A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


10. Not Now...

LOUIS’ POV: “Good morning, Louis! Get up and get dressed quickly! We need to get going!”I heard Lisa say waking me up. “Morning Lisa. I’ll get dressed.”I said and gave her a kiss, she was already [dressed]. I took a shower and got [dressed] quickly in stripes and the beanie that she gave me when we met at a meet and greet. “You ready Louis?”she said. “Yeah, where’s Harry?” “He’s already in the car waiting for us and Paul already got on the road with the rental truck.” “Ok, well lets get going. You double checked that you have everything, right?” “I double-triple checked. I’m going to miss you old home.” Lisa said as she stroked the wall. “I’m going to miss you too.” I said while stroking the wall also. I grabbed Lisa’s waist and we walked to the car where we were joined by Harry. I got into the driver’s seat while Lisa was in the passenger’s seat and Harry was in the back. “Morning Harry.” I said. “Good morning Louis. Let’s get on the road.” I put the radio on and “What Makes You Beautiful” must have come on at least 5 times. Lisa rocked out every single time though, she never seems to get tired of it. We stopped at a rest stop so that Lisa could use the bathroom. Lisa switched seats and sat in the back with Harry. I got back on the road. We were about 3 hours into the 5 hour long ride. “Uh-oh.”Lisa said. “Is everything ok babe?”I asked in concern. “Um, Louis.”Harry said to me with a shakiness in his voice. “What’s the problem?” Lisa let out a scream. “My water broke!!”Lisa yelled with a worried look on her face. “I’m about to give birth!” “I’ll stop at a hospital!”I yelled. “There’s not another hospital for miles…Louis, we have to deliver your babies.”Harry said. “Now?”I asked not knowing what to do. “Yes now!! Now pull over and get back here!!!!”Lisa yelled very loudly. I pulled the car over immeadiatley and got in the back with Lisa and Harry, thank goodness we had a big truck. “Take my underwear off, pull up my dress, and take off my shoes Louis.” I did so. I could see the pain in her face. “Harry get a blanket from the trunk and hold my head up.”she commanded Harry. “Ok.” He did so and he was very calm about it. “Now Louis, don’t panic. Sit infront of me so you can see if the babies are coming. When I start pushing you are going to have to help me stay calm. When you see one of their heads don’t pull him out, let me push and you gently guide him out. Then Harry, put him in the blanket and put him on my chest.” “Ok.” We both said. I was surprised that she could get all of that out in all of the pain that she’s in. Lisa started pushing and screaming, her face turned red. “I see his head. Come on babe, push!”I said encouragingly. She kept pushing and the baby started coming out. “Here he is.” I said guiding the baby out. I saw the tears of joy in Lisa’s eyes and I started tearing, so did Harry. “Hi there Parker Joeseph Tomlinson.”Lisa said crying. Harry wrapped him in the blanket and placed him on Lisa. “Relax, push when you feel like you can.”I said to Lisa, her face was cherry red. “Hi Parker, I’m your Uncle Harry.”Harry said. “And I’m your daddy.”I said. “Louis, babe, I think I feel the urge to push. Here comes Thomas.” Lisa started pushing and I saw Tommy’s head. “Here he comes.” Lisa really started pushing and he came right out and so did a lot of blood, my shirt got ruined. “Lady and gentleman, now presenting Thomas William Tomlinson.”I said giving Tommy to Harry to get wiped off. “They’re absolutely beautiful.”Lisa said with tears streaming down her face. Harry put Thomas on Lisa along with Parker. I started crying. “Oh, Louis. I’m sorry about your shirt.”she said. “It’s ok, it was well worth it.” I said and kissed Lisa, Parker, and Thomas. “Come on now, get us to a hospital so that the babies and Lisa can get checked.”Harry said. I hopped into the driver’s seat and drove quickly to the nearest hospital. “I’m officially a mother.”Lisa said still crying. “Only five more minutes until the hospital.”I said. “I’m surprised that you didn’t faint Louis.”Harry said. “Me too.”~~~20 minutes later~~~ “We’re here. Harry run in there and quickly tell them what happened and show them to the car.” “Ok.”he said hopping out of the car. “Louis, I’m so proud of you.”Lisa said. “It’s just what I do.”I said and she giggled. Harry came back with doctors behind him. “Relax. Is your baby,”began the doctor. “Babies.”I corrected the doctor. “Babies, still attached to your umbilical cord?”asked the doctor. “Yes and they haven’t cried yet.” “Nurse, please get me the scissors so that I can cut the umbilical cord.” “Sure thing.”answered the nurse. “Now who’s the lucky father?”asked the doctor. I raised my hand and said, “That would be me sir.” “You have a beautiful wife and two flawless little boys.” “Thank you.” The nurse came back with scissors and what looked like a small turkey baster. The doctor reached over to the babies and cut the umbilical cord then he cleaned their ears and noses with the small baster. Parker and Thomas started crying. “Aww, my babies!”Lisa said with tears of joy. “We are going to have to take you and your babies inside to get checked and cleaned. “Ok.”she said. “Can we come along?”I asked. “Of course.”said the doctor. The nurse got Lisa a wheel chair and helped her into it. Lisa was still holding Parker and Thomas. Me and Harry walked besides Lisa. “Harry, can you call Paul, the boys, and both of our parents to tell them what happened?”Lisa asked. “No problem.”he said while he was geeting his phone out. On the way to the hospital room the doctor asked me, “So who exactly delivered the babies?” “I did and Lisa guided me through it as she was giving birth. Our friend Harry over there also helped, he cleaned them off.”I said. “You did an outstanding job, both of you.” “I try my best.”I said. Harry cought up right before we went into the room. “The boys said congrads, Paul said he’ll wait there and congradulations, and your parents are so happy and they said that they want to see pictures as soon as possible, same with your mother Louis.” The nurse took Parker and Thomas and took them to a separate room. The doctor helped me onto the hospital bed. “It looks like you both need a change of clothes, do you live near by?”asked the doctor.

LISA’S POV: “Actually, we were on our way to our new house when I gave birth. So we don’t live near by.”I said. “Wow. That will make a great story to tell your boys one day.” The nurse came back in the room, “You’re boys are in great health. Do you have names chosen?” “Yes we do.”said Louis, “Parker Joeseph Tomlinson and Thomas William Tomlinson.” “Which is which?” “Parker has more hair.”I said. “Ok, do you know how much time was inbetween their birth?” “I wasn’t keeping track. Harry? Louis?” “I kept track, Thomas came two minutes after Parker.”Harry said. “Thanks Hazza.” “Ok, I’ll put that on their birth certificate. What are the parent’s names?” “Louis W. Tomlinson and Lisa M. Tomlinson, maiden name Hudson.”Louis said. “Thank you.”said the nurse, “Parker is 7 pounds 6 ½ ounces and Thomas is 8 pounds ¼ ounces.” “Wow, when I was born I was 7 pounds 6 ½ ounces.”I said. Through all of this the doctor was exzamining me and Harry left to get some clothes for me and Louis from the car. “Wow, now at what time was Parker born?” “At 11:28 A.M.”said Louis. “And Thomas at 12:00 P.M.”I said. “And you said that your last name is Tomlinson?” “Yes.”said Louis. “And your friend Harry’s last name?” “Styles.”I said. “Hey, you guys wouldn’t happen to be the boys from One Direction, right?”asked the nurse. “Yes we are.”said Louis. “Wow, my daughter listens to you all the time. You guys are her role models.” “Fans like her mean the world to us, we were really blessed.”Louis said. He found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a little message to the girl. “What’s your daughter’s name?”Louis asked. “Mary.” Louis signed it and gave the paper to the nurse. Louis was so nice. The doctor finished examining me and said that I was in great condition and he left to check the twins. Harry came back with clothes for me and Louis, he also came back with clothes that I previously bought for Parker and Thomas. Harry had a conversation with the nurse about her daughter and me and Louis talked about Parker and Thomas and how happy we were. The doctor came back with great news, we could take the baby’s home right away. “I’ll go set up the car seats while you guys get dressed.”said Harry. “You’re the best.”I said. I got up, washed off, and got [dressed]. Louis got washed off and changed right after me. The nurse brought me Parker and gave Thomas to Louis. They were so cute. We put a diaper on them and [dressed] them. Louis picked out the clothes for the twins. “Thank you doctor for everything.”I said. “No problem and good luck.”he said. “Yes, thank you.” Louis said. I walked out of the hospital with Parker and Louis walked out with Thomas in his arms. I put the twins in their car seats and sat between them. Louis drove while Harry was in the passenger seat. Harry took pictures of me with my babies. I still can’t believe that I’m married to the best guy in the world and I’m a mother of two adorable twin little boys. I’m truly blessed. “Harry can you put the radio on and try to find a station that plays baby music?” “I’ll try.”he said. Harry found a station and I sang to Parker and Tommy.~~~1 hour later~~~Parker and Tommy fell asleep. “How are my boys doing?”Louis asked. “Shh…they’re sleeping.”I said, “apparently Harry is too.” “Yeah, he must be really tired. But you must be exhausted.”Louis said. “I am but I’d rather look at my babies.” “At least we already have some furniture in the flat.” “I know, thank goodness. Are we almost there?” “Almost, only about a half hour left. My bum is killing me.” “Well, I think it’s time to get a new truck, I ruined the seats and they aren’t comfortable.” “Tomorrow we’ll go looking for a new car, ok?” “Ok.” I continued singing along to the baby songs eventhough Tommy and Parker were asleep.~~~30 minutes passed~~~ “We’re here Lisa.”Louis said. “Wow, it’s gorgeous. There’s Paul. Is Harry still sleeping?” “Yeah, how about the boys?” “They just got up. Hello Parker, hey Tommy. We’re home.”I said. They yawned and opened their eyes. They had beautiful green eyes just like their father. Louis parked in the driveway and got Harry up. “Wow, this place is huge!”Harry yelled when he got up.[house] “Shh…I don’t want them to start crying Harry.”I said. “Sorry, hi Parker and Tommy. I’m your Uncle Harry.” They smiled. Louis turned around in his seat and said, “Hey there my little Tommy and Parker. I’m your daddy.”They both smiled and giggled. “Aw…they giggled.”I said. Harry got out and told Paul what happened. Louis helped me get the boys out. This time he had Parker and I had Tommy. “Hi Paul, meet Tommy.”I said. “And Parker.”said Louis. Paul waved to them and they smiled. I kissed Tommy and Parker then Louis. We walked to the door and opened it. “Welcome home babe.”Louis said while opening the door. This place was stunning, it was huge. “Wow, this is more than I expected. Welcome home Boo Bear. This is your new home Parker and Tommy, do you like it?” They giggled again.

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