wearing the beanie that I gave him, I loved him so much. I yelled bye to my housemate, Julia who was extremely jealous of me dating the Louis Tomlinson. “Where are you going?” Julia asked. “I’m going away with Louis.” “At 2 in the morning? You know what, whatever, have fun. It’s too early to be arguing about this” she said tiredly. “I’ll be back in 2 weeks, have fun. See you later!” I replied. I answered the door, now Louis was in the band’s van motioning me to hurry. I ran to the van and hopped inside. “Hey Lisa!” everyone said at the same time, except for Louis. “Hey babe!” Louis screamed, being himself. “Hi! Louis, I missed you so much that I started kissing my poster again.” Louis blushed and replied, “Well I missed you too. And I’m actually short of words for once in my life because you are just so beautiful. And I definitely missed that American accent of yours, it’s so, sexy.” I blushed. “Aww…” Harry said. “Shut up Harry!” Louis and I said at the same time. I loved it when we did things at the same time. I could tell already that this was going to be the best time with Louis ever. “So, where are we going?” I asked patiently waiting for an answer. “You mean, Louis didn’t tell you?” Zayn asked. “Well I wanted it to be a surprise, Zayn. But we are going to the Bahamas as a nice break from the touring and I thought that it would be a smashing idea for you to come along.” Louis said. “Yay!!! I’m going to the Bahamas with the best boyfriend in the world! I love you so much Louis!!” “I love you too.”

LOUIS’ POV: I swear that Lisa makes my heart melt. I know that I should have already built up the courage to kiss her and now was the perfect moment. If she kisses me than the boys will think that I’m a loser. Now was my chance. I went to lean in and give her the best kiss that she ever had. Slowly, slowly, slowly, I could feel her getting closer and the boys looking at me. Almost there…BOOM! Our lips locked, I gently and passionately gave her a kiss and she kissed me back. That was the best feeling ever. I opened my eyes to see her beautiful brown eyes. I backed away and saw the boys looking at us. Suddenly Niall blurted out “Somebody make sure they get their own room, please!” We both blushed then giggled. “So Harry I heard that you and Lisa have been texting each other a lot.” I said. “Yeah, we got to know each other and it seems like we have a lot in common. I made a new best friend that I can tell anything to, when you’re not available.” Lisa quickly answered. There was an awkward silence.

LISA’S POV: “Hey, how much longer until we get to the airport?” I asked to break the silence. “It looks like we are here now, and we have to run through the crowd of screaming girls. Once we get into the airport we will be safe.” Liam answered. “But I can’t run in these heels.” “Did you bring a pair of sneakers with you?” “Yeah but my bag is in the back, there’s no more time.” “Then I guess that I will just have to carry you. As long as you’re alright with that babe.” Louis said. “Of course I don’t mind.” I said in a seductive voice. Louis smiled at me and said here we go as we broke through the crowd. Harry was behind us. I could feel him looking at my bottom, since I was getting a piggy-back ride, and I let Louis know. “Stop looking at my girl’s bottom, Harry you nasty little boy!” Louis yelled at Harry through all of the noise. “It seems like you have competition Louis.” Zayn said. “Oh, there is no competition,” I said, “I’m staying with Louis forever.” “Just the way I like it” Louis said seductively. We were finally in the airport and all of the screaming fans were gone.

LOUIS’ POV: I placed Lisa down on a bench in the airport so that she could get her stuff together. “I need to call Julia and let her know that I reached the airport and that we will be boarding shortly” she said. “Do what you need to do.” I said. I stared at her while she was on the phone, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. I started daydreaming about our wedding and having children with her. Apparently Harry and Liam noticed me. “Are you picturing her naked or something Louis?” Harry slyly asked. “No!” I said sharply. “I was just admiring her beauty, and that’s it.” “Are you sure, Louis?” Liam asked. “Yes, I’m sure. Now mind your own business!” “Well you might want to stop staring at her.” “I have to admit it though, you sure did pick up a beautiful girl.” Harry said. “Thanks mate.” I said. I think that Lisa heard our conversation and saw me staring at her because when she was finished on the phone she came over to us and asked, “Were you talking about me? And were you staring at me the whole time?” “We were only talking about how beautiful you are, love.” Harry said. “And how Louis was daydreaming about you.” Liam said as he was walking away. She playfully hit me. “Is that true Louis? You really think I’m that beautiful?” “Of course babe. Whoever doesn’t think that you’re beautiful must be blind.” She hugged me. It felt like I was in a different universe. “The jet is here guys, and lady. Now get moving.” Paul said. I offered my arm to Lisa and we walked onto the plane as a couple.

LISA’S POV: “How long is the ride going to be?” Louis asked the pilot. “About 9 hours and 45 minutes.” He answered. “Thank you mate.” Louis sat on the left side of me while Harry was on my right. “This is going to be a long ride, isn’t it?” I asked. “Yes, but it is going to be worth the wait.” Louis replied. “Trust us.” Harry said smiling at me and going to give me a kiss on the cheek, but before Harry could kiss me, Louis pulled my face towards his and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I could tell that there was jealousy between Louis and Harry. But I loved Louis more. ~~~~ I started to feel sleepy 2 hours into the flight. “Is it alright with you guys if I fall asleep on one of you?” I asked. “Yes.” Louis said before Harry. “Sure” Harry said soon afterwards.

LOUIS’ POV: Harry is trying to steal my girl. I can’t believe it, but I guess I just have to deal with them being friends. Lisa fell asleep on my shoulder, her head fit perfectly on me. It’s like we were meant for each other. I started thinking about us getting married and me proposing to her while we were on vacation. I also started worrying about her not wanting to have kids with me. What am I going to do?

HARRY’S POV: I’m starting to really think that Louis is getting protective over Lisa and is getting jealous. I don’t want our friendship to be ruined. I guess that I have to back away from Lisa for now. What happens if he proposes to her? What will happen if they have kids? Will I be their Uncle Harry still like we planned? Will I still be Louis’ best man? My whole head is filled with ‘what ifs’. I think that I should get some sleep; I should probably move so that I don’t fall asleep on Lisa…Louis is really protective. “Zayn, can I sit next to you?” “Yeah, sure. Vas happenin’? Why did you move away from Lisa?” Zayn asked. “Because if I happen to fall asleep on her, Louis might just kill me. He’s getting really protective.” “Well that’s just the way that Louis is. What can you do about it?” “You don’t care if I fall asleep on you, right?” “No problem buddy.” Zayn answered. You can always count on Zayn for help. Like he says, “Ride the rollercoaster that is life.”

LISA’S POV: “Lisa, wakeup…(wakeup song)” sang all of the boys. “What?!?!” I yelled not realizing that it was them. “We landed, babe.” Louis said. “Oh, sorry for yelling. I didn’t know where I was for a second.” “It’s ok.” Harry said smiling. After realizing that my hair must be a mess I brushed my hair with my fingers and apologized for my appeareance. “What are you sorry for? For being beautiful all the time? You are perfect.” Louis said. “Thanks, you always know what to say.” I gave Louis a hug and a passionate kiss. I could see that he didn’t know what to do but blush. “Sorry, I haven’t exactly gotten used to being kissed by such a wonderful girl.” Louis said sweetly. I blushed. “Come on you two love birds, don’t you guys want to get to the hotel?” Niall said. “Of course!” we both said. “Whoa! Don’t go too far!” Harry said jokingly. “SHUT UP!” we both said again. Louis offered me his arm and I took it. We were off of the plane and it was time to make a run for it. This time Harry offered to carry me and I said sure, and Louis didn’t do anything but smile. I guess that he finally realized that me and Harry had a great friendship going on. This time it was Louis that was staring at my bum and I didn’t mind since he was my boyfriend. 

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