A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


5. Friendzone :)


LOUIS’ POV: “Good morning.”I heard Lisa say. “I made you some Yorkshire tea, your favorite.” I sat up. “Thanks babe. Lisa, you know that you still have the ‘white stuff’ of your chest right?”I said. “Oh shoot! Thanks for telling me.” Lisa is so cute when she runs or realizes that she has to do something. Her face is always priceless. Earlier this morning while Lisa was sleeping I sent a text to Harry saying “should I propose to Lisa?i love her very much and we already did it last night, and im pretty sure that she loves me back and I already have the ring with me. Txt me back” and I got a reply  “do it already!its obvious that she loves you and you guys make a great couple. Make your last move, she’ll love you even more, I mean you probably got her pregnant. Do it!” I think I’m going to propose to her today. I love her so much. “Lisa, what time are we leaving for go karts?” I asked. “I think Harry said at 12 and it’s 11 so we better get ready.” She answered. “Ok, love.” I’m getting prepared for my breath to be taken away again today, I better get dressed and ready!~~~~ I’m done getting dressed, I was wearing my suspenders today. Lisa took my breath away when she came out of the bathroom dressed in this [polyvore]. “I know it’s simple.”she said. “But it makes you look great!” I said. “And tonight we are going to a fancy restaurant, just me and you.” We met the guys at the lift.

LISA’S POV: “Good afternoon” said Harry. He gave me a big hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. “Good afternoon Harry.”said Louis in a rather serious voice. “Remember what I told you, Louis, I got this.” I whispered in Louis’ ear. He nodded and gave me a kiss. “It seems like you guys are getting pretty serious.”said Liam. “You have no idea.”said Harry. “Yeah, last night me and Harry went to their room to see what was going on because we heard screaming an-” “We were just fine.”Louis said quickly before Niall could finish his sentence. “So what went on?” asked Zayn. “We were having a tickle fight and since I’m so ticklish I screamed.”I said avoiding embarrassment. Finally, the elevator door opened and before I could press the button for the lobby, Harry grabbed my waist, held me tightly, and kissed me. On the lips. With Louis right there. I pulled away from him and screamed “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!?” “I was giving you a kiss.” “It seemed like you wanted more than that. YOU DO KNOW THAT ME AND LOUIS ARE DATING, RIGHT?” I yelled in his ear. “Yeah, but your my friend and I thought that you guys were comfortable with me giving you a friendly kiss once in a while.” “A friendly kiss means a kiss on the cheek, not a kiss on the lips! What’s wrong with you?” “I’m sorry. I guess I couldn’t control myself. And I’m sorry Louis, please forgive me.” “Forget about it, stay away from me.” Suprisingly, Louis was standing there silent the whole time. The elevator got to the lobby. I walked with Louis to the van with my hand around his waist, reassuring that I was still his. He put his hand around my waist and again his hand “slipped” down. He made me giggle and blush. I sat next to Louis in the car with Zayn on the other side of me and Harry across from Louis. The whole trip from the hotel was silent so I took the opportunity to text Julia. I wrote, “Hey Jules, how is everything going? You must be busy with the wedding planning. I’m on my way to go go-karting with the boys. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can and I have to tell you something later.Take care xox” Louis had his arm around me the whole time and I put my head on his shoulder, we were perfect together. We finally got to the karting place.

LOUIS’ POV: Harry tried to get out of the van first, but I gently pushed him aside and grabbed Lisa’s hand and hopped out of the van. “You know you’re really cute when your mad and you really know how to defend yourself.”I said. “I told you that you can trust me. But now I feel bad about the whole thing. Do you think I ruined your relationship with him?” “No, he is just confused about the whole thing. He really wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction. To be honest, it was all pretty funny.” “I guess it could be funny, from your prespective. Do you think I ruined our friendship? Because I felt like a bully treating him like that, ignoring him and all.”Lisa said with a disappointing look on her face. “There’s only one way to find out, talk to him. Give him a hug or even give him a SMALL kiss on his cheek. See how he reacts. And ask Zayn, Liam, or Niall what they think.” All of a sudden “What Makes You Beautiful” came on. “Now is your chance, pretend like your singing to him. I’ll let you get away with it, just this one time, to fix your friendship with Harry. Now go on.” “Thanks babe. I love you” she said, she always makes my heart melt when she says those words to me.

LISA’S POV: After my conversation with Louis I gave him a kiss and ran over to Harry and walked besides him. He did nothing, he just looked at the ground as he was walking. His solo was about to come on in the song. I went infront of him, stopped him and put my arms around his neck. I picked his head up and lip-sank while looking deep into his eyes. When it was done I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He picked his head up and smiled. “I forgive you, and so does Louis,” I said , “he told me to come over here and sing to you. He still loves you, and so do I.” He looked surprised when I said that I loved him too. “Not like that” I said making sure he knew that I was still Louis’. “I forgive you too, and Louis. Now go back to your Boo Bear.” I gave him a quick squeeze and ran back to Louis. “What did he say?” Louis asked. “Well, I sang to him and looked into his eyes and picked his head up. Then I said that we both forgive him and that we both still love him.”I said. Louis had a look on his face when I said that I told Harry that I love him too. “When I told him that he had a surprised look on his face so I told him that I didn’t like him like that. He said that he forgives us both and that was it; our friendship is saved.” “Did you kiss him?”Louis asked. “Yes, but on the cheek, don’t worry.” The boys caught up with me and Louis because we were far ahead. “It’s about time you all showed up.”I said jokingly. “Well Niall here had to stop to get a hotdog.”Zayn said pointing to Niall. “Wow, only 5 minutes in the place and you already got something to eat.”Louis said. “Now how about we race some go-karts?” Liam said. “Lets go.”I said. “Wait!”Harry yelled, “prepare to get crushed by the fast and furious Hazza.”Then he ran towards the karts with his arms stretched behind his back like superman. Then Louis yelled, “SUPERMMMMMMAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!”and took off after Harry. Zayn and Niall ran after them. Liam, being a gentleman, offered me his arm and we walked to the karts together.

HARRY’S POV: “Where’s Lisa and Liam?”I asked Zayn and Niall. “They’re still back there, but they’re coming.”Zayn said. I saw Lisa and Liam arm in arm walking towards us, Lisa looked so beautiful with the wind blowing her hair back. I guess I must have been staring because then Louis slapped my cheek playfully. “What are you looking at?”Louis asked. “Lisa.” “Stop staring at her.” “Why? We’re friends.” “SHE’S MINE!” Louis screamed in my ear. “What took you guys so long?” I asked. “Well, Harry, I was being a gentleman and walked her here.”Liam said. “She’s not a dog, Liam, she doesn’t have to be walked.” I said. “It’s okay, I liked it, it was a nice way to calm down.”Lisa said in her sweet voice. “You’ll have your chance next time Harry.”Louis said playfully, “unless I get to her first.” “We’ll see about that. Lets settle this on the track, if I win I get to walk with Lisa, if you win then you get Lisa.”I said. “But if I win, one of the other boys will get me.”Lisa chimed in. “Is this a challenge Miss Hudson?”Louis said. “I believe it is.”she said in a sassy tone, she must have learned from Louis. We shook hands on the challenge.

LOUIS’ POV: Man, did I love it when Lisa became sassy. She seemed that much more alluring. I have to make sure that Harry doesn’t win, or Lisa. But, I have to let Lisa win, right? That’s the right thing to do. But what if Harry doesn’t let her win? Then he’ll win. I just want to do this and show Harry and the boys who’s the Swag Masta of Doncasta. “Good luck guys.” I said. “You guys are the ones who are going to need the luck, I’ve learned from the Stig.”Lisa said in a sassy tone again. Wow, she knew about the Stig and cars too? She is now 10 times more attractive. “Louis are you thinking about Lisa naked again?”Niall said. “What? Why would I be thinking that? Wait, how did you know?”I asked embarrassingly. “Look down” said Lisa quietly because she was in the cart next to me. I looked down, oh no. I need to stop getting excited. “Are you guys ready?”said the ride operator. “As ready as we can be.”I said. The light turned green. Lisa took off ahead of me, then Harry, then Zayn and Liam. I was behind them and Niall was behind me. Lisa is staying in front. There is only one lap left. I have to pass Harry and Lisa. I stepped down on the accelerator. I sped up right away and flew passed Harry and Lisa. I won. Lisa was definatly mine. We all got out of the karts and decided to get ice cream from the concession stand. I put Lisa on my back and we headed for the stand, of course Niall was infront of all of us, he was literally running to the ice cream. I shared a milkshake with Lisa because she wasn’t hungry and wanted to save her appetite for dinner this evening. “So guys, do you have anything planned for tonight? Any thing special?” Harry asked in a creeper voice. “Well, actually Louis taking me out for dinner.”Lisa said. Harry gave me a weird look. “What?”I said. “It’s just that tonight must be a pretty important night since you’re going somewhere fancy.” “Shut up.”I said to Harry under my breath so that Lisa wouldn’t hear me.  “I’m full guys. How about we go back to the hotel and go to my room and watch Bambi?”Lisa said. “It sounds like a smashing idea.”I said. We all headed back to the van and I pushed Lisa towards Harry, “I think that you should walk with him and sit next to him.”I said to Lisa, “you two would be the best of friends.” “Are you sure Louis?” I nodded.

LISA’S POV: I crept up on Harry and grabbed his hand. He let out a small gasp. “Lisa! You scared the crap out of me.” “I’m sorry, I just wanted to walk with my new best buddy.” “I love your American accent, it’s so sexy. You know, I get tired of hearing the same British and Irish accents around here.” “Well I love your British accent, love.”I said to Harry in a terrible British accent. He laughed. We sat next to each other in the van with Louis across from me. 

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