A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


3. Save It

LOUIS’ POV: We finally got to the van and Lisa was seated with Harry, leaving me alone. I don’t know what came over me but this is what happened: I couldn’t cope with the fact that Harry was sitting with my girl so I grabbed Lisa, softly, and kissed her tenderly. I climbed into the back of the van, where nobody was, and I grabbed her arm. Forgetting that she had a skirt on, I had her climb over the seat and everyone saw up her skirt. “Whoa, Louis and Lisa, you have to watch what you’re doing there! All though I didn’t mind it at all, still watch what you are doing!”yelled Harry.  I saw that Lisa blushed but she finally got over the seat. In the back of the van there are no seats, just the floor. I laid on top of her and started kissing her all over her face, then down her neck, and I stopped at her chest. I didn’t know what came over me, but she seemed to be liking it, yet embarressesd. “LOUIS!!” she yelled. Then she whispered, “ Can we please save the rest for the hotel tonight? I don’t feel comfortable doing this sort of stuff while the other boys are around, espeacially Harry, he might get wound up, knowing him.” “Ok, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. It’s just that I love you so much.” “I love you too babe. We’ll finish tonight.” I sat up first so that Lisa could get her top back on. All of the boys were facing me talking amongst themselves. “What the hell just happened Louis?” Liam asked. “Well, I don’t want to lie.” “And…” Harry said impatiently. Lisa sprang up. “Well, Louis can you explain?” Lisa said slightly embarrassed. “ I got carried away and started kissing Lisa’s face, then I moved down to her neck, then I moved down more…” “To her mammories?” Harry said. “Umm…yeah.” I said blushing and looking at Lisa. We both blushed . “I told you guys, you better have your own room!” Niall said. “Niall, stop embarrassing the poor girl. But, you probably should get your own room.” Zayn said. “Well, do we have the hotel to ourselves? No fans?” Lisa asked. “Yes.” Paul said. Suddenly on the radio “What Makes You Beautiful” came on and Lisa started rocking out. I love it when she does that. Then when Harry had his solo he stared right at Lisa and quickly gave her a kiss. Then I held Lisa and french kissed her. To show Harry that she is mine. It seemed as if all of the boys were singing to her. I was starting to get really jealous when “One Thing” came on and Harry started singing to her. But when I had my solo I made sure that I made it special, I looked deep into her eyes and kissed her. “Louis, you really know how to make a girl fall for you.” “That’s just what I do.” I replied. We both giggled. “What’s so funny?” asked Niall. “Nothing” we both said and laughed again. “Looks like we’re here.” Liam said. “Hey Liam.” Lisa asked. “Yeah.” “Why didn’t you bring along Danielle?” “She couldn’t come, she was busy.” “Oh, it would’ve been nice to have her come along.”

LISA’S POV: We got to the hotel and I texted Julia saying, “Hey, we just got to the hotel. Something crazy happened on the way here. What r u up 2? Txt me back so I can explain what happened. Ttyl” I hope that she will answer me back before tonight so that I can tell her what happened. Now I was really excited for tonight, I knew that Louis would be the best lover. “What do you want to do first, babe?” Louis asked me. “Maybe we can go for a swim, all together, me, you, Harry, Zayn,Liam, and Niall.” “Ok, but you have to promise me that you won’t do anything crazy with Harry,ok?” “Why are you so worried about me and Harry getting close? You do know that I love you much more and that you are mine, right?” I said to Louis as we were walking to our hotel room. “Well he seems to really like you and he is still young and doesn’t know what really goes through a guy’s mind when he’s with a girl. And I trust you, it’s just Harry that I don’t trust. He seems to really like you, but you are mine, forever. I am your Superman!”Louis said. I giggled at the face he made.“I know, it’s just that you don’t have to worry, ok? I won’t let anything happen between us. Can you trust me with that?”I asked. “I can always trust you.” As I was going to get my room key, Louis got his out, picked me up bridal style and layed me down on the bed. We got a couple’s suite. There was only one bed and an exposed jacuzie tub. Louis got dressed in the room while I got changed in the bathroom. I heard that Louis was done changing and that the boys were in the room talking. I got changed into this [wearing this]. I put my hair into a messy bun and took my makeup off. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom I heard Harry say, “Whoa!” in amazement. Then Louis shouted, “SHE’S MINE!!”. “Do I really look that good, even without my makeup?” I asked shyly. “Are you kidding me? Have you looked in the mirror? You’re the prettiest and sexiest girl that I’ve ever seen.” Louis exclaimed. “Agreed!” all of the boys said, surprisingly in unison. I blushed. “Well are you guys ready to go swimming?”I asked. “Yup.” Louis put his arm around my waist. I did the same. As we started walking Louis slipped his hand down to my bum. I looked at him, he smiled. I stopped walking to give him a kiss. “I’ll race you to the pool!” I said and took off passed all of the boys. Then Louis tried to catch up, but he couldn’t, Harry beat him to me. Then Harry took off his shirt and took off my dress and sunglasses then he grabbed my hand and jumped into the pool together. I felt something grab me underwater, it was Louis. He dragged me underwater and kissed me. Then Zayn crept up and grabbed me, brought me above water and playfully hugged me. Afterwards, I layed down on a float and closed my eyes. I heard the splashing of the water. “If you guys flip me over I will frickin’ kill you!”I yelled. Apparently, they didn’t care if they died. I opened my eyes and they were all around me then they counted to three and flipped me over. Afterwards, I was swimming in place and Louis came from underneath me and he stood up and I was on his shoulders. That had to be the best experience that I ever had with all of the boys. We also had a water gun fight. After 3 hours in the pool, we all got out and dried off. We were talking about what to do the next day and what to do tonight.

LOUIS’ POV: We were all going over the plans of what we were doing the next day, we all decided on go karting. Then the topic of tonight came up. There was an awkward silence between me and Lisa because we already had plans for the night, if you know what I mean. Then Harry decided to come up with an idea, “How about we all go to my room and watch Bambi.” “Harry, um, me and Lisa already have plans for tonight, for just the two of us.”I said. “How about we all go and discuss this in our room where it’s more private?” Lisa said. “Ok” Harry said. We had a piggy-back race to our room, me and Lisa, Harry and Zayn, and Liam and Niall. Me and Lisa won, of course. We all sat on our bed to discuss our plans. “So…you and Lisa have plans already, just for you two.” Niall said awkwardly. “Yes, Niall they’re obviously going to-.” Liam said. “LIAM!!” Lisa yelled quite embarrassed. “Don’t go any further.” I said, defending Lisa. “Fine.” Liam said. “Well it’s getting late. How about we get dinner?” I suggested. “How about I make some fajitas? And we will have a diner of our own, but we all have to wear our pajamas.” Harry said. “That seems like a good idea.” I said. We all agreed. “Harry you can cook in here. And we will all get changed and meet here when you’re done. We’ll leave the door open.” Lisa said. “Ok.”the guys said. “Now out you go.”I said. They all left to get dressed.”Louis you can get dressed with me in the bathroom if you want, you know so that it’s not completely awkward later.” Lisa said to me. “Sounds good.” I said.

LISA’S POV: “Come on Louis. Are you going to get dressed with me or not?” “Yeah.” [in the bathroom] I started to get undressed. First I took off my dress that was covering my bathing suit. Then I took my hair out of the bun it was in. Then Louis started looking at me. “Do you mind if we undress eachother so that it will be quicker?”he asked. “Not at all.”I answered .Thoughts started running through my head. What if he doesn’t like what he sees? I went first, since he already had his shirt off, the only thing left was his swim trunks. I slowly started to pull them down. They were off. I avoided looking down there so that he wouldn’t feel awkward. It was his turn. He went straight for my top, of course. He started staring. Then he moved to my bottom. When they were down, my face turned tomato red. I quickly got changed into my pajamas [wearing this]. We matched pajamas. I put my hair into a ponytail. We walked out of the bathroom and Harry already started making the fajitas. Zayn, Liam, and Niall were watching the T.V. “What were you two doing in there together?” Harry asked. “Getting dressed. What else would we be doing?” I answered. “I don’t know…something…” “No, Harry don’t think like that.”I said. “Wait. What were you thinking Harry?” Louis asked. I told him by whispering into his ear. Louis’ face was priceless. My phone beeped, it was Louis’ part in “Moments”. It was Julia, she finally got my text. She answered  “What happened? Tell me,tell me…” I answered, “Well Louis got a little carried away when we landed. He brought me into the back of the van an layed ontop of me and kissed my face then down to my neck then down to my chest and stopped. I felt embarrassed cause the other guys were still in the car. Did you invite over Tyne?”  (Tyne is her boyfriend) “The fajitas are done!”Harry said. “You only made enough for me!”Niall said. “Niall, I made 12, 2 for each of us. And when we are done we will order icecream from room service.”Harry explained. “Ok…”Niall said sadly. I got another text from Julia. “Sorry guys, I need to answer this.”I said. Julia replied “OMG! He LOVES you Lisa! And wow, he’s ambitious.And I did invite over Tyne and guess what………………………………………HE PROPOSED TO ME!! I’M ENGAGED!!”  “AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled. “What?” they all asked. “Hold on.”I said. I replied, “OOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!i’m so happy for you! You have to let me know all about it tomorrow.and I’ll keep you updated on me and Louis. Send my love to Tyne xxx”  “Ok everyone. Do you know my housemate Julia?”I asked. “Yeah…” “Well her boyfriend, Tyne, just proposed to her!!! She’s engaged!!!”I exclaimed. Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Niall shot Louis a weird look. “That’s good for her!”Louis said. “I’m hungry, lets eat!” Niall said. We ate until 10 P.M.

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