A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


9. Good News!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7 MONTHS LATER-BACK HOME IN ENGLAND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LOUIS’ POV: Me and Lisa moved in together after the wedding. Lisa was getting big and today all of us are going with Lisa to see whether the baby is a boy or a girl. “I’m ready babe.”Lisa said. Even though she was big, she was hot and she still wore stripes. She’s so loyal. [polyvore] “Are the boys here yet?” she asked.“Yeah. They’re ready.” “We’re taking the truck. Tell them to get in and to leave the front seat open for me. You can go out there. I’ll be right there.” “Ok Lisa. Just make sure the door is locked on your way out.” ~~~“Hey guys, don’t mention how big Lisa is. She’s sensitive about it. Here she comes.”I said. “Hey look, she wobbles!”Harry said. “Shh…she’s coming.”I said giggling. “Hey guys. And save it Harry, I know I’m big.”Lisa said. “But you look great love.”said Liam. “Thanks. I just want to get this over with.” On the way we were again talking about baby names. “Please, Harry! Just shut up! Stop saying those non-sense names!”Lisa snapped at Harry. “Whoa, I’m sorry.”Harry said. “No, it’s fine. It’s me, I’m so emotional. I hate being like this.” “Just calm down babe. We’re here now.” I said. We walked into the office with Louis holding my hand. “Hi, I’m Lisa Tomlinson checking in for Dr.Baker.” “Ok, he’s ready right now so he’ll see you right away. It’s the third door to the right.”said the nurse. “Thank you.”Lisa said. “Come on guys, the doctor can see me now.” Lisa lead the way to the room. “Stop staring at my bum Louis.”she said. I don’t know how she knows I’m staring, it’s like she has eyes in the back of her head.

LISA’S POV: I sat down on the examination table, Louis helped me. The doctor came in and asked me to lay down. “So who’s the daddy?”asked the doctor. “That would be me sir.”Louis said while putting his hand in the air. “I’m just going to put this jelly-like substance on your stomach then I’m going to move this remote-thing around your stomach to find out the gender of your baby.” “Ok, lets do this.”I said. “You mean lets do this poo.”Harry and Liam said. “Sure” I said. The doctor’s remote tickled me very much. I started giggling and Louis loves it when I giggle. “It tickles?” asked Louis. “Yeah.” I said. “Ok, if you’ll look over here on this monitor you can see your baby’s head and it looks like…” “What gender is the baby?” asked Niall. “It’s a……BOY!” said the doctor. I almost jumped off the table but Zayn held me down. “A boy!! Just what we wanted!”I exclaimed. “Yup! I’m so happy. I’m going to be the father of a tough little boy.”Louis said. “I love you Boo Bear.”I said. “I love you too babe.” We kissed. “Hold on a second.”said Dr.Baker. “What’s the matter?”I asked worriedly. “It looks like you’re going to have twin boys!” “Oh my God.”said Louis, “I must be good at this baby making thing.” I started laughing. “Louis I think we’re going to have to get a new flat. We don’t have enough room for two kids.” I said. “No problem, I’ll get a realestate agent to get on it right away.” Louis said. “But, you guys are booked for this whole month. When are we going to have time to look at houses?”I asked. “I’ll take a family emergency, it is after all a family emergency. Family comes first.” “You would do that for me?” “Anything for my babe.” We gave each other a look. “I’ll even take off if I need to.”said Harry. “Me too”said Zayn, then Liam, then Niall. “You guys are too sweet.”I said. “Well thank you doctor for determining our baby’s gender. We will keep in touch with you if needed.”said Louis. “No problem. Good bye Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson, boys.”said Dr.Baker. On our way home me and Louis determined our babies’ names. Parker Joseph Tomlinson and Thomas William Tomlinson. I loved the names we chose. I immeadiatley notified my parents and brother while Louis did the same with his mother and sisters. When we reached home all of the boys left, except for Harry. He was staying with us until I delivered my babies. Every night Harry sang a lullaby to my stomach and every morning Louis sang the wakeup song. Parker and Thomas kicked whenever Louis sang, it’s as if they knew he was their father. I slept with Louis every night while Harry slept in our guest bedroom. The next morning I got up earlier than usual and made tea and muffins. I already had breakfast when the boys got up. I was already on my computer searching for flats that had at least 6 bedrooms, one for me and Louis, another for Parker, another for Thomas, another for a possible 3rd  baby, and two guest rooms. It also needed at least 3 bathrooms. When Louis sat down next to me I told him that I think I found the perfect flat, 6 bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms, a big backyard, a pool, and a large eat-in kitchen. It also had a small office and it was around £2,000,000. It’s very nice. “We should go for it and buy it.”said Louis. “Are you sure that we can afford it?” “Yes, I have enough money in my bank account right now to pay for it.” “Ok then. I’ll put down an offer. Hopefully they accept it.” “Now,”said Harry,”how about we do some online shopping for the babies?” “Sounds like a good idea to me.” I said. Louis was just watching us the whole time. Me and Harry found some car seats [here] and cribs [here] and [here]. Louis helped us pick out this stroller and feeding chair. Next I just picked out some toys, diapers, and cute clothes and I was done. I arranged for everything to be delivered tomorrow. For the rest of the day I cuddled with Louis and Harry and watched some movies. For dinner Harry ordered some pizza and we had the left over muffins from this morning. “All right guys, I’m going to bed. I have to get up early to sign for the baby stuff that I just ordered. One of you will get up with me right? And help me move the things into the dinning room?” “Yeah I’ll help you,”said Louis, “just wake me up. And I’ll be in bed in a little bit. Ok?” “Ok. Good night my lovies.”I said. “Goodnight Lisa.” They both replied. I woke up the next morning and got dressed [polyvore]. I put my hair in a ponytail and put on light makeup. Next I tried to wakeup Louis but he wouldn’t budge so I went to wakeup Harry, he got up. I totally forgot that he slept “commando” so when I took the covers off of him to wake him up, I was surprised. “Louis won’t get up. Can you help me move the stuff? UPS will be here any minute.”I asked him. “Ok…”he said sleepily. I could count on him whenever Louis wasn’t around to help out. He got dressed in pajama pants and a t-shirt. I heard the doorbell ring, “It’s UPS!”. I answered the door with Harry beside me. “Will you sign here?” “Sure.”I signed the paper and Harry took the boxes into the dinning room that we never use. “Thanks for helping Hazza.”I said. “No problem. Anything for my best mate.”he gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning guys.”I heard an extremely sexy sleepy voice say. “Morning babe. I tried to wake you up to help me with these packages,”I pointed to the boxes, “But you wouldn’t budge so I got Harry up.” “I’m sorry.”Louis said. “It’s ok.”I gave him a passionate kiss and a long hug. I then sat down because my back was starting to hurt. “Are you ok?”Harry asked. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just have some back pain from lifting the boxes.”I said with a painful look on my face, it was getting worse. Louis sat next to me and put his arm around me. “How are my little boys doing?”he said putting his ear to my stomach along with his hand. “They kicked!”he exclaimed in excitement. “They must really love your voice, they know that you’re their father.” “Come here Harry, say good morning to your nephews.”Louis said. Harry sat on the other side of me and put his hand on my stomach. Louis started saying random stuff and the babies kicked. “They kicked me!”Harry said in joy. I was sitting there awkwardly while they were touching my stomach. “How about we have some breakfast?” I said. “Do you want to go out and get something or do you want to stay here?”Louis said. “I’d rather stay here.” “Ok, I’ll go to the bakery and get some bagels and pastries.”Louis said. “Sounds good.”I said, “I’ll stay here with Harry.” Louis got dressed and left. “So, Lisa…”Harry began, “are you ready to have two beautiful children?” “About as ready as I’ll ever be, but these guys make the decisions.” I said putting my hand on my stomach. “Well hopefully they don’t come today because you guys are moving into your new flat tomorrow.” “I know. I’m just glad to be getting into a bigger house.” “Why do you Americans say house instead of flat and elevator instead of lift?” “I don’t know, it’s a American thing.”I said. ~~~~15 minutes passed and Louis came home~~~~ “Hello love. I’m back.”Louis said walking through the door. “Thank goodness, I’m starving.”I said. “Were there fans at the bakery?”Harry asked. “Yeah, a lot. One of them told me to tell you hi. “Ok well, hi fan.”Harry said. I giggled. “That wasn’t meant to be funny.” Harry said. “I know, it’s just the way you said it.”I said. Louis went into the kitchen and prepared our bagels and put out the pastries. “Why don’t you invite the boys over today?”I said to Louis and Harry, “I want them to be here too.” “Or do you just want them to help you pack your last minute stuff.”Harry said. “Maybe,”I said under my breath, “but honestly, I miss them and want to see them.” “I’ll call them later and see if they can come over.”Louis said with a bagel stuffed in his mouth. I started laughing uncontrollably. “I’m sorry, my emotions are all over the place…I can’t stop laughing and I don’t know why!”I said while still laughing. Harry and Louis started laughing. I stopped laughing and started eating. “Aren’t you glad to be getting out of this place tomorrow babe?”I asked Louis. “Yeah, although I’m going to miss it. We have so many memories with this place.” “But guess what. We’re going to make so many more memories in our new house with Parker and Thomas. It’s the place that marks the beginning with our new family.” I said smiling. “I know. And I’m going to miss Harry living with us.”Louis said looking over at Harry. “Me too.” “Aww, you guys! I love you too!”Harry said giving us both a hug. We finished breakfast and Louis called the boys asking them to come over. They all said that they will be here. Harry got properly dressed and then the boys arrived at the doorstep. I opened the door and heard this at the same time: “Vas happenin’?”from Zayn, “Hello love.”from Liam and “Where’s the food?”from Niall. “Hey guys! I missed you so much.”I said. I gave them each a big hug. I let them in. “Hi guys.”Harry said casually from across the room. “I missed you so much!”Louis yelled then ran up to them and gave them a hug. “It must be fun to live with Louis.” Liam said sarcasticly. “It’s a lot of fun.”I said seductively. “I love living with her.”Louis said hugging me. “Although it’s pretty hard to give her a hug with her stomach in the way.”Harry said. “Tell me about it.”Louis said. “At least you’re not the one who has to carry two babies.”Niall said. “Thank you.”I said. “It’s amazing though that even though you’re big, you’re still amazingly beautiful.” Zayn said. “That’s what makes you beautiful.”Liam sang. “ You’re too sweet. Guys, you don’t mind helping me with some last minute packing, right?” “Not at all.”Niall said. All of the boys packed all of the stuff that was left while I was sitting and watching them from the sofa, my back was still hurting but I didn’t want to complain. “All done babe.”said Louis. “Now can you put those boxes, including the ones in the dinning room, in the truck we’re renting? And put the car seats in the trunk of the car, just in case?”I asked. “Sure.”said Harry. “I feel so bad having all of you guys doing this for me.” “It’s ok, we know that you’re under a lot of stress and probably pain judging from the look on your face.”Zayn said. “You guys are the best.”I struggled to put a smile on my face, my back was killing me and know I started to feel light headed. The guys were done packing the truck in about 3 ½ hours. “All done.”said Liam. “Thank you so much! You guys are going to help me, Louis, and Harry put the boxes in the new house tomorrow, right?”I said. “I would love to help but we can’t.”Niall said. “Why?” “Tomorrow we have to go to a signing. But if we end it early, we will stop by to help.”Liam said, “Sorry.” “It’s ok, we will be fine by ourselves.”Harry said. “After all, I do have the biggest biceps.”Louis said flexing his muscles. I loved it when he did that. All of the boys rolled their eyes. Until about 9 P.M. we all cuddled next to each other on the sofa and watched the T.V. “I think it’s time we go, we have to get up early tomorrow.”Liam said. “Ok, well I’ll be talking to you later.”Louis said giving them a good-bye hug. “You guys have to come over more often.”I said giving them each a hug and kiss on the cheek. “Yeah, hopefully when Lisa gives birth.”Harry said. That made me feel awkward. Harry gave them all a hug and they left. “Tomorrow is going to be a busy day guys, we should probably go to bed.”I said. “Ok, well goodnight.”Harry said to me and Louis. “Goodnight Harry.”I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He went into his room. I got dressed in the bathroom and Louis was waiting for me. I got dressed in [this]. It was too hot to be wearing pajama pants, apparently Louis thought so too. He wore his superman shirt with striped underwear. “Come on Superman.”I said to Louis reaching out for his hand. We walked into the bedroom and Louis went to pick me up, “No offense baby, but I don’t want you to pick me up, my back hurts and I must weigh 200 pounds.”I said. “You’re no where near 200 pounds.”he said and gave me a kiss instead. I went right to sleep thinking about our children and our new house.

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